Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka Vaar Written Update 14th December 2019: Salman Khan once again gets disappointed with the contestant for disobeying Bigg Boss!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of Mashallah song. He welcomes the audiences and talks with them. He further says Hitesh Tejwani, Kamya Punjabi and Gurav Desai went inside the house to show the mirror to the housemates.

Vikas reads about freeze and release task and ITV actress Kamya Punjabi starts the task with Shefali Zariwala. She shows the reality mirror to her about her game strategy. Kamya ends the task with Madhuriama by lashing her for using ‘eunuch’ word for abusing Vishal. After she leaves, Madhurimma cries and apologizes in front of the camera. There, Rashmi and Arhaan talks with each other.

Next, Hitesh Tejwani comes and freeze and release task with Vishal and ends with Vikas Gupta. Afterwards, Gaurav Desai enters the house and introduces himself as Rashmi’s younger brother. Rashmi cries seeing him. He shows the mirror to her and asks her to stay strong. Gurav gives advices to her and leaves. Later, Bigg Boss release Arhaan and Rashmi and the duo try to clear their misunderstanding. Rashmi gets angry on Arhaan.

Asim goes to Rashmi and ask her to rethink on her decision for sharing life with Arhaan. Afterwards, Salman meets the contestants via control room and taunts them for sleeping inside the house and doing nothing. He further, talks with Bhau for asking picture of his son from BB. Bhau defends himself.

Next, Salman Khan discuss on the mirror task with the housemates. Vishal, Rashmi, Arhaan and Madhurimma keep their point of view in front of Salman. Salman further discuss Arhaan and Rashmi’s matter and tells to Rashmi that Arhaan’s family is staying in her house. Arhaan refuses and Salman ignores. Ahead, Salman praises Vikas Gupta for his performance in his season. After, Salman left Arhaan, Vikas and Rashmi talks with each other.

Back to stage, Salman Khan connects with Siddharth Shukla at the hospital and talks with him. He tells him that fans have saved him from this week elimination. Shukla gets happy. Later, Salman Khan shows Siddharth his fans messages to him. Shukla thanks his fans for supporting him.

Next, Guthi enters the stage and entertains the audiences. Salman khan laughs his heart out on her comedy. Guthhi perform on her signature song and entertains Salman Khan. She further, asks Salman to marry her. Salman enjoys her performance. Afterwards, Salman Khan calls the vivo caller of the week. Caller talks with Madhurimma. He asks Madhurimma if she goes to Vishal for fetching the attention. Madhurimma explains to him and defends herself. Later, Salman plays the black heart task with the contestants. Vishal and Asim were given transparent heart and contestants were asked to fill their heart with the black ink with a reason. Task starts with Rashmi and ends with Vikas Gupta. Asim was declared having black heart as per the contestants review. Vishal wins the task and was given gift hamper.

Salman Khan says now it’s time to tell the name of the contestant who got eliminated. He says he will reveal the name but the contestant have to stay till tomorrow, as there will be double eviction. Salman takes Madhurimma’s name and says she is evicted. Housemates console her and say she will not go.  Back to stage; Salman Khan bids good bye and goes.

Precap: Gutthi enters the Bigg Boss house and entertains the housemates.