Bigg Boss 13 Contestant Shehnaz Gill’s smart move against Mahira and Paras!

Colors famous reality show Bigg Boss 13 has entered in its 19th Week and will soon witness its finale. Currently, in the house only 7 contestants are left. And in the last night episode viewers have seen Bigg Boss nominated all the seven of them to know who according to the votes deserve to be in the house till last.

Now in the upcoming episode; contender Shehnaz Gill will show her game spirit. Actress inside the house was well known for entertaining the housemates and audiences as well. But in the tonight episode Shehnaz will become the game changer.

During the immunity task, Shehnaz will instruct Rashmi to use her power and evict Paras and Mahira from the task. Aarti, Paras, Mahira and Shehnaz will perform the immunity task. While Rashmi Desai becomes the dictator of the task. Asim will try to interrupt Shehnaz, Aarti, Paras and Mahira.

Now during the task Shehnaz will say to Rashmi that Mahira and Paras’s hands are out from the dome and will ask her to evict them. Rashmi will than announce that Paras and Mahira is out from the game. Mahira will refuse to listen to Rashmi but Bigg Boss will announce that dictator’s decision will be last decision. Shehnaz will get happy and will say this is called the ‘game’. Furious with Shehnaz’s act, Paras will once again try to ruin the task.

It will be interesting to watch do at this crucial phase once again important immunity task will cancel or Bigg Boss will bring the twist in the show. For all the answers keep watching Bigg Boss 13 mon-sun on colors channel.

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