Bigg Boss 13: Contestants meets their connection is the highlight of the 18th week!

In the upcoming episode viewers will witness contestants along with their connections will run in the captaincy race. Meanwhile, while fetching the cash, Vikas Gupta will unintentional will hurt Himanshi Khurrna and actress will fall unconscious. Housemates will worry for her and will call for the doctor. Well, what more will happen in the tonight episode will be watch worthy. But before that here are the highlights from this week episodes.

This week was dedicated to the family or friend meeting to the contestants. Devoleena Bhattacharjee entered the house as the first connection for Rashmi Desai. Actress sits in the confession room and after Bigg Boss asks her whom she votes for the captain of the house. Devoleena takes the name of Shehnaz Gill. Now similarly, Kasmera Shah for Aarti Songh, Vikas Gupta for Siddharth Shukla, Himanshi Khurrna for Asim, Kunal Singh for Vishal Aditya Singh, Akash Sharma for Mahira, Shefali Zariwala for Paras and Shehbaz Gill entered the house as the connection for Shehnaz Gill. Out of all maximum votes was given to Siddharth Shukla and later became the interim captain of the house.

Contestant gets happy meeting their connections and this week was a peaceful week off-course.

Apart from this; this week has also seen a heated argument between Paras Chabra and Asim Riaz when Bigg Boss exposed Asim, Rashmi and Vishal as the trio was planning to nominate Paras and Aarti. As per the Bigg Boss rules contenders can’t discuss the nomination before the announcement thus Bigg Boss revealed Aism, Rashmi and Vishal’s act in front of all. He gives warning to the trio and others and excused them.

Ahead, two tasks were done this week. Out of which contestants made a video on the Vivo mobile and that tasks was beautifully performed by each group thus it got tie. Second task is for choosing the captain of the house at this crucial phase of the season. Connections and Contestants play the task together. The first part of the task was won by Vikas Gupta’s group and as per the rule; he evicted Shehnaz Gill from the run of captaincy.

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