Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 13th October 2019: After Daljeet, this contestant gets evicted from the house! Read to know the name?

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan enters the stage on the beat of (Yeh raat aur yeh doori) song.  He says power weekends is going on thus today’s housemates will try to get power so that they will be benefit. Salman says now it will be interesting to watch who got low votes amid Rashmi and Koena and via control room. He greets the housemates and talks with them.

Salman ask housemates to bring their hair balloon for the task. Abu starts the task and he bursts Koena’s balloon. Asim bursts Paras’ balloon. Mahira bursts Siddharth Shukala’s balloon. Mahira shares the Shukala fight incident with Salman and Salman ask Paras to continue the talk. Paras bursts Siddharth Dey’s balloon.

Shefali bursts Siddharth Shukala’s balloon. Siddharth Dey bursts Mahira’s balloon. Next, Rashmi bursts Siddharth Shukla’s balloon. Salman ask Abu to give his hair balloon to Shukla. Ahead, Koena bursts Shehnaz balloon. Shehnaz re-bursts Koena’s balloon. Later, she patch up with Koena and bursts Abu’s balloon. Devoleena bursts Abu’s balloon. Salman calls Aarti and she bursts Koena’s balloon. Devoleena gets angry on Koena when she didn’t accept that she used bad words for Aarti.

Other side, Salman Khan welcomes actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui who comes to promote his upcoming movie (Moti Choor Chakna Choor). Nawazuddin Siddiqui tells about his upcoming movie. Later, Salman and Nawazuddin Siddiqui shake together on (Jumme ki Raat Hai song) and takes selfie together.

Afterwards, Salman Khan says today inside the house two famous personalities will enter from Sunny Leone Orchestra. Actor Sunil Krover and Harsh goes inside the house to entertain the housemates.

Sunil and Harsh entertains the housemates with their comedy and performance. The duo shows the magic tricks and gets amazed seeing them. Latre, Harsh calls duplicate Madhuri Ashikshit. Madhuri performs with Paras and Abu Mallik. Further, Nawazuddin Siddiqui enters the house and Harsh welcomes him. Housemates welcome the actor too.  Ahead, Sunil and Harsh continues their comedy. Koena performs on the Saaki Saaki song along with Sunil and Harsh. Koena wins flour for the housemates from Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Shefali and Dey performs romantic dance after Sunil and Harsh calls them. Next Harsh plays game with Aarit and Rashmi like he makes guests to play in his show Khatra Khatra. Later, Sunil and Harsh bids adieu.

Salman khan asks housemates how they are feeling after meeting Sunny Leone orchestra. Ahead, he asks housemates to gear up for the shower task. He asks Paras, Shehnaz, Siddharth Dey to get ready for the shower task.

Salman khan asks questions from Paras and Paras answers him. Next Shehnaz comes forward for the shower task and Salman Khan asks questions from her and she answers wrongly and takes shower. Later, Siddhaarth Dey comes for the task and housemate enjoys seeing him.

Further, Salman ask Rashmi and Siddharth Shukala to go inside confession room and explains the rules of the power card task. Aarti starts the task and cuts Siddharth Shukala’s bomb wire. Devoleena cuts Rashmi’s wire. Koena cuts Siddharth Shukala’s wire, Shefali, Paras, Shefali cuts Rashmi’s wire. Asim cuts Shukala’s wire. Later, task gets tie between Shukala and Rashmi and Salman Khan ask Devoleena to decide. Devoleena cuts Rashmi’s wire and Rashmi wins the power card.

Ahead, Salman Khan says now it time to announce the name of the contestant who is evicted, as per double eviction and says Koena’s name. He says she got less votes. Koena meets with everyone and bids adieu to the housemates.

Next Salman Khan says ex-contestant Priyank Sharma will enter the house. Priyank Sharma enters the BB house and asks housemates that today they will tell to whom in the upcoming week they will target. He calls Rashmi and she targets Shehnaz and gives the reason.

Aarti targets Shefali. Mahira targets Siddharth Shukala meanwhile, Paras and Abu gets into a verbal fight. Ahead, Siddharth Dey targets Abu Mallik. Paras too targets Abu Mallik. Abu and Paras gets engage into a heated argument.

Later, when Siddharth Shukala denies targeting anyone, Rashmi offends him. The duo again shares a verbal fight and gets engage into argument. Priyank ask Shukala to call anyone. Shukala calls Abu Mallik but didn’t say anything against him. Shehnaz targets Dey. Shefali targets Aarti. Devoleena targets Siddharth Dey. Asim targets Paras. Ahead, Priyank calls Abu and he targets Dey. Priyank wishes the housemates and bids adieu.

Afterwards, Aarit and Shefali get into a heated argument. Mahira ask Aarti to calm down. Episode Ends with Salman Khan’s good-bye.

Precap: Third nomination task starts inside the house.