Bigg Boss 13: Episode Review 15th February 2020 | Asim Riaz’s journey inside the house made him superstar!

On the last episode of Bigg Boss 13 before its finale contender Asim Riaz, Rashmi Desai, Shehnaz Gill and Paras Chabra see their Bigg Boss journey and their eyes welled up.

Bigg Boss first calls Asim Riaz to the garden area. Fans out there cheers for Asim and demands him to flaunt his abs. Asim took off his t-shirt. Further, Bigg Boss says Asim Riaz when entered the house was not very known personality. But his performance inside the house made him the hero. He praises Asim and shows him his Bigg Boss house journey. Asim stands teary seeing his friendship clip with Siddharth. And says he miss Himanshi Khurana after seeing his moments with her inside the house. He thanks Bigg Boss and after going back to the house tells to the housemates that moment was at another level and he is feeling good.

Well, without a doubt Asim Riaz has an inspiring journey inside the house. Hunk was berated many times and was accused for not able to afford expensive stuffs. In spite of that Asim kept performing well and as a result he made his place in the top 6 finalist. He was the only captain of the house who performed all the duties without arguing with anyone when few housemates boycotted doing any duty thinking he became the captain due to cheating.

Asim became the first BB Elite member of the house and we won’t be surprised if he won the seasons title too.

Apart from him, in the last night episode Rashmi Desai, Paras Chabra and Shehnaz Gill stands teary seeing their journey.

Last episode of Bigg Boss 13 ended with Paras Chabra seeing his journey and Bigg Boss praising him saying he outshined in the house with his performance. A must watch episode. Tune in if you haven’t yet watched the 14th February 2020 episode!

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