Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 14th October 2019: Devoleena and Shefali fights with each other to save themselves from nomination!

Today’s episode opens with Day 15; Paras and Shehnaz verbal fight continues while washing dishes. Afterwards duo does patch up.

At 3PM; Aarti and Devoleena discuss about Siddharth Shukala.

At 3:30PM; Aarit and Siddharth Shukala talks with each other. Aarti suggests Shukala not to trust anyone not even Devoleena and says everyone is playing their own game so be carefully. Shukala agrees with Aarti.

At 4:15PM; Siddharth Shukala and Shehnaz sleeps together holding their hand. There, Aarti tells to Devoleena whatever she has discussed with Shukala. Paras come and take Shehnaz away and teases Shehnaz that she was sleeping holding Shukala’s hand. Shehnaz explains to Paras that she was just pressing his hands. Aarti and Devoleena talking continue.

At 8 PM; Devoleena, Aarti and Shehnaz discuss about Rashmi. Devo says Rashmi just have a problem with Shukala else she don’t have any problem with anyone.

Day 16 At 8AM; housemates wakes up the beat of enthusiastic song. At 9:30 AM; Devoleena ask Asim to wash utensils. Asim agrees. Shefali too agrees to wash utensils. Devoleena ask Shukala to clean garden area, Shukala says he is comfortable with his allotted duty.

At 11:30AM; Shehnaz, Shukala and Asim discuss about and concludes that they are not going switch their duties. Later, Siddharth Dey, Paras, Shehnaz and Aarti have fun with each other.

Ahead, Bigg Boss explains to housemates about the nomination task. He further asks Shefali to read the instruction of the nomination task.

At 3PM; Devoleena, Rashmi, Paras, Mahira and Dey discuss about how they will try to win the task. There, Paras, Abu and Shukala, Aarti and Shehnaz discuss about their game plan too.

At 3:30PM; Rashmi and Dey discuss how they will play BB Bank task. Buzzer rings, and task starts. Devoleena robs money from Dey’s account. Ahead, Mahira tries to run with the money but Asim gets angry on her.

Later, Shefali tries to run with the money from Devoleena’s side but she takes back the money from her. Mahira, Devoleena and Rashmi get angry on Asim.

At 4:30PM; Rashmi, Shehnaz, Shefali and Mahira gets engage into verbal fight.

Day 16 4:45PM; Shehnaz, Aarti and Shefali discuss about Siddharth Shukala and Shehnaz praises him too. Devoleena discuss with Paras and decides that she will break glass to fetch money. Next, Devoleena and Shefali gets engage in the physical fight for the sake of the task. Rashmi takes Devoleena away. Nomination task gets over and Bigg Boss ask Paras and Shukala to tell who has more money but later Bigg Boss undo and says he himself will declare who will win.

Day 16 At 6:30 PM; Shuakla and Asim discuss to be together and form strong team. Ahead, Rashmi and Siddharth Shukala again argue on chopping vegetable.

At 7 PM; Bigg Boss announce and says Team B wins and from Team A; Rashmi and Mahira gets nominated. Further, Dey goes to Shefali and tries clarifies her misunderstanding. But Shefali don’t believe him. Other Side,  Rashmi cries and pours her heart out to Abu Malik.

Afterwards, Siddharth Shukala says to Abu that she has habit to cry and fetch attention. Abu ask Siddharth Shukala can they bring Rashmi on their side. Shukala says to Abu if she’ll come than she will break their group too. Asim agrees with Shukala. Epsiode Ends with Asim and Siddharth Shukala telling Aarti and Shehnaz not to trust Abu Malik.

Precap: Asim and Rashmi gets engage into a heated argument. Ticket to finale round begins in the house.