Bigg Boss 14 15th February 2021 Written Update: BB house turn Radio station for the day, RJ’s tough questions for finalists

Bigg Boss 14 15th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 135 at 8 AM: inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘shake your bootiya on the floor’ song.

1:30 PM; Rakhi says house is looking empty. She says in the kitchen Devoleena is making food. Rahul asks Rakhi if she has turned mad. Aly laughs.

3:15 PM; Bigg Boss congratulate Nikki, Aly, Rubina, Rakhi and Rahul for going in finale week. Top 5 finalists thanks BB. Bigg Boss says this week all the 5 have to entertain the audience as based on that fans are voting to make one winner. He adds famous RJ’s will play a rapid fire round and winner will get a chance to get interviewed by the RJ. BB says one can use the opportunity to make their voice reach the masses.

3:30 PM; BB welcome RJ Karan. Karan explain the task. He says lucky one will get a chance to make their voice reach masses and they can appeal for vote. Karan ask question to finalists.

Karan declare Rahul winner as he give maximum answer correct. He calls Rahul for the interview. Karan asks Rahul to sing a song. Rahul sing Dilbar mere song and dance with Rakhi. Inmates clap for Rahul. Rahul next sing ‘Darmiyaan’ song and dedicate to Nikki. Nikki don’t react. Karan asks Rahul to sing for Rubina too. Rahul sing ‘tu hai meri kiran’ song for Rubina. Rubina and Rahul dance together. Karan calls Rubina and Rahul’s moment special. Ahead, Karan asks Rahul to sing a song for Aly. Rahul sing ‘yaari hai iman mera’ song for Aly and quotes he feel blessed to have him in his life.

Ahead, Karan asks Rahul if proposing Disha was his game plan as audience wants to know. Rahul says emotion can never be his game plan. Karan asks Rubina if she understood value of relationship or not. Rubina says if BB didn’t have given them chance than they wouldn’t have been together. Karan asks Rahul whom he will be in touch post going out. Rahul says only Aly and Jasmin. He also adds he has weak moment at the house when he left it. Karan says audience say without Aly Rahul wouldn’t have survive. Rahul says Aly’s support was essential for him to be in the game. RJ Karan says all say Rahul only fought with Abhinav and Rubina. Rahul says because fight with them never ended but he also fought with Jasmin and Eijaz. He adds he see him, Aly and Rubina in the finale. Karan asks Rakhi and Rahul to end the interview with the song. Rahul sing ‘yaad aayenge ye pal’ song.

5 PM; Rubina asks Niki why she is upset. Nikki says because of Rahul’s behaviour in front of RJ.

5:15 PM; Bigg Boss welcome RJ Salil. He meet top 5 finalists. Salil plays a rapid fire round with Rakhi, Rubina, Aly and Nikki. He says Rahul can’t take part as he got a chance with Karan. Niki win the task. Salil interview Nikki. Salil question Nikki and she answer him. Salil praise Nikki and Rubina’s friendship. Salil asks Rakhi if outside BB his equation will be good with the contenders. Rakhi says yes off-course as outside BB all are friends. Salil asks Aly about his wedding plans. Aly says he will go out and check. Salil asks Rubina what she learnt from BB. Rubina says she learned to accept her flaws and failures. She adds Abhinav has left a spark of winner in her. Salil asks Nikki about her journey. Nikki says it is her magical journey for her.

7 PM; Bigg Boss welcome RJ Ginni. Ginni gets elated to meet top 5 finalist. She plays rapid round with Aly, Rubina and Rakhi. Aly wins the task. Ginni question Aly. She asks Aly whom he think a winner. Aly says amid Rubina and Rahul whosoever win he will be happy. He adds he also see himself as a winner. Ginni asks Rakhi is Aly is a good person or not. Rakhi says Aly is a good person.

Ginni asks Rubina why she disclosed her personal details. Rubina says she has learned to accept her failures and don’t regret sharing her personal detail as she was to be comfortable at vulnerable position. Ahead, Aly says he don’t see Rakhi in the finale. Ginni asks what he learnt from BB. Aly says to control anger. Ginni asks Rakhi whom hurt her the most. Rakhi says Rubina but she will dump it at the house and will walk out the house clean. Rahul and Nikki too says they will not take grudges out of the house.

Ginni share a talk with Rubina, Aly, Rahul, Rakhi and Nikki. She give five of them to appeal a vote for themselves. Rahul, Aly, Rubina, Rakhi and Nikki urge fans to vote for them. Lastly, Ginni asks Rubina amid Nikki and Aly whom she think is deserving winner. Rubina takes Aly’s name. BB thanks Ginni for coming.

Later, Rakhi argue with Aly for quoting he don’t see her in finale. Aly stick to his point and says yes he don’t see her. Rakhi self-talk.

8 PM; Rakhi feels upset as inmates don’t consider her. Rubina come and urge her fans to vote for Rakhi. Rakhi give a kiss to Rubina.

8:30 PM; Rakhi refuses to chop vegetables and asks Rahul to do.  There, Aly and Rakhi argues with each other.

8:45 PM; Aly tell to Rahul that Rakhi is accusing him why he quoted he don’t see her in finale. Rahul says Rakhi is playing wrong sympathy card. Here, Rakhi prays to God.

10 PM; Aly give a hug to Rakhi.

10:45 PM; Rakhi shares a talk with Rahul. (Episode Ends)

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