Bigg Boss 13 update: Mahira Sharma hates this contestant in the Bigg Boss house!

Bigg Boss 13 will witness yet another high voltage drama in the tonight episode. Last week drama was high in the show when Shehnaz Gill created a huge scene in the house during the jealousy task that happened between Mahira Sharma and her in the presence of Salman Khan.

Shehnaz Gill reacts when her jealous jar got filled and she misbehaved with the host Salman Khan. Gill cried her heart out to camera and decided to quit the show. Salman Khan entered the house to console Shehnaz and finally after doing drama Shehnaz realizes her mistake.

Now, similarly in the upcoming episode viewers will witness that Mahira Sharma will react after actress Rashmi Desai will call her ‘weak contestant’. The promo of the same is out too. In the promo it is seen Paras tells to Salman Khan that all call Mahira a weak contestant. But whenever Mahira is being nominated audiences save her from eviction not him. Salman says to Paras that this thing Mahira can explain by her own. Rashmi Desai interrupts and Mahira tells to her that her talk is going on. Rashmi says to Mahira you gave a problem with me.

Mahira than tells to Salman Khan that audiences are saying outside that Mahira is here because of Paras this thing is quoted by Rashmi because she does a back bitching. Verbal argument happens with Mahira and Rashmi. Mahira gets angry and goes out and screams at camera that she hates her. Salman Khan stands stunned seeing the reaction. Check out the promo below!

Well, what more will happen in the show, don’t miss watching Bigg Boss weekend ka vaar.

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