Bigg Boss 14 14th January 2021 Written Update: Abhinav warns Eijaz Khan

Bigg Boss 14 14th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 102 at 6:30 PM; Vikas asks Arshi where is camera. Arshi asks Vikas to tell and assures him that she will not tell to anyone. There, Aly decides to manipulate Arshi to play by their side. Aly talk with Arshi about the same. Arshi says she has a problem with Eijaz next.

6:45 PM; Arshi and Vikas discuss about camera. There, Eijaz looks for the camera. Bigg Boss announce task is going on still both the teams are breaking the rules by going in each other’s area. He adds the next round will be last round of the task.

7 PM; Rakhi entertains the audience by her acting. She gets into a character. Buzzer ring, Nikki asks Abhi to convince Rakhi to play by their side as she is ready to come. There, Arshi discuss with Rahul and Rahul tries to convince former to play with him. Afterwards, Rahul and Rubina argues with each other post Rubina claims Rahul is instigating Arshi. Here, Abhi tries to convince Rakhi to come to his side. Rakhi agree.

Later, Rakhi come and Arshi goes to Eijaz’s side. Abhi plants a kiss on Rakhi’s hand. Rahul thanks Arshi for playing by his side.

7:45 PM; Bigg Boss announce he alert all not to break the rules. But both the teams have broken the rules thus, captaincy task gets cancelled. Rahul thanks Bigg Boss.

8PM; Rubina tells Rahul touched her stuffs. Abhinav says Rahul is manner less. Rahul and Abhinav argues with each other.

9:15 PM; Rakhi teases Sonali for starring Aly.

10:15 PM; Vikas cries and tell he is having severe pain around neck. Rubina, Aly and Nikki console Vikas. Vikas tell they are not sending doctor. Bigg Boss calls Vikas to the medical room.

11:15 PM;  Later, Aly and Nikki laugh on Vikas seeing him crying. Rakhi and Arshi discuss about Vikas.

12 AM; BB asks all to gather in the living room. He announces Vikas is not well thus, he has to leave the house. Bigg Boss asks inmates to send Vikas stuff. Aly, Arshi and Rakhi cries for Vikas. Housemates feel bad for Vikas.

Afterwards, Arshi regrets for making fun of Vikas. Sonali says Vikas was genuinely not well. Arshi cries badly for Vikas. Rakhi prays for Vikas too.

At 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘Jeene Mera Dil Lutiya’.

Ahead, Abhi and Rahul argues with each other post Abhi asks Rahul to come from other side as he is cooking breakfast. Rahul says Abhi is flaunting new shade as he has started poking others.

10:15PM; Rubina and Abhi shares a talk with each other. Rubina says Rahul was not poking. Abhinav defends himself. Rubina asks Abhi not to change for a bad.

10:30 AM; Arshi taunts Eijaz in directly. Aly asks Arshi not to target Eijaz. Arshi says she don’t do such thing. Eijaz spits and Arshi claim former don’t respect woman thus, he is spitting on side. Arshi and Eijaz argues with each other.

Day 103 at 5 PM; Rubina reads another task for captaincy. Inmates have to choose contender among themselves for captain. Ahead, Rahul tries to convince Nikki to play for him. Inmates make the task strategy. Buzzer ring; Rakhi makes Abhinav the captaincy contender.

6:30 PM; Aly makes Rahul the contender.

6:45 PM; Aly shares a talk with Rakhi and Rahul. Rakhi and Aly tries to clear their misunderstanding. Rakhi asks Aly not to address her aunty. Aly says now he will call her aunty only.

7 PM; Buzzer ring; Rubina makes Nikki contender.

7:15 PM; Abhi, Arshi, Nikki asks Arshi to make Sonali contender and flip. Arshi listen to Abhinav and Nikki.

There, Rakhi suggest Sonali to play for herself. Arshi come and argues with Rakhi post former claim Rakhi is instigating Sonali.

7:45 PM; Buzzer rings; Arshi finds it difficult to choose between Eijaz and Sonali. Eijaz and Arshi argues with each other.Arshi refuses to make anyone contender amid Eijaz and Sonali. Later, Arshi choose Eijaz. Bigg Boss announces Abhi, Nikki, Eijaz and Rahul become the contender of the captain.

Afterwards, Rubina reads Tresemme ‘hair’ task, Abhi, Nikki, Eijaz and Rahul is asked to choose a hair stylist for themselves. Nikki choose Rubina, Abhi choose Rakhi, Rahul choose Aly and Eijaz Sonali. Nikki gets happy post Rubina makes her hair. There, Rakhi looks for a way to lure Abhinav. Meanwhile, Aly give Aly a wet look.

9PM; Rakhi  make Abhi’s hair.

9:30 PM;  Sonali makes Eijaz’s hair.

104 at 10:30 AM; Rakhi looks whether Abhinav is looking her or not. There, Rubina says to Abhi that Rakhi is in another character. Rakhi cries and prays to God that she wants to be happy.

Day 104 at 10:45 AM; Bigg Boss tell poultry is banned thus they have sent alternative breakfast for them. Rubina discuss and says they should smartly use the ration. She asks inmates not to eat more as they stomach will get upset. Inmates get offended. Eijaz says all can take care of their stomach. Afterwards, Rubina says to Eijaz that she is concerned about his stomach. Eijaz argues with Rubina and claims she is no one to keep a record how much he eats. Verbal argument happens between Rubina and Eijaz. Rahul argues with Rubina and support Eijaz.

11:15 AM; Nikki asks Rubina to let go as, she wanted to alert she did and now it is their call. Eijaz taunts Rubina. Eijaz give hifi to Rubina. Rubina asks Eijaz not to touch her without her permission. Abhinav alerts the same to Eijaz. He asks Eijaz not to physically touch his wife. Abhinav adds Rubina was just showing concern. Rahul and Eijaz claims Rubina was ordering them not to eat. Nikki and Abhinav support Rubina. Rubina cries. (Episode Ends)

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