Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 17th October 2019: Jail ke salaakhe | Housemates suggests Siddharth Shukla’s name

Today’s episode opens with Day 18 AT 9:30 PM; Paras and Siddharth Shukla fight over the duties. Paras and Shukla and does a verbal argument. Ahead, Devoleena and Shukala do an argument over the duties. Dey interrupts and tries to sort out the matter but Shukla gets hyper on him too.

Devoleena, Rashmi and Paras decide that they will equally divide the duty. Shukla and Paras gets engage into a heated argument.

At 9:45 PM; Siddharth Shukla, Aarti and Shehnaz discuss about Devoleena. And says who she to judge him is. Aarti ask Shukla to calm down.

At 10:30 PM; Devoleena ask Paras why Rashmi and Siddharth Shukla shares cold war. Paras say he knows everything about Shukla and can expose him. Devoleena surprisingly hears Paras’s talk. Rashmi comes and cries. Paras and Devoleena consoles her.

At 11:45 PM; Siddharth Shukla and Aarti Singh comes to Devoleena to sort out the differences. Aarti supports Shukla and Shukla points out where Devoleena is wrong. Devoleena ask Shukla why can’t he talk calmly. Shukla says it’s his way of style to talk. Further, the three of them tries to sort out duty matter. Aarti ask Devoleena and Shukla to leave the matter.

Day 19, at 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of (what is your mobile number song)

At 8:30 AM; Paras tells to Devoleena and Dey that Jail is ready outside. Aarti goes to check and says to Paras that now real fight will begin.

9:15 AM; Rashmi and Devoleena discuss about Siddharth Shukla. Ahead, Rashmi and Shehnaz discuss whom she will nominate. Rashmi says she will take Shukla’s name. Shehnaz ask Rashmi- do she and Shukla shares a relationship in the past. Rashmi says no.

2:30 PM; Bigg Boss informs about Jail. He further asks the housemates to discuss and tells the two names who deserves to get punishment. Housemates discuss among themselves. Afterwards, when Siddharth Shukla takes Rashmi’s name the duo does a heated verbal argument. Next Paras and Shukla fight over the allotted duties. Paras says to Shukla that he is manipulates others. Shukla gets angry, Aarti defends Shukla over Paras. The fight between Shukla and Paras goes ugly.

At 3:15 PM; Aarti says she don’t bother if others think she is being manipulated by Shukla. Shukla ask her let them think whatever they want to. There, Paras ask Shehnaz if she has guts than take either Aarti or Shukla’s name. Shehnaz says she takes a stand for whatever is right. Paras say to Shehnaz that Shukla manipulates her. But Shehnaz praises Shukla and Paras says he is using her because he knows she will not raise her voice.

At 4:15 PM; Bigg Boss asks Devoleena to tell the discussed name that will get jail punishment. Devoleena first tell Rashmi and Shehnaz’s name but Rashmi says she is not fine with the decision. Discussion again starts and Rashmi and Shukla do the argument again. Bigg Boss again asks Devoleena to tell the suggested name. Devoleena takes Shukla and Shehnaz’s name. BB orders Devoleena to keep the queen washroom key in the drawer and takes out jail key and sends Shukla and Shehnaz inside the jail as soon as possible.

Day 19 4:30PM; Shukla goes to confession room to talk with Bigg Boss. He says he is not satisfied with the reasons everyone gave. He indirectly speaks about Rashmi and says some are trying to tarnish his image and he is not at all comfortable with it.

Bigg Boss says if he knows he didn’t did anything wrong that he shouldn’t bother about it. Siddharth Shukla further says but she is deliberately trying to tarnish his image. BB asks Shukla to let audience decide what is right and wrong and wishes him good luck.There, everyone discuss about the consequence of Shukla going inside the jail.

At 5:15 PM; Rashmi and Mahira discuss about Shukla. Afterwards, Shukla and Shehnaz go inside the jail. Shukla says why this task is not discarded.

At 7:30 PM; Shukla and Shehnaz gets restless inside the jail. Shehnaz blows air to Shukla.

At 8:15 PM; Shehnaz says to Rashmi that she hides from the camera. Rashmi denies her. Shehnaz further says she was selected to be in the jail with her. Rashmi says yes.

At 8:30 PM; Shukla requests BB to send a fan at least.

AT 9 PM; Shefali says to Mahira that if Shukla is not here than Aarti will be all alone. She says Aarti supports Shukla to the extreme. Later on, Siddharth Shukla punches the wall, Shefali, Shehnaz and Paras ask him not to hurt himself. Shukla says he often does the same. Rashmi and Paras ask Asim to go and give some food and fruits to Shukla as he is punching and hurting himself. Asim goes to meet Shukla. Other side, Rashmi says she is feeling bad now, as her name was first suggested for the jail punishment. She says Devoleena thinks her reason for taking Shukla’s name wasn’t valid. Paras and Mahira ask Rashmi not to over think.

Day 19, 9:30PM; Shukla and Shehnaz talk with each other. Shukla ask what she was talking with Paras. Shehnaz tells him whatever she had a talked with Paras and Rashmi.

Next, Siddharth Shukla discusses with Shehnaz about Paras and says Paras knows her weakness thus he keeps manipulating her.

11:15 PM; Aarti too tells to Shukla that Paras says to her that why she doesn’t raise her voice against her. Shukla says to Aarti that he knows well why she takes her stand because twice he has saved her from nomination. Aarti ask Shukla does he thinks she is suupoting him because she needs her.

At 1 PM; Shukla and Shehnaz struggles to sleep inside the jail. (Episode Ends)

Precap: Nominated boys gets a chance to save themselves from nomination.