Bigg Boss 14 13th January 2021 Written Update: Captaincy task bring another fight in the house

Bigg Boss 14 13th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 101 at 8:15 PM; Rahul claims that Rubina dictates when to speak and not. Eijaz support Rubina. Rubina come and says to Eijaz and Rahul that they are making fun of a person who don’t know rule of the house. Eijaz and Rahul yell at Rubina. Rubina says to Rakhi that her coffee has been stolen. Eijaz and Rubina had a verbal argument.

There, Aly asks Rubina not to bring coffee in between. Abhi and Rubina ask Aly to take a stand for right. Rakhi come and asks Rubina to tell who took her coffee. Rubina ask Rakhi to calm and let BB intervene. Arshi claims Rubina is acting like she is a captain. Rahul support Arshi. Ugly argument happens between Rubina and Rahul.

8:30 PM; Rubina confront Vikas and asks him didn’t he told them that Rahul’s girlfriend is his good friend. Vikas tell to Rubina and Rahul that during nomination they drag Rahul’s girlfriend. He said Rubina wants to nominate Rahul because of her personal grudge. Verbal argument happens between Rahul, Vikas and Rubina. Abhinav Rahul and say he threatened Rubina first that he can even bring personal stuffs. Rahul ignores Abhi.

There, Eijaz poke Rakhi. Rakhi defends herself.

9:15 PM; Rakhi cries and Sonali console her. Sonai asks what happened. Rakhi tell her that Eijaz is targeting her and it’s her mistake to become a captain. Sonali pacify Rakhi. She further goes to Eijaz and ask him to apologize Rakhi. Eijaz refuse too.

Afterwards, Arshi asks Rakhi what she will give post she will clean bathroom. Rakhi says to Arshi she will gift her shroud. Arshi and Rakhi argue with each other. Rakhi order Arshi to clean bathroom. Arshi refuses. Rakhi claims Aly, Arshi and others too wished, she gets a heart attack.

12:15 AM; Aly and Sonali shares a talk with each other. Aly says he respect Sonali’s feeling. Arshi joins them later.

Day 102 at 8 AM; Inmates wake up at the beat of song.

Day 102 at 8 AM; Inmates wake up at the beat of song.

8:30 AM; Sonali tells to Arshi, Vikas and Rakhi that she is attracted towards Aly and he is ready to welcome her and taking it easy. Rakhi and Vikas tell to Sonali there is no wrong.

8:45 AMl Rakhi tell to Vikas that Arshi is trying to play a game via Aly. Vikas says Arshi is palying dirty.

9AM; Arshi and Vikas share a talk.

9:45 Aml Arshi asks Eijaz if he need a reason to fight with her. Eijaz says he is not low man. Eijaz and Arshi argue with each other. Eijaz says to Arshi that he is not her toy.

10:45 PM; Arshi says to Abhi and Vikas that Sonali’s half initial is Ali. Abhi and Vikas laugh. Arshi claim Sonali confessed her love to Aly. Sonali denies. There, Aly tell to Rubina about his talk with Sonali.

11AM; Arshi was making fun of Aly and Sonali’s relation. Aly ask Arshi to let go talk.

1:30 PM; Rakhi confess to Abhinav that she likes him as a good being, husband and friend. Abhinav hear Rakhi.

2 PM; Rubina reads the rule of ‘Captaincy Task’. In the Task ‘Mere Samne Wale Chajze Par’, team Rakhi and team Abhinav have to compete each other. Arshi, Rubina, Abhi, Vikas and Nikki plays in one team. Rahul, Rakhi, Aly, Sonali and Eijaz plays in second team. Team Rakhi have to block team Abhi’s side to make a wall.

Afterwards, both the teams make a task strategy. Vikas hides the camera. Arshi tell to Rubina that she is playing with the team.

2:45 PM; Rakhi says to Nikki to help her in getting his brother.

3 PM; Arshi tell to her team that she is playing with the team. Eijaz asks Arshi if she will play fair. Arshi says she wants to become captain thus will play with the team.

3:15 Rakhi says only she can touch camera.

3:30 PM; Nikki says to Rakhi that she already became captain thus, she should play with their team. Rakhi thinks over Nikki’s offer.

 Later, Aly and Rahul asks Arshi to play for herself as they don’t need anyone. Here, Eijaz says if their team will win than he will make Rahul captain. Task starts. Team Abhinav’s tries to build the window. Ahead, Rakhi wait for camera. Bigg Boss inform inmates that camera is already present in the house. Rakhi, Aly, Eijaz search for camera. Arshi announce Niki has a camera. Vikas asks Arshi with whom side she is playing.

4:15 PM; Both the teams fight over camera.

4:30 PM; Rakhi hides Arshi’s tiger. She look for camera. Rakhi claim it’s mentioned none can touch camera other than her. Rubina asks rakhi to go and asks Aly as he went to store room.

5 PM; Arshi asks Vikas if he has hidden the camera. Vikas denies.

5:15 PM; Arshi tell to Rahul, Nikki that Vikas has hidden camera. Task first round ends. Bigg Boss inmates to gather in living room. He announce Team Abhinav hide the camera thus, Team Rakhi wins the first round.

Later, Eijaz and Arshi argue with each other. Task restarts, both the team fight with each other. Rahul and Abhinav argues with each other. Rahul says to Abhinav time is favouring him thus, he is in the game but time changes. Later, Team Abhinav win the second round. Nikii, Arshi and Abhinav gets happy.  (Episode Ends)

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