Bigg Boss 14 3rd December 2020 Written Update: Verbal argument happens between Jasmin and Eijaz

Bigg Boss 14 3rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 62 at 8 AM; Inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘velle’ song.

8:30 AM; Rubina says she don’t want to make a food and people are less so all can make their own food. She says if one doesn’t know than she will volunteer the person. Rahul says to Rubina not all know how to cook and she is confusing the things. Eijaz, Nikki and Rahul speak against Rubina. Abhinav too don’t agree with Rubina. Rubina says for our free will all can do it. Rahul says in the last week she suddenly hit about free will. Nikki says so far Rubina cooked that means she was fake. Abhi don’t agree. Ahead, Abhi says he will cook.

10:30 AM; Rubi and Abhi cooks. Here, Rahul says to Jasmin and Nikki that Rubina is preparing the food. He adds decision of their divorce is good. Nikki and Rahul feel bad for Abhinav. Nikki says Rubi badly treats ABhi thus, Abhi wants to leave Rubi.

10:45 AM; Jasmin asks if anyone is ready to eat food. Nikki and Eijaz refuse to eat. Nikki asks Abhi and Rubi is they want to eat daal. Abhi says he will eat of yesterdays. Rubi says she will take care of herself.

11 AM; Rahul accuse Eijaz for making issue when Jasmin came to apologize him. Eijaz argues with Jasmin and Rahul. Ugly fight happens between Jasmin and Eijaz.

11:15 AM; Rubi says to Abhi that Niki cleaned utensils now she is not ready to clean dustbin. Niki gets adamant not to clean dustbin. Rubi calls Niki fake factory. Abhi and Rubi argues with Niki.

3:15 PM; Eijaz says Jasmin mocked upon his problem which he took 5 years to speak. He says she is insensitive. Rubi and Abhi support Eijaz. Eijaz says he will not let Jamsin win.

5:30 PM; Bigg Boss says ‘Shark Task’ will happen again. The winner will become finalist along with Eijaz. Task starts. Nikki blocks Rubi’s way. Rubina makes a way for herself. Buzzer ring; Rubina is left; Abhi, Rahul, Nikki and Jasmin captures the seat. Rahul and Rubina argue with each other. Abhi gets ready to give his seat but Rubina refuses to take it. Rubina pleads everyone to give their seat but none helps her. Rubina asks Eijaz to help her. Eijaz refuses to help her being dictator.

Later, Abhi asks Rubi to give him one good reason and he will give her seat. Rubi refuses to take Abhi’s help. At the end of the task, Rubina gets disqualified for the task. She gets upset with Eijaz for not helping her.

Further, buzzer ring Rahul is left and Abhi, Nikki and Jamsin capture the chair. Rahul gets disqualified in the third round. Bigg Boss asks Rahul round was not over from their end. Rahul says to BB that all wants to be finalist and none will get up thus, he did what he found was right.

7 PM; Rahul argues with Rubina.

8:15P; Buzzer ring; Nikii captures the seat. Jasmin and Abhi argue for the seat. Jamsiin accuse ABhi for pushing her and she tries to snatch chair from Abhi. Rubina supports Abhi. Jasmin and Abhi fights for chair. Abhi gets adamant to reserve his chair. Jamsin and Abhi fights with each other.

8:45 PM; Fight for chair continues between Jasmin and Abhi. ABhi asks Jasmin not to become another Kavita. Jasmin gets disqualified.

Afterwards, buzzer rings; Abhinav sits on the chair and Nikki struggles to snatch a chair from Abhi. Abhi defends Niki. Eijaz keeps his eyes upon the task. Rubi tries to speak for Abhi, Eijaz asks Rubi not to speak as it always goes against Abhi. Abhi asks Rubi not to speak. Abhi defends. Niki struggles to fetch the chair.

10:15 PM; Abhi and Nikki both fights for the chair. Buzzer rings; Rubi, Nikki and Rahul claps for Abhi and Nikki. Abhi wins the task. Niki gets teary. Eijaz, Abhi and Rahul praise Nikki for her stamina. Bigg Boss announces Abhinav is the second finalist.

11PM; Eijaz console Nikki and praise her for playing good game. Niki says Abhi is good guy. Abhi comes and Niki asks Abhi to forgive her for calling him bad. Abhi hugs Nikki.

Abhi argues with Rubina. Rubina replies to Abhi. