Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar 30th November 2019: Salman Khan surprises the contestants!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of itna karo na mujhe pyaar song. He welcomes the audiences and thanks them for the raising TRP of the show.

Day 62; 1:45PM- BB asks contestants to gather at the garden area. He further announces that this season is the most hit season in the history of Bigg Boss and congratulates them. BB further reveals that this season is extended for 5 weeks. Housemates talks among themselves and discuss about the extension.

Back to stage Salman says after the announcement drama galore at BB house. He shows, where Rashmi and Vishal is seen having pasta stealing from luxury budget.

Day 63; at 12:30PM; BB ask Rashmi and Vishal to come to the confession room. BB talks with the duo and asks them about eating pasta. He further asks Rashmi and Vishal to call the housemates at the living room and asks them to return the remaining luxury budget item to the store room.

Rashmi and Vishal confess in front of housemates about eating pasta and ask them to return the items. Paras, Devoleena and Paras defend and do the argument. Sidhharth Shukla and Vishal fights with each other. Paras say to BB that he will not return luxury budget and ready to take punishment.

Verbal fight between Vishal and Shukla continues. Rashmi and Shukla argue too and Vishal apologize to contestants.

Ahead, Salman Khan asks to open the control room. Salman finds Shukla only at the living room. He talks with him and advices him to control his aggression. Salman talks on the recent stealing. He asks Vishal instead of knowing the conclusion of the stealing than why he did that. Vishal explains to Salman that he was just doing mischief. Later, Salman tells to the housemates though BB got extension but he won’t be able to continue and someone else will come, as host.

Next Vivo caller of the week calls and talk with Salman. Ahead, caller questions to Shukla and Shukla answers him. Afterwards, Salman congratulates Siddharth for becoming captain. Salman further discuss with Mahira, Paras and Rashm if they too want to become captain and ask the housemates why all supported Shukla to become captain. Housemates explain their point of view to Salman Khan. Afterwards, Shukla discuss with Paras on the caller’s question who tells him that he is looking like his claw. Paras ask Shukla to ignore. Siddharth Shukla gives chess pieces to the housemates according to their performance. Salman Khan does the analysis on the chess pieces given to the contestants.

Salman Khan further talks about the elimination. He tells Paras and Mahira got the fewer votes from the audiences and the duo is at bottom two. And other nominated contestants are saved. Paras and Mahira gets surprised by hearing that.

Back to stage, Salman welcomes the leads of Colors TV new show ‘SHUBHARAM’. Raja and Rani enters the stage and Salman ask them to tell about their show.  Rani, Raja and Salman Khan plays ‘Shubharam’ task with housemates.

Afterwards, Salman talks with the Paras and Mahira and says as they are at bottom two do they know the meaning of this. Paras say if after putting so much of efforts this is the result than it is better they leave.

Salman Khan announces Devoleena has to go because of her health condition. He wishes good health to Devoleena. Rashmi cries for Devoleena. Devoleena cries back and hugs Rashmi. Housemates get upset while bidding adieu to Devoleena. Arti and Asim try to console Rashmi. Back to stage Salman Khan says good bye. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Kartik Aryan, Bhumi Pednikar will give the task to the housemates that will change the equations between contestants.