Bigg Boss 13 Weekend Ka Vaar Written Update 9th November 2019: Tehseen Ponawalla gets evicted from the house!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcomes the audiences and says his voice is far better than last week. He says in the second phase of season 13 we all have seen fight, action, drama and entertainment. Salman further says to know who amid Shukla and Mahira was wrong this week; the duo was given the task of ‘paap ki potali’. In the given task Mahira was guilty. Afterwards, Paras taunts Shehnaz and she cries. Tehseen and Paras does argument and Paras says to Tehseen that what he said and what he did was double standard.

Back to Salman Khan he goes inside the control room and meets the housemates. He sees ‘paap ka potali’ and says Mahira has gained more sin. He talks with her and says he got a complaint from people that after Dolly Bindra they got Mahira bindass. Salman ask Shukla to sit on special chair. He further talks with Kesari. And asks few questions from Kesari. Kesari didn’t answer well than Salman ask him if he didn’t watch the show when he was outside than how he was telling the housemates who was looking what outside. Salman says to Kesari that might be his game plan.

Further, Salman questions to Paras about his fight with Shukla. Salman clarifies to Paras that his finger was not hurt because of Shukla. Paras apologize to Shukla. Later, Shukla explains to Salman the incident that happened between him and Mahira. Paras, Mahira too keeps their point of view.

Ahead, Salman talks with Shehnaz and said she was heard saying not to target Shukla. Shehnaz explains to Salman and says she just wanted to advice others not to target Shukla. Mahira cries and Salman lashes out her for doing drama in front of him. Salman concludes and ask Shukla to keep control on his aggression.

Later, Gautam Gulati video calls and talks with Salman. He further ask question from Shehnaz and Shukla why their friendship took a turn. Shukla says he can do a patch with Shehnaz but he doesn’t want a friend who back out from his life later. Gautam wishes good luck to all and bids good bye.

Mahira pours her out to Paras and cries. Mahira says from now she will not say anything because she can’t take that while performing the task they are being always portrayed wrong. Paras ask Mahira not to target Shukla.

Afterwards, Salman khan says now it’s time to tell the name of the contestant who will be evicted from the house this week. But before that he welcomes actor Sooraj Pancholi. He enters the stage on Salman Khan’s song. Salman Khan shakes the leg with Sooraj. Afterwards, Sooraj tells the audiences the plot of his newly released movie, Satellite Shankar. He further shares his memorable incident with Salman Khan.

Ahead, Salman Khan talks with contestants. He lashes out at Shehnaz for crying and accusing Bigg Boss. Shehnaz cries and Salman ask her to cry loud and laughs. Hindustani Bhau makes Shehnaz laughs. Salman says to Shehnaz that her controversy with Himanshi was one sided. He further asks Himanshi and Shehnaz to sit and clarify their misunderstanding. Shehnaz and Himanshi argues, Salman ask the duo to discuss the matter afterwards.

Salman Khan announces the one whose journey comes to an end in the BB house is Mahira. Mahira hugs Rashmi. Salman ask everyone to sit. He says he will take the name of the one who is evicted this week and says Arhan do he think Mahira will go out. Arhan says no. Ahead, Salman says Tehseen Poonawala is evicted. He asks him to come on the stage. He further says tomorrow will see one more new wild card entry in the house and bids adieu. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Vishal Aditya Singh enters the house as the new wild card entry. Shehnaz and Himansi discuss about their controversy.