Bigg Boss 14 19th January 2021 Written Update: Inmates struggles for food! Ugly arguments happens between Rubina and Rahul yet again

Bigg Boss 14 19th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 108 at 10 PM; Aly says he saw coffee and wanted to take it. Nikki asks Aly and Abhi to do task properly and not to break any rule. Here, Arshi asks Vikas how she is looking outside. Vikas tell to Arshi.

10:30 Pm; Nikki asks Devo to clean utensils. Devo asks to Abhi what she is saying. Abhi says Nikki is saying Devo is Eijaz’s proxy than she should do work. Devo says Eijaz asks to do work of her own. Nikki comes and asks Abhi to clean utensils with Rakhi

11:30 PM; Rakhi tell to Abhi Vikas told her he videos are getting viral.

12 AM; Rakhi asks Abhi to clean utensils. Abhi suggest to make Arshi clean, Rakhi says she wishes to clean utensils with her. Abhi asks Rakhi to start cleaning and he will join later. Rakhi says she will not go anywhere without him. Afterwards, Rakhi says to Sonali, Abhi is cancel for her as he is uninterested in her. She adds she can’t bear his betrayal thus, she will try upon Rahul. Sonali says yes.

12:30 AM; Rakhi shares a talk with Vikas that she was left alone post he left. She says all used to target her.

1 Am; Arshi and Aly disucss about Devo. They says they won’t let Devo go to other team and ruin Eijaz’s game.

Day 109 at 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘it’s the time to disco’ song.

9AM; Abhi and Rubina shares a talk with each other.

11 AM; Rakhi craves for food. She discloses she left Abhinav 24hrs ago. She says she is after Rahul now. Bigg Boss asks all to gather in bedroom area.

11:45 AM; Bigg Boss asks inmates to gather in garden area next. Nikki and Aly see the team board at garden area and laughs. Afterwards, Rubina reads out ‘Locked out’ task rule. As per the task teams have to win to fetch ration from BB Mall. Team Read; Rubina, Abhi, Rakhi, Vikas and Devoleena. Team Yellow, Nikki, Aly, Arshi, Sonali and Rahul. Rubina and Rahul becomes their team leader. Whenever any member goes inside the house their team point will lose.

1:15 PM;  Inmates collects their stuff to make other team weak so that they enter house and lose the point. There, Devo hides Sonali’ssurvival. Vikas asks Devo to keep in packet.

1:30 PM; Both the teams makes the task strategy. Later, Aly’s team claim Rubina’s team members are doing cheating by stealing Sonali’s survival kit. Rahul and Rubina argue with each other. Vikas says he didn’t steal. Aly says he heard Devo saying to steal survival kit.

Arshi says she will not allow anyone to go to washroom. Rakhi asks Arshi to get lost. Aly asks Rubina’s team to count stealing as one unit and they will allow. Rakhi and Abhinav argues with Arshi and Aly. There, Rahul and Rubina argues with each other.

2 PM; Rubina and Rakhi says medical room is in their area that doesn’t mean they will block their way. Arshi hear and Rakhi argues with each other.

Arshi locks herself in the washroom. Devoleena asks Arshi to come. There, Vikas and Aly fights with each other while snatching stuffs. Later, Rakhi reveals to Rubina she did pee as she can’t control. She asks Rubina not to reveal to Abhinav. Rubina promise. Rakhi cries for food.

3:15PM;  When Arshi don’t come from washroom. Nikki says she wants to go inside the house to use washroom. Aly and Rahul says it was expected from Nikki that she will betray. Rubina counts units for Nikki.

3:30 PM; Rubina come and tells to all that Nikki used 5 things thus, 5 units will be counted.

3:45PM; Rakhi asks Arshi to come out from washroom as she wants to use. Arshi don’t listen to any. Rahul tries to convince Rakhi to go inside and use washroom. Rubina, Nikki, Abhi and Devo ask Rakhi not to get instigated by Rahul and just use washroom. Rakhi goes along with Rahul. Rahul asks Rakhi to use stuffs but Rakhi refuses.

4:30 PM; Rahul counts 5 units for Rakhi. Rubina claims Rakhi changes her shorts because it comes under female hygiene and it can’t be counted as unit. Aly support Rahul. Rubina and Rahul argue with each other. Rahul calls Rubina a bad person. Verbal arguments happen between Rubina and Rahul. Aly support Rahul and Rubina asks him not to as he is looking bad.

5:15 PM; Buzzer rings; BB announce it is for food items which is coming for them. BB team members show lip-smacking stuffs from other side of the glass. Inmates gets hungry seeing them.

Afterwards, Nikki goes inside and eats burger. Rubina says it is 3 units per plate. Nikki sits and eat. Rubina counts units for Nikki. Rakhi says she is hungry. Sonali tries to convince Rakhi to go and have burger. Rahul asks Rakhi to go and eat.

5:30 PM; Vikas locks himself inside washroom. Sonali tries to convince Rakhi to have burger but Rakhi refuses.

6 PM; Arshi asks BB to call out Vikas as he is sleeping inside bathroom. Aly claims Team Rubina is winning bcause Nikki betrayed their team. Abhi laughs.

6:30 PM; Rahul claims that Abhinav and Rubina are unsupportive towards each other thus, none can trust them. Rubina shouts at Rahul and asks him not to bring her personal relationship for content when he don’t have guts to bring his would be. Rahul asks Rubina to talk about those who are in the game. He says to Rubina that she herself brought her personal stuffs on national TV.  Both argues with each other. Abhinav asks Rubina to calm as Rahul is not that important. Rubina pushes Rahul. Rahul and Aly both argues with Abhinav and Rubina over the push. Ugly argument happens with Aly, Rahul, Rubina and Abhinav. (Episode Ends)

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