Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 17th November 2019: Arhaan Khan gets evicted from the house!

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor enters the stage on the beat of Mirchi song. Salman Khan welcomes Anil and the audiences. He shares a talk with him. Salman further ask to open the control room and makes Anil t meet the contestants. Anil Kapoor meets the housemates. Sakman does the comedy and Anil enjoys it along with the contestants. Kesari sings a song for Anil Kapoor. Ahead, Pulkit comes and greets Salman and Anil. Pulkit and Anil enters the BB house.

Afterwards, Salman Khan announces for Slap task. Task starts with Shefali. Salman asks questions from her and she gets 2 slaps. Next, Bhau goes inside for the slap task. And he gets 3 slaps after giving 3 wrong answers. Ahead, Salman Khan calls Paras and he gets 5 slaps.

Back to stage Salman says now it will be interesting to watch what Pagalpanti Anil Kapoor and Pulkit will do inside the house. Anil and Pulkit meets the housemates. Anil furthers does the promotion of his upcoming movie Pagalpanti.

Pulkit gives the task and ask the housemates whom they think are a useless contestant. Task starts with Asim and Asim takes Mahir’a name and she gets the banana necklace. Rashmi takes Vishal’s name. Arhann takes Arti’s name. Hindustani Bhau takes Shehnaz’s name. Devoleena takes Shehnaz’s name. Mahira comes and takes Asim’s name. Shehnaz takes Paras name. Paras come and take Shehnaz’s name. Next, Himanshi takes Mahira’s name. Vishal takes Para’s name. Anil and Pulkit bids the adieu and comes out from the house.

Back to the stage, Salman ask Anil and Pulkit their review on the contestants. Further, Anil welcomes Urvarshi Rautela and Kriti Kharbanda. Kriti and Urvarshi play the game with Anil and Salman. Later, Salman Khan takes the selfie with the Pagalpanti casts and promotes their upcoming movie.

Next, Salman Khan gives the waxing task to the contestants. Task starts with Bhau and Mahira comes to perform the waxing task. Second, Paras and Shefali comes for the task. Ahead, Vishal and Rashmi do the task. Lastly, Devoleena and Shukla perform the task together.

Salman Khan announces apart from the Arhaan and Himanshi all are safe. He further says Arhaan is going back home today. Rashmi gets emotional and Arhann meets with everyone. Rashmi cries out loudly and Arhaan consoles her. He asks Paras and Bhau to take care of Rashmi. Mahira and Devoleena hug Rashmi.

Siddharth, Paras, Vishal, Arti and others discuss about Arhaan’s eviction. Rashmi defends Arhaan and says his strategy is different and he makes a long term decision. Paras say to Rashmi but BB is short term show. Rashmi excuses herself from there saying she can’t take a word against Arhaan. Back to stage, Salman promotes Choti Sardarni Serbia Special. Episode Ends with Salman’s good bye.

Precap: Nomination task starts. Devoleena vents out at housemates.