Bigg Boss 14 27th January 2021 Written Update: Nikki disrespects Vikas and Devoleena

Bigg Boss 14 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 116 at 6:15 PM; Team Red goes inside when buzzer ring. Aly’s team decides to destroy the bicycle of other team. Rubina decides to save one ribbon and picture for the last. Rahul says Nikki destroyed their picture. Vikas asks Rubina’s team if they hid seat cover and picture as it is against rules. Rubina denies. Ahead,  buzzer re-rings. Team Red snatch nut, Bolts and ribbon. Rubina and Arshi gets succeed in fetching the stuff. Rakhi claims Rubina and Arshi is hiding the stuffs in their private part. Devoleena asks Arshi to show her bathrobe. She tries to seek inside her cloth and Arshi asks her not to. Devoleena claims Arhsi and Rubina is trying to benefit being a girl by hiding stuffs in private part.

7:15 PM;  Buzzer ring; Abhinav’s team fix their cycle. Aly’s team decide to break their cycle.

Buzzer ring; Aly, Rahul, Devoleena, Rakhi tries to destroy Abhinav’s side cycle. Rubina, Arshi and Abhinav tries to protect their cycle. Buzzer re-ring. Abhinav paste picture on cycle and Aly tear it. Abhinav and Aly fights with each other. Abhi push Aly and Aly gets angry. Vikas tries to control Abhinav and Aly both. Aly asks Abhi to play like a man and not to push. There, Rahul tries to break the cycle. Vikas asks him not to because buzzer already ring. Verbal arguments happen between Aly and Abhinav.

7:45PM; Bigg Boss asks Vikas to tell which team amid Red and Yellow has intact cycle. Vikas says neither of the team. Rubina argues with Vikas over his decision. Bigg Boss says neither of the team won thus none can use the restricted area nor will be able to shop from BB Mall.

8 PM; Abhinav makes Vikas run. Arshi accuse Vikas for his biased decision. Ahead, Vikas praise Abhinav for his good effort for fixing cycle. There, Vikas tries to talk with Rubina. Rubina alerts him and asks him not to talk with her. Arshi claims Vikas is taking out personal grudges. Vikas argues with Arshi. Rubina claims Vikas and says it was unfair decision. She gets angry Vikas. Vikas announce Abhinav is winner as he made cycle.

8:30 PM; Abhinav reconstruct the cycle. Vikas and Nikki gets elated seeing the cycle. Nikki rides the cycle. Vikas call Rubina to see the cycle. Rubina asks Vikas not to talk with her. Vikas says he is proud of Abhinav.

9:45 PM; Rakhi shares a talk with Rahul. She says Aly fights with Rubina and later goes to console her. Rakhi says to Rahul, Aly is trying to be in everyones’ good book as he is welcoming Nikki too. Rahul says Aly is that kind of person who console all.

Day 117 at 8 AM; inmates wakes up at the beat ‘u r my soniya’ song.

8:45 AM; Vikas claim Arshi is wasting food. Arshi gets angry on Vikas. Vikas shows paratha and says Arshi is wasting it.

9:15 AM; Nikki asks Aly and Devoleena to tell Arshi that she is wasting food. Rubina says she has stopped interrupting. There, Abhi suggest Arshi to flip and stay calm with all. Arshi laughs.

11:30 AM; Vikas asks Nikki to clean her plate. Nikki asks Vikas not to order her. Vikas and Nikki argues with each other. Nikki calls Vikas crazy. Vikas calls Nikki rude. Nikki asks Vikas she is not rude and claims Vikas keeps kissing girl. Vikas asks whom he kissed. He gets offended. Devoleena tell to Vikas he gave her kiss on cheek maybe she is targeting that. There, Rakhi applies moisturizer on Rahul’s back. Aly laughs. Other side, Devoleena argues with Nikki and says she keeps playing woman card.

12:15 PM; Rakhi applies oil on Vikas and learns about Nikki’s accusations. Vikas says Nikki has nothing to do thus claiming he kiss girl. He calls Rakhi rude. Nikki argues with Vikas. There, Devoleena says Nikki is rude.

Afterwards, Vikas asks Devoleena to kiss him. Rakhi asks Nikki to get jealous. Rubina takes Nikki’s side and tell when Vikas kissed Devo she was upset and now kissing him. Arshi and Vikas speaks against Rubina when she support Nikki.

2PM; Abhinav asks Nikki for food. Rakhi seeing Abhinav’s concern for Niki says Abhi don’t even deserve her attention. Later, Rubina reads about ‘Amway Nutrilite’ task. Rahul and Rubina becomes the vendor and as per the task both have to sell Amway nutrilite product. Rahul and Rubina attempts to sell the product via contenders. Team Rahul wins the task.  

6:15 PM; Rakhi decides to chop Abhinav’s inner wear. She says if Abhinav is not her than of no one. She hides his inner wear. Later, Rakhi threw orange on Rakhi. Abhi threw back on her.

8:15 PM; Abhinav talk with Rubina and Nikki and asks them not to entertain Rakhi as she is lost case. He says she was eating orange and threw on him. Abhinav says he gave her back. He says he felt disgusted when on press conference, Rakhi kissed her.

8:30 PM; Rahul sings a song. Devoleena enjoys. There, Rakhi laugh. Rubina asks Rakhi if she is fine. Rakhi asks Rubina what happened. Rubina says nothing she was laughing alone thus, she asked. Rakhi makes faces.

Afterwards, Rakhi and Devoleena discuss about Love. Rakhi tease Devo that she like her with Rahul. Rahul come and Devoleena leaves the place.

1:15 AM; Arshi talks with Rahul and Aly discuss about Vikas. Rahul says he didn’t liked when Vikas shared his personal details with all. Arshi and Rahul discuss about Vikas. Episode ends with Arshi saying Vikas’s mother cried in front of her and she will support her going against Vikas.

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