Bigg Boss 13 #WeekendkaVaar 5th October 2019 Written Update: Shefali, Rashmi and Devoleena gets saved!

Today’s episode starts with Salman Khan and welcomes audiences for Weekendkavaar. He says this is the first weekendkavaar of the season. He asks to ON the control room. He further explains how in the upcoming week housemates will reach the finale.

Salman further meets the housemates. Housemates get excited to see Salman Khan. He highlights Devoleena, Aarti, Dalijeet, Kohena and Rashmi is nominated. He talks with them one by one. Salman Khan takes Paras class on his kiss comment. He further praises, Kohena as she is getting lots of respect and love in the house.

Salman Khan tells to Siddharth Shukala that he is in demand nowadays. He further asks Shehnaz to perform on (Bumroo Bumroo song). Shehnaz performs and later, he talks with Siddharth Dey and makes fun of his snoring. Everyone laughs on Salman Khan’s snoring comment.

Afterwards, Salman Khan shows the audiences the clip of Aarti Singh and Siddharth Dey talk.  Next Salman ask housemates to take someone’s name that has a strong connection in the house so far. Everyone takes Shehnaz and Paras name.

Paras and Shehnaz sit on the connection chair. Salman Khan further reveals about the black chair and ask housemates to take someone’s name who can be the Jodi breaker for Paras and Shehnaz. Everyone take Mahira’s name. Mahira sits on the other chair.

Salman Khan further discuss about the operation task done by the housemates.  He makes them understand who was wrong where and praises Shefali for taking stand for herself. Shefali gets save. Dalijeet still disagrees with Shefali’s decision. Salman Khan forwards the talk and comes to Rashmi and Devoleena. He informs the duo is saved too.

Salman further tells about the secret room and ask Aarti to go inside. He asks few questions to her. Next he calls out Rashmi and showers questions on her too. Ahead, Siddharth Dey entered the secret room. Salman Khan asks question and housemates disagrees with each statement made by Siddharth Dey. Siddharth Dey gets maximum showers.

After that, (caller of the week) ask question to Devoleena. He says she entered the house in a bold way but inside the house she is in her bahu zone. Devoleena answer to the caller and says she will try to show who she is in the upcoming week. Caller praises Salman Khan too.  Episode Ends with Salman telling that this week voting lines was closed but housemates don’t know that.

Precap: Hina Khan opens the Bigg Boss supermarket for the housemates but with a twist.