Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 21st October 2019: Weekend Ka Vaar continues, Salman Khan gets angry on the contestants

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan enters the stage on the beat of (duniya mei aai ho to love karlo song). He welcomes the audiences. Actress Mouni Roy and actor Rajkumar enters the stage on the beat of song from their upcoming movie ‘Made in China’. Salman Khan and ask them to go and come back again after sometime.

Salman Khan enters the BB house through ‘METV’ and greets the contestants. He further tells them he will serve them with something special. Audience out there dances on the beat of Jhingaat song. And Salman Khan says now for us Siddharth Shukla, Shefali and Dey will perform on the song. The trio shakes leg at the beat of Jhingaat song.

Next, Salman ask Asim and Mahira to go in storeroom and bring the kept stuff. He further says to contestants that today he will make them hear what people say at their back and will play guessing game with them. Rashmi starts the guessing game, she gives two answers right. Siddharth Shukla comes next and gives all the answers correct except one. Shehnaz comes next for the guessing game and she gives all the answers wrong. Guessing game ends with Abu Malik.

Asim ask housemates who said he eats shit. He doubts Shehnaz and Aarti but they said no. Later on, Devoleena confess in front of Aarti that she said that words to Asim and laughs.

There, Salman Khan welcomes the cast of ‘Made in China’.He further introduces Mouni Roy, Rajkumar and Boman Irani to the contestants of the house and promotes their upcoming movie. Salman Khan, Boman Irani and Rajkumar enjoy the challenge given by Mouni Roy and takes selfie.

Afterwards, Salman Khan asks, boys to vote the least deserving girl’s name of the house, so that one girl can get a power card. Sidhharth Dey starts the task and nominates Shehnaz, Shukla nominates Mahira, Asim nominates Devoleena, Paras nominates Aarti, Abu Malik nominates Rashmi.

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Shefali wins the task. Salman ask Asim to give the power card to Shefali and Salman tells to Shefali that she can use her power card and can free one contestant from their duty. Shefali takes Shehnaz’s name.

Later on, Shower task starts and Siddharth Shukla goes first. He answers the question puts by Salman. Next, Devoleena is called for the shower task.

Salman Khan further tells who will not be evicted from the house and takes Paras’s name. Paras get saved. Ahead, amid Abu Malik and Siddharth Dey, Salman ask the duo to sit, as there is twist in the eviction. He says out of both only one will be out from the house. He says girls will decide. Out of six girls four gives vote to Abu and Abu Malik gets evicted from the house.

Abu Malik sings the song for the housemates and bids the adieu. Rashmi hugs Dey and congratulates for not going out from the house. Shefali joins the duo and congratulates him too. Ahead, Asim and Mahira get engaged into a verbal argument. Further, Dey, Paras and Asim do argument.

Other side, Mahira vents out in front of Rashmi and Paras on Siddharth Shukla’s comment which he made on her that she don’t contributes more.

There, Paras gets upset and talks with Mahira and accuses Salman Khan for pushing him down in spite of he is playing fair enough.

Day 23, at 1pm; Siddharth Shukla, Aarti and Shehnaz sits together.

At 1:15PM, Paras, Rashmi and Shefali talks with each other. They see Aarti’s stuff and Shefali goes to Aarti and ask her pick her stuffs.

1:30PM; Paras, Shefali and Mahira arranges the stuffs and comments celebs parents didn’t gave them manners. Aarti hears their talk and goes away.

At 1:45PM; Devoleena sees the dirt on the floor. Aarti says that Paras has eaten pista and has thrown it shells on the floor.

At 2PM; Aarti tells to Paras that pista shells are under his bed. Paras ignore. Aarti thus highlight and says than he shouldn’t talk about manners and drag Parents. There, Rashmi says to Devoleena that Aarti fights a lot. Later, the argument between Paras and Aarti goes ugly.

Ahead, Aarti goes to Shukla and Asim tells what comment Paras has made. Shukla ask Aarti to directly talk with Paras. Here, Devoleena tries to make Paras understand and ask him not to use such languages.

Salman comes back and says Abu is evicted. He further, says not to miss watching Bigg Boss and says good bye. (Episode Ends)

Precap: new nomination task starts inside the house.