Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 15th December 2019 Written Update: Hindustani Bhau Gets Evicted!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of engergetic song. He welcomes the audiences and shows what happened inside the house after he left. Vishal, Shefali and Madhurimma is seen talking with each other. Vishal advices Madhu and wishes her the good life ahead. Madhurimma ask Vishal not to give much advice to her. Other sides, Rashmi and Arhaan are trying to sort out their problem.

Back to stage; Salman ask to ON the control room and meets the contestants. Balloon task start and Salman ask Vikas Gupta to start the task. He pricks Asim’s balloon with a reason saying he believes BB show is won only by playing the task which he not right. Later, task ends with Mahira pricking Asim’s balloon. Further, Salman shows Gutthi’s performance inside the house,

Gutthi enters the house and entertains the contestants. Contestans enjoys her performance and dances with her. Ahead, Guthi ask Rashmi and Arhaan to perform a romantic dance. Next, Guthi ask Vishal and Paras to have a dance face-off and ask Mahira to judge. Mahira says she likes Paras’s performance. Later, Guthi bids good bye.

Further, Salman ask Arhaan to go the room and slap tasks with him. Task ends with Vishal. Back to stage; Salman welcomes Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma. Hina and Priyank enter the stage on the beat of their song Ranjhana. Hina promotes her song and Salman ask her to sing her song, as she is a good singer. Afterwards, Priyank says he is seeing Asim as the winner. Next, Hina and Salman dances together. And Salman sends Priyank and Hina inside the BB house.

Hina and Priyank enter the BB house and meats with the contestants. The duo promotes their song Ranjhana and later, plays a game with the contestants. Task starts with Arhaan and ends with Rashmi.

Salman congratulates Rashmi for being a good friend in the house. He further announces Shukla is saved from the eviction. He says to Madhurima that her journey in the house is over.  Madhurima says the journey was good. Salman next says this week there will be double eviction and ask Shehnaz to leave the house.

Salman next says this week there will be double eviction but later says, Madhuriima is save and there will be no double eviction. He says Shehnaz fetched the less votes thus her journey is over from the house. Shehnaz refuses to believe Salman and says she will not go. She cries and housemates console her. Bhau says he is going and Salman Khan is playing prank. Salman stands and smile. Bhau says she is not going anywhere. Ahead, Salman announces Shehnaz is evicted but she is thinking some joke is going on. Everyone gets shocked. Salman bids good bye and leaves.

Asim says Shehanz is going and Paras argues with him. Housemates come towards the gate. Shehnaz hugs everyone and cries. Shehnaz comes back and Salman talks with them. Later, he says Hindustani Bhau is out of the house. Bhau meets everyone and leaves the house. Shefali cries for him and Vishal consoles her. Episode Ends with Salman saying Vikas Fatak got eliminated.

Precap: Rashmi and Arhaan’s love story got over. BB call Shehnaz to the confession room. She meets Siddharth Shukla and ask her to take him inside. Nomination task starts again.