Bigg Boss 14 16th February 2021 Written Update: Abhinav’s surprise date for Rubina, Rakhi waits for her husband

Bigg Boss 14 16th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 136 at 8 AM; finalists wake up at the beat of ‘naina da kya kasoor’ song.

9:15 AM; Rakhi urge BB to opens BB Mall as she wants to fetch coffee. She talk on camera and confess she hide coffee under shoes thus it got rotten. She sow the coffee bottle and asks BB to give her.

9:45 AMl Rakhi disguise to steal coffee. Aly suggest Rakhi to how to open BB Mall. Rakhi goes to do the same. BB Mall don’t open. Aly asks Rakhi to try once again. Ahead, Rakhi manages to take out wig from mannequin kept at BB Mall.

10 AMl Aly wear mannequin wig and scare Rakhi. Rakhi, Rubina and Aly put their hair down, dance and shout.

12:45 PM; Rakhi applies oil on bald portrait out there and talk with it. She urges BB to provide her coffee.

2 PMl Nikki cooks. Rakhi takes the food. Nikki asks Rakhi that she and Rubi is left out to eat too. Rakhi drops the food back. Rubina asks Rakhi to take the vegetable as she don’t want to eat. Aly asks Rakhi why she didn’t took chutney. Rakhi says Nikki didn’t like when she took chutney. Aly gives his share to Rakhi. Rakhi talk to camera and says it hurts when anyone fight for the food. Later, finalists gets smitten seeing valentine set up.

3:15 PM Rubina reads about ‘cupid ki badash’ task. As per the task Rakhi, Rubina, Aly, Rahul and Nikki has to protect their balloons to win the task. Winner will get a chance to enter BB Mall and use Valentine gifts.

3:45 PM; Nikki turns the cupid. Rakhi, Aly, Rahul and Rubina tries to protect their balloons from Rakhi. Nikki struggles to burst the balloon. Nikki bursts Rakhi’s balloon. Later, Rakhi puts balloons on her waist and give the reason it is nowhere written balloon has to be an air in it thus, she won. Ahead, Rakhi give up and Nikki throw her belt. Aly and Rahul gets angry on Rakhi for giving up. Rakhi says she don’t bother. Later, Nikki tries to burst of Rahul and Aly.

4:15 PM; Rakhi becomes the cupid and attempts to burst balloons of Nikki, Rahul and Aly. Nikki says if Rakhi hurt her than BB has to pay. Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rubina tries to protect their balloons from Rakhi.

4:30 PM; Rakhi give up. Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rubina run. Rakhi bursts of Nikki. Nikki says now she will avenge her. Next, Rubina becomes the cupid and tries to bursts of Rahul and Aly.

4:45 PM; Rahul, Aly, Rakhi,  Nikki and Rubina tries to protect their balloons to get BB Mall luxuries.

5:15 PM; Aly and Rahul tries to burst Rubina’s balloons. Nikki decide to burst Aly’s.

5:30 PM;  Buzzer ring; Nikki still bursts Aly’s balloons. Aly win the task and wins BB Mall access till show long and gifts.

5:45 PM; BB permit Aly to share BB Mall gifts for the day with other contenders.

7:30 PM; Bigg Boss shares Rubina and Abhinav’s journey and quotes they were about to get divorced but on this platform their relationship got stronger each passing day. Rubina cries. Nikki console Rubina. Aly gets teary too. BB says to complete Rubinav’s journey, Abhinav is coming back to the house for short time. Rubina, Aly and Nikki gets happy. BB give Rubina a time to get ready. He asks finalists that they can cook for Abhinav. Rahul gets happy too.

Aly decides to cook pudding for Abhinav. Nikki support Aly. Rubina gets ready in the meantime.

9 PM; Bigg Boss asks Nikki, Aly to keep Abhinav’s share in the storeroom. Rahul says to Rubina glass will be there. Rubina and Rahul shares a talk.

9:15 PM; Bigg Boss asks Rubina to come to the theatre. Rubina meet Abhinav. Both celebrate their date. Abhinav likes dishes prepared by Aly and Nikki. Abhinav confess BB helped him lot to bring change in him. Rubina and Abhinav decides for white wedding next. There, Rakhi on camera wish her husband Ritesh ‘happy valentines day’. She gets teary while speaking (Episode Ends)

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