Bigg Boss 14 21st February 2021 Finale Episode LIVE Written Update: Rubina Dilaik wins the season title, Rahul Vadiya becomes the runner up!

Bigg Boss 14 21st February 2020 Finale Episode LIVE Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Jasmin Bhasin introducing Bigg Boss 14 finale. She welcome Salman Khan. Salman enters the stage on ‘aaj ki party meri taraf se’. He call Jasmin too. Salman share dance with Jasmin. Host welcome audience to BB 14 grand finale. He talks about live voting and says during the episode voting lines will be opened for few minutes. Salman says it is time to begin BB 14 and talks about seasons 14. He said this time many contestants walked out and walked in at house. Salman shows the clip of Vikas, Rahul, Jasmin, Aly and Kavita. He further shows how contenders break Bigg Boss property this time inside the house. Salman says in this season many things happened for the first time and amid all ‘makers’ were targeted too. He shows the clip of ‘makers’.

Further, Salman says word ‘content’ was used many times by Rubina. Abhinav laughs. Khan shows the clip on ‘content’ used by Rubina and talks about the same. Next, Salman tell in this season all witnessed love too at extreme level. He shows Aly, Jasmin, Sonali, Rahul Vadiya, Abhinav, Rubina and Rakhi’s clip. Contenders clap seeing the clip. Salman asks Abhinav if Rakhi comes in his dream or not as he was looking dapper while draping saree to Rakhi. Abhinav laughs and denies. Ahead, Salman says in this season heavy words were used. Clip of heavy used words in the season was shown. Salman laughs along with all Bigg Boss 14 ex participants. Khan introduces finalist’s family members.

Salman says time to meet finalists for one last time. Rubina, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi is shown. Bigg Boss speaks on 2020 and says it was difficult year because of covid19. But by bringing Bigg Boss season 14 they brought entertainment for contenders. He thanks Rubina, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi for making BB 14 successful season. Finalists claps. Bigg Boss asks five of them to feel proud of their journey. Salman meet finalists and congratulate them. Rubina, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi thanks Salman. Khan asks them to open champagne. Rubina, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi cheers. Salman cheers for them too. He then says Nikki Tamboli’s journey ends here. Nikki asks Salman not to give heart attack. Salman says it time is not far when he will announce winner. He says it is a successful season. Salman asks Aly and Rahul to go to store room and bring stuff kept there. Khan gift ‘Being Human’ hamper to Rubina, Rahul, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi. Ahead, Salman tells about colors upcoming show ‘Dance Dewaane’. He welcome Madhuri Dixit on video call. Salman compliments Madhuri Dixit.  

Madhuri Dixit promotes Dance Dewaane reality show. Salman asks Madhuri to introduce finalists herself. Madhuri introduces Rubina Dilaik first. Rubina’s journey in the show is shown. Madhuri says if Rubina wins todays than it will be a win of courage and fearlessness. She adds Aly will be known for spreading his charm. Bigg Boss shows Aly’s journey clip. Dixit introduces well-known singer Rahul and says he decided to bring out his personality on Nation TV. Bigg Boss voice over shows Rahul Vadiya’s journey. Madhuri introduces Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi Sawant’s journey clip is shown. Madhuri says if Rakhi wins today than it will be a win of ‘entertainment’. Lastly, Dixit quotes for Nikki Tamboli and says she made a name for herself.

Madhuri Dixit gives her best wishes to top finalists and says let the best contender win. Salman thanks Madhuri Dixit and promotes ‘dance dewaane’ show. Ahead, Salman asks Rahul, Rubina, Rakhi, Aly and Nikki how they are feeling at this point. Rakhi says she is feeling anxious. Rahul says he learned that small words don’t affect outside but inside the house it matters a lot. Rubina says her journey made her to know herself more. Salman next makes finalists meet ex-BB14 contenders and family. Finalists gets happy seeing them. Eijaz Khan says all the 5 deserve to be in the finale. Salman next says it is time to witness finalist’s performance. Rakhi’s performance starts with ‘pardesiya’ song.

Salman gets happy seeing Rakhi’s performance and praise her. Rakhi thanks Salman Khan. Salman says Rakhi is the only challenger who made her place in the finalist list. He congratulate for her. Salman adds Rakhi keep talking about her husband ‘Ritesh’ thus they are sending her husband inside the house. Rakhi and everyone gets happy. Salman sing ‘mehendi laga ke rakhna’ song alonf with Rubina, Nikki and Rakhi. Actor Ritesh Deshmukj unveils himself. Rakhi, Rubina, Aly, Nikki, Rahul, Salman and others laugh. Ritesh asks Salman why they brought them here. Salman says because he is Rakhi’s husband. Ritesh makes poker face. All laughs. Ritesh Deshmuk says now he will avenge Rubina, Rahul, Aly and Nikki for troubling Rakhi. He questions Aly, Nikki, Rubina and Rahul. Next, Ritesh call finalists at the BB theatre. He tell about 14 Lakhs briefcase and says amid 5 one can walk out with the money. Ritesh give 10 seconds time to Rubina, Rakhi, Aly, Rahul and Nikki. Salman laughs when Rakhi immediately press the buzzer. Ritesh asks Salman to check who amid five press the button. Rakhi wins 14 Lakhs. Salman says now Rakhi is out from winner race. Rakhi meet Rubina, Aly, Nikki and Rahul. She walks out from the house with Ritesh Deshmuk. Salman welcome Rakhi and Ritesh on stage.

