Bigg Boss 14 18th January 2021 Written Update: Eijaz Khan’s journey ends in the house?

Bigg Boss 14 18th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 107 at 11:45AM; Eijaz shares a talk with Rakhi. Abhinav, Rubina, Rakhi laughs when Rakhi says infection instead of infatuation.

1:15 PM; Rakhi sings a song seeing Abhinav’s picture. There, Arshi, Eijaz, Nikki, Aly eats biscuit of Rakhi. Aly asks Nikki to keep the tray inside Rakhi’s bed. Here, Julie takes over Rakhi again.

1:45 PM; Nikki sees chips packet in Rakhi’s stuff and steal. She alerts Abhi and Rubina not to reveal to Rakhi. Abhi asks only if she will share with him. Nikki agrees and takes more stuff from Rakhi.

2:30 PMl Abhi and Aly asks Rakhi to do half make-up today. Rakhi agree.

6:15 PM; Abhi goes to Rakhi and tell to her that someone took her stuffs from bed box. He assures her that he will return to her but she will never mention he disclosed him about stealing. Rakhi promise and asks ABhi to return her stuffs. Abhi asks to share with him. Rakhi agree. Later, Rakhi and Arshi argue with each other. Further, Rakhi collects back her stuffs and keep.

11:45PM; Rakhi hide her coffee. Nikki shouts Rakhi has done pee in coffee. Sonali says Nikki must be saying just like that. Arshi says how someone can disrespect food.

12:30 AM; Rakhi shares her feeling about Abhinav with Sonali. She gets teary. Rakhi craves to have a boyfriend or husband.

1:30 AM; Nikki claims Abhinav disclosed to Rakhi that she took her stuffs. Abhi avoid. Rakhi claim Nikki took her stuffs. Nikki and Rakhi argue with each other. Nikki discloses Abhinav too stolen Rakhi’s stuff. Rakhi refuses to believe.

Day 108 at 8AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of Naagin song.

8:45 Am; alarm rings; Rubina and Nikki collects tissue boxes from store room.

10 AM; Bigg Boss asksinmates to gather in garden area and not to collect any food items. Rakhi says to Arshi she wasted food and now BB will show her. Ahead, BB team enters the house and collects all the food items from the house. Inmates shouts.

Later, BB team leave half of the foods for inmates.

12:30 PM; Eijaz asks Rakhi from where she got coffee and cookie. Rakhi says she fetched coffee during her captaincy. Eijaz asks Rakhi why she didn’t shared with any. Eijaz and Rakhi argue with each other. Eijaz says he feels disgusted because Rakhi was happy when BB took back their ration. Rakhi says yes she is happy.

1PM; Rahul eat tissue. Eijaz laughs. He quotes they took ration for granted. There, Abhinav does make up of Arshi. Arshi laughs.

2 PM; Bigg Boss announce to fetch ration back they have to follow few rules. He asks them to first stick to BB house rule. To do task fairly and lastly, they have to give their input towards the show. BB says post following these three rules they can fetch ration back. He performs a doll task with inmates to give one amid the others a privilege to decide what to cook for the dinner. Task starts with Rubina. Rubina destroys Eijaz’s doll.

3 PM; Bigg Boss tell inmates season 14 got extended because of few obvious reasons. He says Eijaz Khan has to leave the house because of his prior commitment. BB says he is giving Eijaz a permission to leave the house without getting evicted. He then announced actress Devoleena will play Eijaz’s proxy. Arshi cries for Eijaz. BB welcome Devoleena. Devoleena gets happy. Ahead, as per the task, Devo and Eijaz destroy Nikki’s doll. BB asks Eijaz to bid adieu to inmates. Aly, Arshi and Rahul cries for Eijaz.

Afterwards, Devo meets inmates. Arshi cries for Eijaz. Sonali console Arshi. There, Devo tells to Rahul his game is lost. She suggests Rahul to play his game.

108 at 3:45PM; Bigg Boss asks Arshi to tell according to her who is responsible for current situation of the house. Arshi takes Rakhi’s name. Rakhi and Arshi argue with each other.

4:15 PM; Rakhi come and removes Arshi’s doll and quotes she is responsible for house current situation. Arshi laugh.

4:30 PM; Nikki drops Sonali’s doll. Sonali and Nikki argue with each other when latte quotes for Phogat she breaks the house rules the most.

5:15 PM; Aly destroys Abhinav’s. Rahul destroys Rubina’s doll.

6:45 PM; Rubina says to Arshi that Aly mostly break the rule and Rahul did wrong by putting erh doll. She says task is not done fairly. Rahul and Rubina argue with each other. Later, Vikas re-enters the house. BB asks Vikas to drop the doll of one amid Aly and Rahul. Vikas drops Rahul’s doll. Arshi says she knew Vikas won’t mess with Aly. Aly wins the task. Imates gets happy seeing Vikas.

9:45 PM; BB asks Aly to decide what he wants for the dinner. He asks inmates not to interrupt Aly at all. Aly collects the stuffs from BB Mall. (Episode Ends)

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