Bigg Boss 13 update: Rajat Sharma to grill the contenders with his quick questions

Editor- in Chief and CEO of India TV; Rajat Sharma to enter the Bigg Boss house today to shower his questions on the present 7 contestants.

Rajat Sharma is famously known for his show on his new channel ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. TV personality is all set to call the Bigg Boss contenders to the witness box and will question them on their so far performance, fitness, lie and fights.

Rajat will ask Rashmi Desai how under 48 hrs of knowing a big truth about Arhaan Khan’s wedding and child she accepted his proposal. To which Rashmi will go speechless when she will say she was in a state of shock and Rajat will re-question than how cum the shock lasted for only 48 hrs.

Next, Rajat will question Asim Riaz and will ask him he keeps control to keep himself fit than why he can’t control his aggression. Asim will reply to him that when the other person pokes him at that time he loses his cool. Rajat will than asks Asim when he was friend of Siddharth Shukla so how he turned his foe. Asim will reply Siddharth didn’t listen to him and always wants him to dictate which he can’t tolerate and parted a ways with him. In reply to Rajat Asim will explain non-stop. Rajat Sharma will end the topic saying he is not listening to him than how he will listen to others.

Questions will rise on Siddharth Shukla to by Rajat Sharma for playing it safe by saving Paras instead of Aarti or Shehnaz. Now, it will be interesting to watch how Siddharth will defend this accusation.

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