Bigg Boss 14 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Arshi targets Sonali over food, Rubina and Nikki joins the fight!

Bigg Boss 14 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Sonali holding Arshi’s hand and press the button. Arshi gets furious on Sonali for holding hand. Aly support Arshi. Sonali asks all to favour Arshi only. She adds she will not perform the task if Arshi will keep her hand on buzzer. Vikas asks Sonali not to do that. In the meantime, buzzer ring and Arshi press the button. Arshi gets happy and says this is called a game.

6:30 PM; Sonali cries and says all are selfish. Rahul hear Sonali. There, Arshi tries to entertain inmates. She says to Rakhi she will make Ritesh her. Other side, Sonali says to Rahul it was unfair and even BB didn’t interrupted. Rahul says he don’t know what to comment.

6:45 PM; Arshi target Ritesh and Rakhi to entertain inmates. Aly support Arshi in her entertainment and act like talking with Ritesh over a call.

7 PM; Buzzer ring and BB announce Arshi’s performance time is over. He next call Rakhi and Abhinav to stand near buzzer stand. Rahul becomes the dictator for them. Amid Abhinav and Rakhi, Rakhi gets a chance to entertain audience live on voot. Rakhi tries to entertain the inmates.

7:45 PM; Rakhi calls Julie. She turns Julie and tries to scare Abhinav and Rahul There, Sonali says Rubina and Nikki don’t perform any work. Arshi asks Sonali not to always target Rubina and Nikki and should be neutral sometimes.

8 PM; Rakhi makes her effort to entertain inmates. Sonali reads poetry for Aly.

8:15 PM; Rakhi in her Julie character reveal she likes Abhinav. Vikas support Rakhi. Buzzer ring. BB asks Rubina and Rahul to come next. Rakhi becomes the dictator for them. Rubina press the button next. Rubina looks for a way to entertain fans and inmates.

Later, Arshi asks Devoleena to press button when she will get stand with Nikki for the task. Devoleena cries and says she don’t like person like Nikki. Vikas, Rahul and Arshi console Devoleena. Here, Rubina looks for an entertainment.

9pm; Sonali asks Aly and Arshi if they will not make chapatti. Sonali says she wants Chapati and she will make it. Arshi and Aly asks Sonali to discuss with other because ration is low. Rahul discuss with Rubina, Rakhi and Nikki over having chapatti. Rubina and Rakhi asks if Sonali wants she can have cahptai/ Rahul decides to give his share of Chapati to Sonali.

9:15 PM; Amid Nikki and Devoleena, Nikki press the button. Nikki fetch this opportunity to tell what she feels about others. She adds whosoever wants to listen can sit else she don’t care. Devoleena, Rahul and Sonali walks away.

9:45 PM; Nikki targets Devoleena. Devoleena take water and says if ‘Gopi Bahu’ can wash laptop than this Gopi Bahu can clean buzzer too. Vikas asks Devoleena than why she didn’t press the button for entertainment.

There, Arshi asks Sonali why she made chapatti. Sonali says because she was hungry. Here, Nikki holds Vikas’s clothes. Vikas defends Nikki.

10 PM; Arshi tell to Aly that Sonali made thick chapatti for herself. Sonali gets upset and throws the chapatti in the dustbin. Arshi asks Sonali not to make a content over food. Sonali cries. She tell to Vikas she eats and Arshi was taunting her. Vikas pacify Sonali.

10:15 PM; Arshi tell to Rubina and Nikki that Sonali is crying and accusing she stopped her from eating. Nikki and Rubina say Sonali is making issue. Ahead, Arshi learn Sonali throw chapatti in bin. Arshi, Nikki and Rubina feel disgusted. Abhinav asks Rubina to calm as Sonali is crying. Rubina tell to Abhinav she is just acting. Niki support Rubina. Sonali says to Rakhi that Rubina is stone heart. Rakhi says she knows that. Later, Arshi and Sonali argue with each other. Here, Rubina asks Abhi not to stop her. Abhi says he was just telling her what was right. Abhiand Rubina argues with each other.

10:30 PMl Nikki come to Sonali and says she is shameless as she throw food. Sonali fights with Nikki. Ahead, Sonali urges BB to send her back home as she can’t stay where people are counting her chapatti. Aly, Vikas and Rahul console Sonali.

10:45 PM; Abhinav asks Sonali why she throw chapatti. Sonali says none will eat her already eaten food thus, she throw her share. Abhinav and Sonali argue with each other. Afterwards, Arshi and Sonali argue with each other. Further, ugly argument happens between Rubina and Sonali.

11:15 PM; Bigg Boss announce result of entertainment task. He tells amid Vikas, Arshi, Rakhi, Rubina and Nikki; Rakhi and Rubina win the task. Bigg Boss congratulates Rakhi and Rubina. They both get an opportunity to shop from BB Mall. BB alerts both not to share the win prize with anyone. Rubina and Rakhi get happy. There, Sonali urge BB to call her to the confession room or else send her back to home. Ahead, BB also gives Aly an opportunity to fetch items for each inmate.

Later, Sonali says that she wants to change her bed. Rahul asks her to sleep with Aly.

1:30 PM; Arshi asks Sonali to come back to her bed. Sonali refuses to come. Arshi and Sonali patch up.

Day 111 at 8 AM; inmates wakes up at the beat ‘dil dance maare re’ song.

11:15 AM; Abhinav announce he will make paratha in butter. Rubina argues with Abhinav over making paratha in butter, she asks ABhi to give slices to all. Abhinav gets upset Rubina.

2:14 PM; Rubina asks Abhi to support her as her patience is getting low day by day. There, Rakhi asks ABhi to make her hair. Abhi helps Rakhi.( Episode Ends)

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