Salman shares a talk with Rakhi and give her being human bracelet. He asks Rakhi who according to her will be the winner. Rakhi takes Rubina’s name. Salman asks Rakhi for whom she will get upset if he or she wins? Rakhi takes Nikki’s name. Salman asks Rakhi if she is happy to walk away with 14 Lakhs. Rakhi says she knew her votes will be less. Salman says her decision is right. Ahead, Salman talks with Ritesh. Ritesh promotes plant based non-vegetarian. Salman support Ritesh. Afterwards, Salman tell about Rubina, Rahul, Aly and Nikki and says they are top 4 finalists. He meet four of them and congratulate them. Ahead, Salman shows the clip where Rubina, Rahul, Aly and Nikki tell what they regret doing at house. Rubina says she wouldn’t have thrown water on Rakhi. Rahul regrets taunting Jaan on his father. Aly says he didn’t do anything wrong in the house. Nikki says she regret acting rude with Eijaz and Jaan.

Aly Goni gets evicted. Salman asks Aly to come on the stage. Nikki, Rubina and Rahul gets shocked. Aly meet three of them. Rahul and Nikki refuses to believe. Nikki cries and says she can’t believe she is in top 3. She cry and says to Rubina that all criticized her but she is standing in top 3. Rahul, Rubina and Nikki becomes the top three. On the stage; Salman welcome Aly. He shares a talk with Aly. Aly says his mind was set towards this eviction. Salman gives being human bracelet to Aly too. He asks Aly whom he is supporting. Aly takes Rahul’s name.

Salman introduces Nora Fatehi. He tells she was season 9 wild card entry. Nora dance. She comes and Salman welcome her on the stage. Nora meet Nikki, Rahul and Rubina. Salman highlight about Nikki keeping her arrogant behaviour till last. Further, Nora performs a task with Salman, Rubina, Nikki and Rahul. She says Salman has to fulfil her three wishes. Nora asks Salman to find a guy for her who is perfect. Salman calls Eijaz. Eijaz propose Nora. Nora asks Salman to find dancer for her whom can dance on ‘Masallah’ song. Salman calls Sonali Phogat. Nora and Sonali dance together. Salman asks to call Aly. Aly laughs.

Lastly, Nora asks Salman to do her hook steps with her. Salman performs with Nora. Salman calls Aly to support him the dance too as whole season he supported others and didn’t played for himself. Aly and others laugh. Aly support Salman. Ahead, Salman call Rahul Mahajan to do ‘garmi’ hook step. All laughs. Later, Salman welcome Dance Dewane judge Dharmesh and Tushar. Dharmes and Tushar promote ‘dance dewaane’ show. They call Sonali to perform with Tushar. Sonali and Tushar dance on ‘tip tip barsa’ song. Salman and other enjoys. Next, Eijaz dance with Dharmesh. Salman and Tushar joins. Afterwards, Dharmesh call contender from generation 1 from Dance Dewaane. Contender amaze Salman and contestants out there.

Next, Tushar call generation 3rd contender Jamuna. Salman gets happy seeing Jamuna. Jamuna shy. Salman asks Jamuna to perform and shares a talk with her. Tushar and Dharmesh shows trailer of Dance Dewane. Salman promotes the show yet again. Further, Salman welcome veteran Bollywood actor Dharmendra. Tushar and Dharmesh bring Dharmendra on the stage. Salman get elated seeing Dharmendra. He shares a talk with Dharmendra. Salman make Dharmendra meet Rubina, Rahul and Nikki. Ahead, Salman shows Dharmendra performance of Jasmin and Aly.

Salman praise Jasmin and Aly. He asks Dharmendra if he liked or not. Dharmendra says yes. Salman asks Dharmendra to give love tips to few. He calls Jasmin first. Contenders enjoys. Dharmendra bless Rubina and Abhinav’s relationship. Further, Salman, Rakhi and Dharmendra recreate iconic scene from superhit movie Sholay. Rakhi dance on ‘Jab tak jahan’ song. Next, Salman show Dharmendra; Rahul and Aly’s camaraderie to the very legendary song ‘Yeh Dosti’. Nikki join Aly and Rahul later. Dharmendra wish top 3 and leaves the place.

Further, Salman welcome colors family. Artists from Namak Issk Ka, Barrister Babu, Choti Sarrdaarni and Molki performs a dance along with Salman. Salman promote ‘Bawara Dil’ and ‘Udaarian’. Salman shares a talk with colors artists. Next, Shiva from upcoming show ‘Bawra Dil’ give top 2 finalists name envelope to Salman. Salman before opening the letter tell about Bigg Boss 15 selection process. He tell Bigg Boss 15 will be selected on voot select app. Ahead, Nikki Tamboli gets evicted; Rahul and Rubina become top 2. Nikki meet Rubina and Rahul and walks out from the house. Salman tell details about live voting. He asks fans to vote for Rahul and Rubina. On the stage; Salman welcome Nikki on the stage. He gives being human bracelet to Nikki too. Nikki wish Rubina wins.

Afterwards, Salman meet Rahul and Rubina for one last time. Volunteer seal the house. Salman asks Rubina and Rahul to come to the garden area. Bigg Boss congratulate Rubina and Rahul for becoming top 2. Rubina and Rahul gets teary post BB asks them to switch off the light. Rubina and Rahul’s performance is shown. On the stage; Salman welcome Rubina and Rahul. He shares a talk with both. Salman gift Rubina and Rahul being human bicycle. Next, Salman announce Bigg Boss 14 winner. Rubina Dilaik wins the title. Rahul Vadiya becomes the runner up of the season. Rubina gets happy. Salman give BB 14 trophy to Rubina. (Episode Ends)

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