Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 10th November 2019: Vishal Aditya Singh entered the house as the new wild card entry!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage on the beat of Baby ko bass pasand hai song. He welcomes the audiences. He says now housemates don’t have to make connections still they are making the connections. He shows the clips of Asim and Paras. Mahira gets upset with Paras and Paras tries to consoles her. There, Shehnaz and Kesari talks with each other. Salman says it’s good to see good connections like this.

Salman further goes inside the control room and meets the housemates. He asks Hindustani Bhau to tell the advice which her mother gave him to clean pimple. The duos talk continues. Salman further talks with Shehnaz and Himanshi. He asks Himanshi to sing any of her favorite song. Salman praises her. Afterwards, Salman announces for shower task. He says this time contestants will go in pair. Show tasks starts with Shukla and Asim. Salman asks questions from the duo and takes the shower. Next Paras and Mahira comes forward for the shower task. Ahead, Rashmi and Devoleena were called and Salman Khan asks questions from the duo. Lastly, Bhau and Shehnaz perform the shower task and housemates enjoys along with Salman Khan. Later, Salman Khan calls the Halo app winner and he asks the question to Kesari.

Ahead, Siddharth Malhotra and Ritesh Deshmukh enter the stage. Salman Khan welcomes the duo and Siddharth tells that they went inside the house and asked the contestants to perform the task. Siddharth Shukla and Ritesh Deshmukh meet the contestants and perform a talk with them. And further plays the game with them. Team Ritesh won.

Salman Khan asks Ritesh and Siddharth about their experience in the house. Ritesh says much tension is their inside the house. Salman further shows Sid and Ritesh what all happened after they came out from the house. Arhaan, Shukla and Asim do argument. Devoleena and Shefali do verbal fight.

Back to stage; Salman Khan performs pani puri task with Siddharth and Ritesh. Later, Salman takes selfie with the duo. Afterwards, Siddharth Malhotra and Ritesh Deshmukh promote their upcoming movie ‘Marjawaan’ along with Salman.

Actor Vishal Aditya Singh enters the stage on the beat of Ghumghroo song as the new wild card entry. Salman Khan welcomes him. Vishal shares the talk with Salman. He further plays question and answer round with Salman.

Ahead, Salman sends Vishal in the confession room to see the task given to the contestants. He promotes colors show Luv Khush. Next, Salman plays the confession task with housemates. Hindustani Bhau starts the task and task ends with Keasri.

Ahead, Salman Khan asks Vishal to enter the house. He further asks him to perform the balloon pricking task with the housemates. Vishal pricks the balloons and gives the reason. He tells to Rashmi that she targets Shukla, he goes to Shukla and says he is aggressive. To Hindustani Bhau he says his game will be over soon, to Shehnaz he says she is not cute. Salman bids good bye.

Vishal meets with the housemates. Arti ask Vishal why he felt she is not trustworthy. Vishal ask her to leave the matter. Asim says to Bhau that Paras might try to target him. Bhau says he doesn’t bother. Shukla ask Asim to keep silent. Show ends with Salman’s good bye.

Precap: Nomination task starts.