Bigg Boss 14 17th February 2021 Written Update: Finalists gets a chance to fulfill their one wish!

Bigg Boss 14 17th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Rubina talking with Abhinav. She tries to make Abhinav understand that they have to understand their language of love. Abhinav agree with Rubina. He says he is happy to have realization and each other’s worth. There, Rakhi sing Happy Valentines days and wish Abhinav and Rubina the same on camera. Other side, ‘Mahi Bol Na’ song play, Abhinav asks BB is he think he will dance. Ahead, Rubina and Abhinav dance with each other with glass in the middle. Abhinav says to Bigg Boss that he made him to learn dance too. Bigg Boss asks Rubina to bid adieu to Abhinav and enter the house back. Rubina thanks Bigg Boss. Abhinav before leaving says to Rubina that she is doing good. Rubina says whole journey was remarkable. When, Rubina comes back Rahul, Nikki and Rakhi asks her date with Abhinav. Rubina says Bigg Boss made date super special and Abhinav was glowing.

12:15 AM; Rahul talk with Aly and Rakhi asks Rahul to go out and talk. Rahul argues with Rakhi and asks her to go out if she is getting disturbed. Rakhi asks Rahul to go out as he is making noise. Aly says that Rakhi is rude. Rahul and Aly talks with each other.

Day 137 at 8AM; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘babu ji jara dheere chalo’ song.

8:30 AM; Nikki talk with Rubina and says she judge anyone quickly. She says her words sometimes is hurtful. Rubina disagree with Nikki. Further, Nikki says she is here to play a game and not make relationship. She says to Rubina she judged her quickly. Rubina apologize and says she is sorry if she felt bad.

12PM; Rahul asks Rakhi if she didn’t did any duty in season1. Rakhi says she didn’t did any duty in her season and only wash inner wear of contenders. Rahul and Rakhi talk with each other.

1 PM; Rahul asks Rakhi what boring stuff she is going to throw today. Rakhi says she is not boring. Rahul and Rakhi argues with each other.

2 PM; Rubina asks Rahul to sing a song what he made. Rahul dedicate a song to Rubina. Rubina gets overwhelmed. Aly joins Rahul and Rubina too. Rubina praise Rahul’s talent.

Later, Bigg Boss asks Aly to come to the theatre. Rakhi asks Aly not to nominate her. Further, Bigg Boss tell to Aly that he is giving him a chance to get his wish fulfilled. He tells task rules to Aly. Aly wish to make a video call to his mother and desires to see his niece. He gets teary while saying. Bigg Boss asks Aly to go out and not to disclose about the task rule to any other contestant. Aly agree. There, Rakhi on camera urge BB to send her in finale. Ahead, Rahul wish to talk with Disha. Nikki wish to see her pets. Further, Aly says to Rakhi whatever he has done their friendship should not get affected. Rakhi think Aly nominated her for eviction. Here, Rubina wishes to showcase her cultural dance on National platform.

Ahead, Nikki cries and desires to meet her pets. Rakhi asks Rubina what happened inside. Rubina asks Rakhi to wait. Next, Bigg Boss asks Rakhi to make a wish. Rakhi wish to get more votes.

4:15 PM; Rakhi on camera urge BB to give her teddy bear. She says Nikki, Rahul, Aly and Rubina is sleeping and is not energetic at all. She vents out her frustration on camera.

6 PM; Rahul says to Rubina that he attempted to break her house. Rubina asks when. Rahul says when initially he quoted Pavitra has a crush on Abhinav. Rubina laughs. Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rubina share a talk with each other. Later, finalists get excited to see cave.

6:30 PM; Rubina reads the task rule of ‘khwahishon ki Gufa’. To get their wish fulfilled inmates have to go through a test. As per the task, three contestants have to fetch the chair kept out there. Ahead, Nikki, Aly and Rahul fetches the chair first. Rahul asks Rubina to give the water.

6:45 PM; Nikki, Rubina, Rahul and Aly makes a task strategy. Rakhi on camera says she will not spare four of them as they are planning to evict her.

7 PM; A letter comes for Nikki. As per the letter, Nikki has to convince Rahul to tear Disha’s dupatta. If Rahul fails to do that than amid Rakhia and Rubina one can sit on the chair. Rahul refuses to cut the dupatta. Nikki stands up from the chair. Rubina asks Rakhi, if she wants she can sit. Rakhi take Nikki’s chair.

7:15 PM; Rahul holds scissor out there. Rakhi asks Rahul to keep it aside. Aly asks Rakhi what problem she has. Rahul and Aly argues with Rakhi. Both call Rakhi ill-mannered.

7:30 PM; Buzzer ring; Aly reads another letter. As per the letter Rubina has to deduct 10 Lacs from prize money and can secure her place on the chair by siding Rakhi, Aly and Rahul. Rubina refuses to tear prize money. Aly says it is good task was not for Rakhi else she would have done it. Rakhi says whatever task will come for her she will perform. Later, ALy enact Rakhi. Rahul, Aly , Nikki and Rubina enjoys.

8 PM; Rubina asks Rakhi if she wants to go washroom. Aly makes sound. Rakhi asks Aly not to do else she will do pee here. Ahead, Rakhi asks Rubina to take her place as she wants to go to washroom.

8:30 PM; Buzzer ring; task comes for Aly. As per the task Aly has to sign a paper that reads he will quit post he will reach in top 2. Aly refuses to perform the task. Bigg Boss asks amid Rakhi and Nikki one can replace Aly. Rakhi and Nikki argues with each other as who will sit. Both gets adamant to sit on the chair swapping Aly.

9 PM; Buzzer ring; letter comes for Rakhi. As per the task; Rakhi has to tear her husband’s letter. Rakhi takes a time think. He asks Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rubina to do her back bitching till she is back. Aly says she will tear the letter. Rakhi brings her husband’s letter. She discuss with Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rubina and asks them what she should do. Rakhi decides to shred her husband’s letter. She replaces Nikki.

9:15 PM; Episode ends with Aly and Rakhi’s argument over sitting on the chair.

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