Bigg Boss 14 11th February 2021 Written Update: Paras give Rubina ticket to finale, inmates finds him biased

Bigg Boss 14 11th February 2021 Written Update on

10:45; Nikki says she will attack that guy when she comes out. Rubina starts blaming her saying she is dependent on others. Jaan says Rubina is dependent. She is playing against her husband.

2:45; BB announces that the game will start after bazar starts. Nikki starts her game before the bazar starts. Rubina and Rahul start arguing.

3:00pm; Nikki tells Rubina to give bucket soon. Rakhi says let’s see who wins and who loose. Rubina gives stamp. Aly and Paras say to Nikki to follow the rules.

3:20pm; Rakhi laughs at Nikki saying she has nothing to show off now. Rahul and Nikki start arguing. Nikki insults him saying he says he trends more than Rubina. Nikki calls him insecure. Rahul mocks her. Jashmine says crying is not crime. Rakhi teases them.

3:30pm; Rubina transfers buckets. Nikki tells Jaan to give his hundred percent. Vindu Toshi hold the buckets. Paras Aly discuss that contestants can save but can’t make these fall. Aly argue about the rules. He says I will play for my own. Nobody will go to finale. Rubina says don’t lose your calm. Aly starts shouting. He says I will do what I feel. Rahul is everyone is allowed to do this. Aly says he will play alone. Three people are helping one person. He says shut up to Rubina. Rubina and Jashmine start fighting. Rubina says you are ugly woman.

Jashmine says you are dirty. Rubina says what are you trying to talk to me. You are jealous of me. You are not a contestant. Jashmine for what I will be jealous. I am happy. Worry about your own husband. Rubina says I am fine with my respect. Stop talking nonsense. Aly tries to stop Jashmine. Rakhi says nobody should say that someone is ugly. Aly says he wants to lose this game. Laugh at me. Nikki says you too laugh at me.

Rubina and Jashmine again start fighting. Jashmine says why did you say shut up. Jyotika says in support of Rubina. Aly takes stand for Jashmine. Rahul says we are doing good and people are jealous about it. Rahul says why is Jyotika getting into it? I am not talking to you. You are younger and stay in your limits.

3:45pm; Paras counts the stamps and says Rubina did much better. He blames Aly for playing badly. Aly shouts at him. BB asks Paras to announce who will be out of the team. Paras says Aly’s name. Jashmine hugs Aly.

4:00pm; Paras says everybody can support whom he/she wants to. Rubina and Rahul get into argument. Rahul says don’t talk nonsense. Jashmine Aly decide to support Rahul only. Rahul and Rubina argue about the cross thing. Rubina says her name is written on bucket. Rahul says its Aly’s name. How can you say all buckets belong to you. Rubina tells Devoleena to leave. Rubina tells Rahul as fake and insecure. Rakhi says Rubina will win. She will reach finale and I will be left alone. Rahul brings Abhinav in between the matter. He stops Rubina to give orders. Rubina says sorry.

Day 132
4:45pm; Jaan discusses game strategy with Paras. Devoleena says don’t touch me while I am doing task. She argues with Vindu and Rubina. Rubina says don’t misbehave. Devoleena loses her calm and Toshi takes her with him. Devoleena mocks Jaan saying he has no experience. Jaan says Devoleena is cartoon. Bazar starts. Everyone starts filling the buckets. Rubina’s barrel gets filled. Devoleena says they put 4 extra buckets. Paras cancels them. Nikki gets upset. Rahul wins. Aly congratulates him and hugs him. BB asks about the winner to Paras. Paras says Aly and Jashmine were not supporters still they filled buckets. So Rubina is the winner.

Aly argue with Paras saying where is it written that we can’t help! Paras again explains the rules. Rahul says I am the true winner. You are doing it knowingly. Vindu stops Rahul and Paras. Paras says I am following the proper rules. Rahul says you are lying. Aly says you are not Sanchalak. Devoleena gets angry on Paras. She says I told that don’t trust him.

Devoleena throws the chair. Rahul says Paras made mistake. Devoleena argues with Vindu saying why he stopped her. Devoleena loses her calm and acts crazily. Paras talks to Rubina and says they can’t digest that you won. Rubina says they are trying to demean me. Paras says I always played fair. Jashmine tries to calm Devoleena down. She says I know Paras well.

5:30pm; Aly reads out the instructions which says that Paras will again count the sacks in barrels. Rahul asks Paras why did he see the genuineness suddenly in Rubina. Rubina says everyone objects while somebody wins.

Day- 132
5:45pm; BB says Paras is not sanchalak. So he can finally tell about the right counting of sacks.

Paras again says Rubina is the winner. BB congratulates Rubina. He gives her one special right. That is she can send one contestant to the finale. Rubina takes Nikki’s name as she supported her.

BB congratulates Nikki. Nikki thanks BB.

Precap- BB announces that before going to finale contestants need to sacrifice luxury budget. Rakhi tells she will give 14 lakh to get ticket to finale. Aly shouts at her saying its too much. He won’t let her do this. Rakhi says she is here to win. Rakhi cries.

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