Bigg Boss 13 update: Siddharth Shukla to pay for Vikas Gupta’s mistake?

Colors TV popular controversial show is getting interesting and intense day by day. In the last night episode we have seen Siddharth Shukla becomes the interim captain of the house after fetching the maximum votes by the connections that entered the house for supporting their favorites.

Soon after he became the captain; verbal argument happened between Siddharth Shukla and Rashmi over performing the house duty. Siddharth asked Rashmi to clean the utensils along with Devoleena who entered the house as her connection. Rashmi argues with Siddharth and says she can’t do the utensil cleaning duty because of her injured finger. The duo argues and later was asked to do the bedroom duty.

Not only with Rashmi, verbal argument happened between Vishal and Siddharth too after Vishal too refused to perform the utensil cleaning duty. Vishal quoted that from past three months he is doing the same duty thus he won’t be performing the given duty. Heated argument happened between the duos when Siddharth refused to change Vishal’s duty and said he will give the priority to only one who has voted for him. Aarti’s connection Kasmera Shah interrupts the duo and said she will clean one time utensil for his sake. Siddharth then tells to Vishal that because of him he has also allotted duty to Vikas who is here as his connection. He being the captain will not do any duty and Vikas being his connection should also not do but he still has given him the duty.

Well, the bond of Siddharth and Vikas is adored by the fans but twist will come when while performing the task Vikas will trick the other group contestant and Devoleena and others will accuse him.

The promo of the same is out too. In the promo it is seen Vikas tells the amount he collected. Shehnaz’s brother will tell him that he has collected more amount than him. Vikas then will ask him to give him for counting and after taking the money from him will lock in his locker. Seeing him cheating contestant Devoleena will yell at Vikas and will accuse him for cheating. She will say to him that he is not a mastermind but a cheater. Devoleena in front of camera will get angry on Bigg Boss too. Seeing all these drama; Siddharth on his mike will announce and will ask Bigg Boss to evict him from the game if Vikas has done cheating.

What Bigg Boss will do now will be interesting to watch. Do he will punish Siddharth and Vikas for the mistaske or like always the task will be canceled? Well, for all the answers keep watching Bigg Boss season 13 mon-sun on Colors TV.

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