Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar: Salman Khan lashes out Siddharth Shukla for abusing Asim!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of energetic song. He welcomes the audiences. He talks about Siddharth Shukla and Asim’s fight. He says he will stay away from their fight. Salman ask to open the control room. He meets with the contestants. He roasted the contestants for fighting and abusing each other inside the house. Bhau apologizes to Salman for hurting him. Salman says this is the worst week in the history of Bigg Boss.

Salman says he doesn’t understand the strategy of colors team and Endemol, as this time they didn’t took the action against pushing inside the house. He further asks Himanshi why she pushed Shehnaz without any provocation. Himanshi apologizes and Salman ask her not to give any explanation, as he doesn’t want to hear. Ahead, he talks about the fight between Asim and Shukla.

Salman khan asks Asim and Shukla to stand at the witness box. He talks with them about their fight on apple and orange. Asim interrupts and Salman ask him not to utter a word. Mahira tells to Salman whatever happened between Asim and Shukla. Afterwards, Salman ask Aarti to tell the buildup of duos fight. Aarti tells Asim and Shukla fought because they were having issues from long and it burst during their last fight. Later, Paras, Shefali and others keep their point of view in front of Salman on Asim and Shukla’s fight.

Next, Shukla and Asim explain to Salman about their side story on the fight they did. While, Siddarth talks Asim interrupts and Salman ask him not to interrupt. The talk between the trios continues. Salman concludes that Shukla and Asim both are at fault. He further asks contestants to at least respect his image, as his fans are watching them too via him.

Afterwards, Himanshi tries to clear to Shukla when he has accused her in front of Salman about flashing price tags. Salman Khan further calls Shefali to the witness box and talks about the captaincy task. Shefali explains to Salman about the task.

Housemates accuse Shefali for being partial during the captaincy task. Shefali defends herself. Salman concludes that Shukla didn’t push or pulled Himanshi during the captaincy talk.

Further, Caller of the week questions to Himanshi. Himanshi keeps her point of view. Further, Salman Khan asks Asim and Shukla to come to the wrestling ground. He says let the duo fight for once and all so that their misunderstanding gets cleared. But later, he asks Shehnaz and Himanshi to go on for the wrestling.

Himanshi refuses to go but Shefali ask her to go. There, Paras, Devoleena and Mahira argue after Devoleena accuses Paras for bad mouthing on Shefali’s character. Other side, Himanshi and Shehnaz goes to the wrestling ground and Salman khan starts the task. Himanshi won the task.

Afterwards, Shukla and Asim talk with each other. The duo does the verbal fight. Back to stage Salman Khan says now he will talk about the nominated contestants. Rashmi and Shukla gets saved. Next Salman  say between Devoleena and Arti who is evicted he will tell tomorrow. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Shukla and Asim’s friends and family discuss about their fight and keeps their point of view on it.