Bigg Boss 13 Written Update 9th January 2020: Comedy Night At Bigg Boss House!

Today’s episode opens with Day 10:15 PM; Sid shows Shehnaz her makeup and ask if her father will wash his clothes. Shehnaz says yes. Shehnaz, Aarti and Sid do masti. Shehnaz ask BB to inject poisonous injection. Aarti laughs. Ahead, Sana hits footwear to Sid. Sid does mast and asks BB Sana is hitting slipper open the confession room.

Shehnaz hugs Sid, Sid flirts with Madhu. Further, Paras goes to Sid and Shehnaz. Shehnaz ask Sid to look at Mahira, as she is jealous. Sid says hence proved.

10:45 PM; Sid ask Mahira why she is upset if he called Paras. Mahira ask Sid not to call her or Paras to entertain Shehnaz. Paras make face and Mahira gets angry with her. Paras to console Mahira and Mahira gets irk. Sid comes to Mahira and Shehnaz interrupts and takes away Sid.

11:15PM; Mahira and Paras tries to clear their misunderstanding. Paras ask to Mahira if she is upset because he went to Sid than she should stay away from him as he is tired of making her understand not to get effected because of others.

11:45PM; Mahira cries, Aarti ask Paras to go and apologize Mahira. Paras refuse, later go and brings Mahira back to the bed room.  

Day 103 At 8 AM; Housemates wakes up at the beat of Tung Tung song.

At 8:45 AM; Rashmi, Madhu and Asim talks about Sid and Shehnaz’s relationship.

At 9:15 AM: Shefali reads about the quaker healthy oats dish which is send to the housemates to eat. All tastes the dish. Later, Shefali again reads quaker oats task. Team Paras and Team Rashmi have to fight against each other to make a dish using quaker oats.

At 11:30 AM; Mahira and Madhu do arm wrestle challenge. Madhu wins. Madhu takes the ingredient of his choice.

At 11:45 AM; Ahead, Vishal and Asim skipping rope. Vishal wins and takes the ingredient of his choice.

At 12 PM; Mahira ask Madhu to open washroom door. Sid irks Madhu. Next, Bigg Boss welcomes chef Vikas. Vikas comes and meets contestants. He asks to Team Paras and Team Rashmi to start making the dish using oats.

At 12:45 PM; Team Rashmi and Team Paras presents their dishes in front of Vikas. Vikas tastes the dish and declares Team Rashmi wins.

At 1 PM; Vikas says for the winning team he has made a dish for them. Team Rashmi that includes, Asim, Shehnaz, Mahira, Sid gets happy. Vikas says cake which he has made is for everyone. He also explains the dish he has prepared for them.

Housemates cut the cake with Vikas. Vikas ask housemates to fight little less. Afterwards, Sid flirts with Madhu. Shefali, Rashmi and others enjoys. Later, BB announce about BB comedy club task. He welcomes Harsh and Harsh meets with the contestants. He says he will sit with them and will teach them a comedy. Harsh first calls Madhu and makes comedy punches with her. Meanwhile, Sid to make Shehnaz jealous kisses Shefali. Shehnaz goes to Asim and kisses him on forehead. There, Harsh makes punches for Rashmi, Sid, Vishal and Aarti.

After Harsh leaves, Housemates sits with each other and fun but when Madhu address Mahira with big lips the verbal argument between the duos gets ugly.

Later, Shehnaz ask anyone to wash the cup as she can’t because BB has asked her not to work. Sid brings a cup for Shehnaz. Ahead, argument on house duty happens between Shehnaz and Paras. Sid stops Shehnaz and Rashmi drags Paras.

Shehnaz chants and gets angry on Asim, Mahira and Paras for not doing household work. Sid asks Shehnaz to calm down. Mahira yells and says she is not anyone’s servant and she will work whenever she wants to. Shehnaz gets angry on Mahira after hearing this and the duos do the heated argument.

Day 103 At 10 PM; BB announce and says at this house something is going to happen that never happened before. He says the task will be game changer. He says inside the house first time contestants will perform in front of live audience. Bigg Boss welcomes Paritosh. BB comedy club task starts. Paritosh does comedy and everyone enjoys. (Episode Ends)

Precap: BB comedy club task continues.