Bigg Boss 14 20th January 2021 Written Update: Nikki targets Devoleena and Vikas

Bigg Boss 14 20th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Rubina yelling at Rahul and alerts him not to comment on her personal relationship for content when he don’t have guts to bring his would be. Rahul asks Rubina to talk about those who are in the game. He says to Rubina that she herself brought her personal stuffs on national TV.  Both argue with each other. Abhinav asks Rubina to calm as Rahul is not that important. Rubina pushes Rahul. Rahul and Aly both argues with Abhinav and Rubina over the push. Aly says Rubina can’t push. Ugly argument happens with Aly, Rahul, Rubina and Abhinav. Abhinav asks Rahul not to come closer to Rubina. Rahul asks what he will do than. Abhinav says he will slap too if needed. Rahul calls Abhinav coward. Aly supports Rahul. Rubina tells to Abhi it was just a reflex to Rahul’s action. Abhinav asks Rubina to stay away from Rahul. There, Rakhi craves for burger and talks with food.

6:30 PM; Devo says she has migraine and wants to make tea. Rubina allows her. Rahul accompanies Devo. Devo on camera confronts she came inside house because of Eijaz as she knew if he would have been here than he would have not left inmates hungry. Rahul and Devo shares a talk. Vikas and Rubina claims Devo is doing cheating with her team. Devo says she is playing as EIjaz’s proxy. Vikas and Rubina says Eijaz always stand for his team. Rubina asks Devo to also keep her individuality. Vikas support Rubina. Devo asks Vikas if he will argue with her. Vikas leaves the place.

Afterwards, Rakhi asks Rubina and Abhi to say Devo that she wants to eat burger as she is hungry. Devo comes out. Rahul counts 15 units for Rubina’s task. Nikki enters the house and intentionally uses stuffs to count units. Aly finds Nikki’s act insensible. Rubina comes and counts 29 units. Rahul asks Rubina to write and laughs sarcastically.

7:30 PM; Devoleena says to Rubina that Rakhi was supposed to go and eat burger. Rubina says Rakhi says she will go later. Nikki says to Devo that she should play using her own brain. Devo says if Nikki will not come out than she will go inside the house, which will lead to cancelation of the task. Vikas says to Devo she started. Devo and Vikas argue. Nikki tells to Rubina that she will not make other team win and she is clear.  Devo cies. Nikki tell to Rubina that Devo claimed ‘me too’ in her season. Devo and Nikki argues with each other.

Vikas learns Nikki said Devoleena accuse ‘me too’ on others. He gets angry and calls Nikki crazy. Devoleena enters the house and fights with Nikki. Vikas and Arshi asks Devo to lash out at Nikki and don’t leave. Nikki is unaffected. Abhinav asks Nikki not to bring ‘me too’ in talk. Nikki says it was just a slip of tongue.

7:45PM; Bigg Boss asks inmates to gather at garden area. He says task ends for the day. BB asks  Rahul and Rubina to tell their points. Rahul says team Rubina fetched 19 points and Rubina tell team Rahul fetched 56 units. BB says team Rubina wins and can use bedroom area. Later,  Rahul and Aly decide next day he will go inside the house and will not come only. There, Devo tell to Rubina and Abhi about her ‘me too’ incident from her season as Rubina says she didn’t defend or supported Nikki because she was clueless about the incident.

8:15 PM; Nikki sits in the bedroom. BB announces yellow team member can’t stay in bedroom and team leaders have to look upon it. Nikki apologize to Rubina and walks out from the room.

9:30 PM; Rakhi tell to Abhi that Aly claimed he will support her. Abhinav laughs. He tell to Nikki and Rubina about Aly’s promise to Rakhi. Rubina says Aly will just use her because he knows well about her popularity.

10:30 PM; Nikki says her team will not support her to get a blanket. She asks Rubina to ask Rahul once. Rubina asks Rahul and he refuses. Nikki laughs.

11:30 PM; Aly, Rahul , Arshi and Sonali tell to Rakhi she is getting boring sitting with other group. Aly asks Rakhi to entertain and not just sit.

12:30 AM; Rubina asks Devo to play for herself inspite being Eijaz’s proxy.

Day 110 at 8 AM;  Inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘Dhoom’ song. Afterwards, Rubina, Abhi, Nikki make task strategy. Abhi says he thinks Rakhi will flip today. Rakhi comes and tells to Rubi, Abhi and Nikki that she will try to play fairly too today.

11:45 AM; Rakhi complaints to Rubina and ABhi that they are after Nikki and don’t care about her. Rubinav says to Rakhi she can play with other team if she wants.

12PM; Devo tell to Rahul she will not play with their team because of Nikki. Both the teams make their task strategy.

1PM; BB announce task will start in when buzzer will sound. He asks inmates to collect their survival kit. BB

1:15 PM; Vikas decides to go inside the house and sleep. Team Rubina allows him to go.

1:30 PM; Vikas and Rahul go inside the room. Aly and Rahul says they will count his rest as 1 unit. Vikas says they can count based on stuffs he is using. Rahul tell to Vikas his team will win today and he should just wait and watch.

2:45 PM; Aly and Rakhi entertains by copying Rubina, Abhi and Vikas. Vikas, Rubina and Abhi avoid.

Later, food stuffs come again and per plate 5 units. Nikki and others get excited. She says to Rubina she will go. Sonali says she wants to go too. Rubina tries to talk with Sonali and Nikki. Niki enters the house and catch the cake. Inmates go against Nikki. Devo, Vikas, Aly and Arshi argue with Nikki. Devo says to Rubina she is ruining her game because of Tamboli. (Episode Ends)

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