Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 29th September 2019: Salman Khan introduced the contestants who is all set to enter the house!

Today’s episode opens with Salman saying this year Bigg Boss will be very complicated. Further, bollywood celebs such as Bobby Deol, Farah Khan, Arbaz Khan, Karan Johar calling Salman and asking him to reveal something about Bigg Boss this year but Salman avoids their talk.

Salman Khan performs on Slow Motion song and welcomes everyone for BB13.

He further, says this season’s finale will start after four weeks but show will run for full 15 weeks. Salman Khan introduced first contestant. And Actor Siddhartha Shukala, introduces himself as 1st participant by performing on the song. Salman ask few questions from Siddharth and he gives replies to him. Salman ask Siddharth to sit in display area.

Next Siddhartha Dey is introduced as second contestant. Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshamiya and Farah Khan wishes luck to Siddhartha Dey.

Paras Chabra is the third contestant of the house. Salman talks with him and later, he asked him to sit in the display area.

Salman further ask to welcome Abu Malik. Abu Malik, introduced himself by performing on (Ek Garam Chai ki Piyali Ho). Malik dedicated a song to Salman and Salman praises him and have a funny talk with him.

Next, 5th contestant ; model Asim Riaz is introduced. After that Salman Khan welcomed contestant 6. And Mahira Sharma introduce herself, as contestant 6. Salman gives her BFF band and explains her what all she perform inside the house. Further, he plays game with her. Afterwards, Mahira gets bathroom duty. She selects Asim as her partner. Salman ask if she wants to change the option but Mahira goes inside the house with the allotted duty. Paras and Asim gets into a heated argument.

Later, Salman shows BB control room and Mahira is seen entering the house.
7th contestant; Devoleena Bhattacharjee introduced herself by performing on (Aashiq Banaya Song).

Salman talks with her and ask her to choose best bed forever. Devoleena chooses her BBF and next she was allotted kitchen duty. Actress gets happy. Salman further ask Devoleena to choose 2 contestant from male side so that she can choose her partner.

Devoleena chooses Siddharth Shukala and Abu Malik. Salman ask both of them to make bhel and the one who will make good will be Devoleena’s kitchen partner. Siddharth won the task and became Devoleena’s kitchen partner.

Rashmi Desai is the 8th contestant of the house. Salman ask her to choose BBF and gives her the band too. Further, he ask to show Rashmi’s duty. She gets kitchen duty and Salman ask her to choose her kitchen partner among the male contestant. Rashmi chose Siddharth Shukala. The duo became BFF too.

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Rashmi enters the house and she shares the talk with Mahira and Devoleena.

Anchor Shefali Bhaga is introduced as contestant 9. Salman tells her she will meet female contestant on the stage itself. Shenaz Gill introduced herself as contestant 10 by performing a song. Later, she dances on Dil Diya Gallan with Salman Khan. Further, Salman ask Shefali and Shenaz to choose BFF. Ahead, he ask to choose among male contestant for Rashaning duty. Salman plays game with Shefali, Shahbaz and Paras. Shehnaz and Paras gets Rashaning duty.

Shefali is asked to look after Garden and pool . She shared the duty with Siddharth Dey.

Shefali enters the house and have a formal introduction with the female contestants inside the house.

Actress Daljeet Kaur introduces herself as, Contestant 11. Salman praises her and Daljeet gets happy. They share a talk. She gets her BFF. And further ask her to choose partner for Bedroom duty from male contestant sitting at the display. Daljeet chose Siddharth , as her partner.

Later, Dallijeet performs dance with her son Jaiden before entering inside the house. She enters the house and hugs Rashmi Desai. Further, she talks with other members and they discuss about Siddharth shukala.

Here, colors TV show Choti Sardarni leads comes to promote their show.

Salman khan further calls bollywood actress Amesha Patel. Amesha Patel performs on (Ramleela song) to introduce herself.

Salman khan says Amesha Patel is a boss because she owns the house. She explains why she is the boss and entered the house to take class of the contestants.

Kohina Mitra is the contestant number 12 and Salman shares a talk with her. He ask her to choose BBF. And she further gets Living room duty.

Salman ask Kohina to choose partner from male contestant. Kohina chose Siddharth Shukala first but she changed her decision after dancing competition and took Asim for sharing Living room duty.

Salman calls out for contestant 13 and comedian Krushna Abhishek performs with his sister Aarti Singh.

Aarti and Krushna does light comedy.

Further, Aarti gets utensil cleaning duty. Salman ask her to shortlist two names so that one from male contestant can be her partner.

Among Paras and Abu, Paras became Aarti’s partner.

Salman khan further discloses Siddharth Shukla got many duties and Abu Malik got no duty thus Shukala will get advantage and Abu Mallik will get disadvantage inside the house.

Ahead, male contestants gets their BFF band and Salman khan ask them to enter the house and reminds them that finale will start from 4th week itself

Day1 inside the house starts.

Male contestants enters the house and they looks for their BFF.
Bigg Boss welcomes the contestants. He ask them to settle down at the living area and further narrates them the concept of the season.

Lastly, Salman Khan ask audiences to watch the show daily and episode ends with his Good Night note.

Precap: Ameesha Patel spice up the drama. Later, Paras and Asim does a heated argument.