Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 16th December 2019: “The most interesting day of the week-the nominations”

Vikas and aarti are talking about vikas, as vikas being a danger for paras, some talks are also about sana. After that they started talking about siddharth, paras talks something wrong about him wherein aarti clears him.

Later rashmi, arhaan and vikas are talking to each other. Arhaan and rashmi are in A very serious discussion, picking from the fact where arhaan said that he was the one who brought rashmi to the front line and she was no where and many more things were said. Rashmi said to keep things normal and be friends with each other in order to solve all the issues.

Asim and shefali are in talks with each other that we should be together and support each other as my friend bhau and himanshu are gone from the house. Both of them end the discussion on a positive note. Vikas meets rashmi in the kitchen and hugs her, he tells her that he is always there for her and she should not worry about anything. After that mahira started shouting about not getting dinner in time, vikas confronts her and tells her to help but she rejects.

The next day, vishal paras and asim are in the sun sitting and talking. They are talking to mahira over something and again some discussion happen between them which ends with a laugh between them. Asim later tells vikas to use some aloevera product to use about which he gets angry. This was made fun by vishal, paras and shehnaz.

Vikas later gives punishment to aarti for not doing her job on time and the punishment being that she has to wear her night suit with makeup. She agrees to it. Then she is asked to clean the male toilets but she rejects saying that she won’t do it after taking bath, this whole process ends with aarti and rashmi having a heated discussion with each other over older problems. Then shehnaz and others are discussing with each other about sid returning. Sometime later sid returns and meets shehnaz first and later meets everyone else. He then talks about different stuff to asim and says that everybody is playing their own game in the house and nobody is anybody’s friend. This talk is followed by vikas and shefali talking to each other.
Later the process of nominations starts and some shocking nominations are made by the housemates.

Vikas being the captain couldn’t be nominated and siddharth due to his fight with asim is already nominated. Madhurima is targeted by a lot of people telling her not visible enough in the house and other things. She later confronts some housemates who nominated her. Vishal later talks to madhurima about nominations and other stuff, which comes as a shock to the rest of them as they see both of them talking. The episode ends with vishal and madhurima whispering to each other and scolded by biggboss and also by siddharth.