Bigg Boss 13 9th February 2020 Written Update Weekend Ka Vaar: Aarti gets upset with Rashmi during ranking task!

Today’s episode opens with Shilpa Shetty welcomes the audiences. She says you all know I do Sunday Binge thus today she is making sweet dish for her best friend Salman Khan.

Next, Salman Khan enters the stage and welcomes the audiences. He says 19th Week is going to over and says we have spend lots of time with each other and says it is going to get over by 15th February 2020. He says one will be the winner of the show. He praises the present contenders and says show is about to end but housemates are not leaving any chance to entertain the houses. Salman says let’s do last weekend ka vaar on the contenders. Further, meets the contestants and talks with them.

Salman next asks contestants to imagine what if show will extend 50 years. He gives the situation to the housemates and asks them to perform. Task starts with Rashmi and Sid, Salman asks them to imagine what will happen after 50 years when Rashmi will serve half-baked partha to him. Sid and Rashmi acts like an old person. Contenders laugh at their nok-jhok.

Second, Asim and Sid get the situation to eat orange and apple and ask to imagine they don’t have teeth after 50 years. Next, Sid and Paras was asked to turn Gautam Gulati and Kartik Aryan for Shehnaz Gill 50 years later. Salman praises Shehnaz for her performance. Lastly, Aarti was asked to haunt housemates turning ghost.

Afterwards, Salman Khan talks about the Press conference and questions Shehnaz how she felt? Shehnaz says she felt finally she turned celebrity and elaborates. Further, Salman Khan talks with Mahira and asks what she predicts about the finale. Mahira, Shehnaz predicts.

Salman then asks contenders to rank themselves by discussing. While discussing Rashmi and Aarti argues with each other when Rashmi takes time in performing the task. Sid asks Rashmi to tell the names. Task gets completed At position 1 Sid stands, 2nd Paras, 3rd Asim, 4th Rashmi and at 5 Aarti. Later, Aarti gets upset with Rashmi for not taking her name in top 5 and discuss with Asim. Asim says everyone has different shades. On the stage; Salman Khan welcomes Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Shilpa and Salman shares a talk. Salman Khan promotes about the new upcoming show at 10:30 Mon-Fri after Bigg Boss gets over Shilpa Shetty promotes her upcoming movie Nikamma with her co-stars.

Afterwards, Salman discuss about the ranking task. He asks housemates to stand according to their ranks. On 1st Sid stands, 2nd Paras, 3rd Asim, 4th Rashmi and at 5 Aarti stands. Salman questions Shehnaz why none kept her at top 5. Shehnaz says no problem and then tries to explain to Salman. Next, Salman wishes Sid’s mother a happy birthday.

On the stage; Salman promotes the colors tv upcoming show Baristar Babu with the show lead Bondita. Salman next discuss on the performed immunity task where Siddharth saved Paras instead of Aarti. Asim and Rashmi keeps their point of view. Siddharth too explains to Salman why he saved Paras. Salman gets convinced.

Later, Paras says to Salman Khan to evict him because he always wanted to be at the house on the basis of votes not because of any immunity. Salman says none is going home today. Vivo caller of the asks question to Asim when Sana is against Sid he goes to her and sometimes ignore when she is with Sid. Asim explains to caller and says he has talking terms with Sana so sometimes he plays for her.

After Salman leaves; Siddharth, Rashmi, Aarti and Shehnaz discuss about the immunity task. Rashmi and Sid argue when Sid accuses Rashmi for first not taking Aarti’s name. Shehnaz gets angry on Sid when Siddharth says Sana and Aarti was never his priority and he was just using them. Heated argument happens between Aarti and Sid.

Episode Ends with Salman saying seasons last weekend ka vaar with him will happen tomorrow.

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