Bigg Boss 14 15th January 2021 Written Update: Rubina Dilaik loses her cool on Sonali Phogat

Bigg Boss 14 15th December 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 104 12:45 PM; Rahul says to Sonali that she is looking pretty. Sonali says her Parents gave birth to her. Arshi says Sonali is upset with Aly. Rakhi intervene and Aly asks Rakhi not to instigate Sonali. Rakhi says Sonali told her she is upset with Aly. Verbal argument happens between Aly and Rakhi. Aly claims Rakhi betrayed Sonali first. Rakhi argues with Aly. Arshi laughs and call Rakhi fake. Afterwards, Arsi disclose that Rakhi told her she likes Abhinav but now she will lure Eijaz too. Rakhi says it is her choice. Arshi and Aly asks about Ritesh. Rakhi calls Aly’s love fake. She claims he use people. Aly gets angry on Rakhi on targeting Jasmin.

1:30 PM; Aly asks Rakhi why she is staring him. He claims whatever she is doing is fake.

2:15 PM; Rakhi asks BB if she can use knife to write Abhinav’s name to prove her love for him. Bigg Boss calls Rakhi to the confession room. He alerts Rakhi never to think or do anything like that. Rakhi cries loudly and claims she saw love in Abhinav’s eyes and won’t let him go. BB again alerts Rakhi and asks her not to do anything that will hurt her. Rakhi apologize to BB.

Later, Rubina reads the rule of ‘kai Po Che’ captaincy task.

4 PM; Rubina discuss with Abhi, Rakhi and Nikki that she will cut Rahul’s. She ask Niki not to cut Rahul’s. There, Arshi tell to Aly that she will cut of Rakhi.

4:15PM; Task starts, Nikki announce she will cut of Rahul. Eijaz, Aly, Abhi, Arshi, Rakhi all cuts the thread of each other.

Later, verbal argument happens between Rubina and Rahul. Rahul call Rubina a bad person. Rubina says to Rahul, she don’t need validation from him. Aly support Rahul.

4:45PM; Aly says to Abhinav not to always bring that Rahul took exit. Abhi says it is fact. Aly says they sidelined Rahul thus he felt alone and walked out. Abhi highlight Jasmin was there inside.

5 PM; Sonali pour water on Arshi. Arshi asks BB to call her in confession room as she will not entertain Sonali. Nikki, Eijaz and Rahul question Sonali why she poured water on Arshi. Sonali says she got annoyed thus, she poured water on Arshi. Inmates support Arshi and stand against Sonali. Nikki stands for Arshi. Eijaz, Aly tries to make Sonali understand she is wrong. Sonali ignore. Nikki claims she is weak. Sonali asks Nikki not to intervene. Ahead, Sonali says she wasn’t knowing they cannot throw water. Eijaz intervene and help Sonali and Arshi to patch up.

5:45 PM; Bigg Boss says for breaking the rules in the house they have to earn ration and from now there will be no captain or immunity task. He asks to vacant captain room and summit fridge key. Bigg Boss asks none is allowed to use VIp washroom, Mall and Spa.

6 PM; Sonali asks Rahul to make Nikki understand not to bring topic that she threatened her men’s will see. She says she never quoted that. Sonali asks Nikki not to repeat that again. Nikki says she will do. Sonali says she will not spare her.

7 PM; Sonali learn that someone crushed her name.

9:15 PM; Sonali says the one who will crush her name, she will not spare her. She abuse. Rubina gets annoyed with Sonali’s abuse. Ugly argument happen between Rubina and Sonali.

Sonali threaten Nikki and Rubina that she will see them outside. Abhinav alerts Sonali not to threaten. Arshi blocks Sonali’s way. Nikki says she will slap Sonali. Verbal argument happens between Nikki and Sonali. Rubina loses her cool on Sonali. Abhinav tries to calm Rubina. Rubina claims Sonali dragged their Parents. She says she has a daughter too. Sonali fight with Rubina.

9:30 PM; Sonali says now she is giving open threaten that her mens will see Rubina and Nikki outside.

9:45PM; Abhinav tell to Sonali he crushed her tag now what she will see. Sonali says who gave him right to do that. Rakhi intervene and says to Sonali that she crushed her tag.

Afterwards, Abhinav and Rahul argue with each other.

10 PM; Rubina denies she talk ill for Sonali’s daughter. Sonali claims that Rubina dragged her daughter. Both argue with each other. Verbal argument continues between Sonali and Rubina.

11PM; NIkii claim Arshi got physical with her. She put-off her mike and asks BB to call to her in confession room. Rubina and Abhinav console Nikki. There, Eijaz and Aly says Nikki’s voice irk them.

11:15 PM; Rubina claim to stay back in the house they need to fight and argue. Day ends with Nikki and Sonali’s argument.

Day 105 at 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of song.

8:45 AMl Rakhi shares her dream with Abhi. Abhi listen to her. Rakhi syas to Abhinav he is unromantic and she will teach him. Abhinav shy away. Other side, Nikki tear Sonali’s photo tag and keeps in her stuff.

1:30 PM; Arshi tell someone tear Sonali’s picture and kept in her stuff. She says act is childish. Arshi says she doubt on Nikki and Rakhi.

2PM; Aly says picture is crushed by the one who has pics. Arshi says Rakhi has pictures. Rakhi says yes she has given the photo. Arshi instigate Sonali against Rakhi. There, Aly, Rahul, Eijaz and Arshi stand against Rakhi. Aly call Rakhi fake.

2:15PM; Rahul asks Nikki if she crushed Sonali’s picture. Nikki says she is not answerable to her. Further, Arshi and Rakhi argue with each other.

3 PM; Rubina read Dabur Dant Rakshak Most Tikao Contender task. Rakhi and Arshi have to convince inmates and have to collect tags from them.

Later, Arshi and Rakhi struggle to collect tags. There, Rubina gets offened with ABhinav when he gave Arshi the tag and not to Rakhi. Abhinav asays she will do something for her later. Rubina is not convinced with Abhinav. Ahead, Arshi wins the task. Rubina said to Abhi once more that he didn’t do right with Rakhi. Later, Sonali tries to lure Aly and Arshi enjoys. (Episode Ends)

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