Bigg Boss 14 18th February 2021 Written Update: emotional moment for Aly, Rubina decked up in her cultural attire!

Bigg Boss 14 18th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 137 9:45 PM; Buzzer ring and letter come. Aly reads letter for Rahul. Rahul is asked to convince Nikki to take a briefcase of 6 Lakhs and walk out from the house to stay back on the chair. Nikki refuses to take 6 Lakhs. Rahul gets up from the chair. Aly and Nikki discuss who will sit on the chair next. Aly says to Nikki to let him sit as his wish is important and he too deserves second chance. Nikki refuses to give the chair. Aly tries to convince Nikki to let him sit. Nikki asks Aly to sit on the chair. Bigg Boss announce task is over. Rubina, Rakhi and Aly wins the task. BB says their wish will get fulfilled soon.

10 PM; Aly thanks Nikki. Nikki says humans matters her a lot. Aly says to Nikki she will come to know tomorrow why he asked her to sit on the chair. There, Rakhi says Nikki is rich thus she didn’t walked out with the money. Ahead, Aly talk with Rubina and Rahul and says he already knew Rakhi will destroy the letter. Rahul says she pre-decided.

10:15 PM; Rakhi asks Rahul if her decision of shredding letter was right or wrong. Rahul says decision was in her hand thus, to make it interesting she was doing drama. Rakhi says they don’t support her else she would have made it more interesting. She calls Rahul and group cold. Rahul says well she is here. Both argues with each other.

11PM; Rakhi argues with Rubina, Rahul for performing duty. Rahul and Rubina asks Rakhi not to take footage over cleaning utensils.

11:15 PM; Rubina asks Rahul not to clean washroom each day. Aly and Rubina decide to clean the washroom by themselves. Rahul tell washroom is very untindy and none take a pain to throw empty bottles, tissues and razor in the dustbin. Rakhi and Nikki argue. Rahul asks leave washroom and tell who will clean utensils. Aly, Rubina, Rakhi, Nikki and Rahul discuss over house duty.

Day 138 at 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of energetic song.

8:30 AMl Rakhi on camera talk.

9:15 AM; Rakhi says she has perry perry smith and jones masala and she will use it while making egg. Rahul tell to Aly that Rakhi is not using spoon to take out coffee. Aly says to Rakhi that he will not give coffee to her anymore. Rakhi and Aly argues with each other. Rakhi says to Aly that she will take coffee from him. Aly says to Rakhi he will not give her his shit.

11 AM; Rakhi asks Rahul if he patch up with Rubina. Rahul says he is neither friend with Rubina nor a foe. Rubina and Rahul support each other over Rakhi. Rakhi says Rubina and Rahul’s friendship is fake. Rahul argues with Rakhi.

12:15 PM; Aly talk with Rubina, Rahul and says post BB he will not talk about Bigg Boss journey. He says he will send common voice message to media. Aly says media irk him. Rakhi taunts to Aly that media is needed by all. She asks media to publish her article. Aly calls Rakhi fake. Both argues with each other.

3:15 PM; Bigg Boss says it is tough to spend life inside BB house. He says inmates get teary thinking about their near ones. He says BB house makes individual to value the relationship. Bigg Boss next says Aly desired to see his niece with her mother. He says Aly win task thus, his wish will get fulfilled. Aly meet his mother on video call along with his niece. Aly gets teary seeing her mother. They share a talk with each other. Rubina, Rahul and Nikki gets teary seeing Aly’s cry. Aly’s mother says to him that he is already a winner for him. His mother asks him to give her love to Rakhi, Rubina, Rahul and Nikki. Aly desires to see his father. BB allow him. Aly’s Parents praise his performance in the show. Aly thanks BB for the moment.

Rahul says to Aly that her mother was proud while quoting he got over come from his anger issues. He asks Aly to control his anger further too. There, Rakhi on camera talk and says Aly quoted she poke him. Here, Rubina, Rahul and Aly shares a talk with each other.

Ahead, Rakhi keeps taunting Aly that he quoted for her that she poke him. Rubina says to Rakhi that sometimes it is good to get happy for someone else. Rakhi argues with each other. Aly on camera says how nation like Rakhi who is making joke out of son and mother’s emotion.

4 PM; Aly says when Prince and Asim came out from the house all changed he used to think they are faking. But now he understand change truly happens inside BB house. Nikki, Rahul hear Aly’s talk. Aly thanks Bigg Boss for giving him opportunity to come to the place.

5:15 PM; Bigg Boss says Rakhi is the second winner. He fulfilled her wish to eat Pizza. Rakhi gets happy getting pizza. Bigg Boss says he is also sending pizza for Rubina, Aly, Rahul and Nikki. Rakhi and others gets super excited. All thanks Bigg boss.

6 PM; Bigg Boss praise Rubina for asking to celebrate her culture on national platform. He says to Rubina that she can dance along with Rubina. BB asks Rubina to get ready and gather at the garden along with Aly, Nikki, Rakhi and Rahul. Rubina thanks BB and gets ready.

6:30 PM; Aly hugs teddy out there at BB Mall and says he miss Jasmin, his mother and his near ones.

6:45 PM; Rakhi says to Nikki she is looking Arabic in Pahadi dress. Rubina helps Nikki to get ready.

7 PM; Rubina teach Aly, Nikki, Rahul and Rakhi how to do pahadi dress.

7:15 PM; Pahadi song plays. Rubina along with Aly, Nikki, Rahul and Rakhi do the dance. Rubina thanks Bigg Boss.

7:30 PM; Rakhi do comedy with Rahul and says he is father of her child. Rubina, Aly and Nikki enjoys.

9:45 PM; Rahul read Lotus White Glow task. Girls of the house gets an opportunity to get a picture clicked. Rubina, Nikki and Rakhi gets excited. Aly makes Rubina ready. Rakhi helps Nikki. Later, Rahul helps Rakhi to do facial.

10:45 PM; Nikki gets her photo shoot done first. Second, Rubina and lastly, Rakhi. Aly and Rahul too gets their photoshoot done.

11:45 PM; Episode ends with Bigg Boss saying on Sunday amid five one will take trophy home.

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