Bigg Boss 14 25th January 2021 Written Update: Rakhi’s crazy love for Abhinav| Housemates nominates Nikki and Abhinav

Bigg Boss 14 25th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 115 at 8 Am; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘kisi disco mei jaayein’ song.

10 AM; Rakhi prays to God to give her the strength to bring out more content. She adds Abhinav’s behaviour changes every time as he gets influenced by Rubina. Rakhi confess he loves Abhinav a lot.

10:45AM; Rahul says lunch Devoleena and Rubina is doing. He asks others if they are Ok. Inmates agree. Arshi says Abhinav makes good breakfast so he should get breakfast duty. Rakhi asks to assign her breakfast with Abhinav. Rahul and Nikki asks Rakhi to keep aside her love angle out of duty. Arshi says she is doing dinner with Aly. Inmates argue over duty. Rakhi gets adamant to clean utensils with Abhinav. Rahul asks Rakhi to keep aside her love angle.

11:15 AM; Rakhi clean utensils and says all get succeed in separating her from Abhinav. Abhinav asks Rakhi if she wants help. Rakhi asks Abhinav not to help else Rubina will feel bad and won’t be able to sleep well. Abhinav says to Rakhi that Rubina sleeps well each day. Rubina interrupts and asks Rkahi not to find content in even cleaning utensils. Arshi and Rubina argues with Rakhi.

Afterwards, Rubina and Abhinav shares a talk about Rakhi’s obsession. Abhinav asks Rubina to ignore her. There, verbal argument happens between Arshi and Rakhi.

11:45AM; Arshi asks Vikas to get married post BB. Vikas says he will spend time in USA. Arshi congratulate Vikas. Vikas replies to Arshi, he too will wish she gets peace in her life. Verbal argument happens between Arshi and Vikas post Vikas claim Arshi leaked his mother details.

12:30 PM; Rakhi cries and tell to Abhinav all separated her from him by taking utensil duty. Abhinav gets uninterested in Rakhi’s talk.

There, Rakhi says to Nikki Rubina separated her from Abhinav. Rubina comes and says to Rakhi not to yell at her as she was solving Vikas’s problem because he was having issue cleaning utensil with Arshi. Rakhi asks Rubina not to shout at her. Rubina claims to Rakhi she talks at their back thus, she has stopped giving her respect.

12:45PM;  Rakhi writes on her body Abhinav’s name.  Arshi says to Rubina, Rakhi’s act is cheap. Rubina asks Abhinav to ignore Rakhi. Arshi says to Rakhi by her act she herself is dragging ABhinav and Rubina from her. Rakhi asks Arshi to mind her own business.

2PM; Rakhi says to Vikas and Nikki, one has to always snatch a love.

2:15 PM; Rakhi asks Abhinav if anyone has done something like this to him. Abhinav says yes Aly. Rubina says to Vikas that Rakhi’s entertainment is cheap.

2:45 PM; Rakhi roams around Abhinav. Abhinav says to Rakhi there is difference between entertainment and obsession. He calls her act crazy. Rakhi says to Abhinav she don’t bother. Abhinav asks Rakhi not to do that as she is looking mad. Rakhi says she don’t bother. Abhinav says none is laughing on her entertainment. Rakhi says she is not doing it for other. Nikki says to Rubina that Abhinav is getting irritated. Rubina says Rakhi is irritating. Later, Arshi and Vikas argues with each other.

4:30 PM; Bigg Boss tell about nomination rule. He tells as per task they have to select area for inmates. And nomination will be done later. BB asks Rubina to read about the area. BB asks inmates to discuss about the area either by mutual understanding or by majority. He asks housemates not to discuss nomination. Vikas asks to give kitchen. Inmates refuses to give Vikas kitchen area. Housemates decides to go for majority. Vikas and others gets agree to give Nikki-bedroom area.

Inmates discuss about area and argues with each other. Aly gets Kitchen, Abhinav gets Luggage area. Inmate’s majority over Block 2 for Vikas. Rakhi asks to give smoking area to her. Devo too wants smoking. Majority votes for Rakhi for smoking area. Rubina gets dinning, Rahul gets gym. BB asks inmates if it is there last decision.

5:15 PM; Bigg Boss asks Rubina to tell which contender is assigned which area. BB asks Devoleena to tell whom she wants to nominate. Devo votes against Vikas and Nikki. Vikas votes against Arshi and Devoleena. Aly votes against Vikas and Rakhi. Rakhi votes against Arshi and Rahul. There, Vikas and Rahul argues with each other post Rahul claims former is trying to be smart. Nikki votes against Rakhi and Devoleena. Abhinav votes against Rahul and Devoleena. Rahul votes against Nikki and Vikas. Rubina votes against Rahul and Devoleena. Arshi votes against Vikas and Nikki.

5:45 PM; Bigg Boss announce Vikas, Nikki, Devoleena and Rahul gets nominated for the week. He further asks Rubina to take out name of the contender from safe point to nominated area. BB says because Vikas, Nikki, Devoleena and Rahul is nomainted thus, spa, bedroom, Bathroom and gym none will be able to use these are for whole week. Afterwards, Rubina says she tried to convince the same to give area to the one whose chance for nomination was less but none heard her. Rahul argues with Rubina. Arshi use Spa. BB blocks Arshi’s area and tell to inmate that washroom is closed too thus, they can only use garden area bathroom. Inmates gets angry on Arshi. Arshi says it was unintentional. Vikas says Arshi was clueless.

6:30 PM; Aly gets angry on Arshi for using Spa. Arshi and ALy argues with each other post Arshi claim Aly is supporting Vikas. Rahul tries to make Aly understand. Arshi and Aly argues with each other.

7:15 PM; Rahul says to Rakhi he don’t understand game instantly. Vikas says to Rahul he genuinely don’t understand game and making fans believe he is instigating others. Vikas and Rahul argues with each other. Arshi asks Vikas not to become leader. Vikas claim Arshi is trying to become Rakhi. Arshi defends herself. Vikas asks Arshi to stop pretending like Rakhi. (Episode Ends)

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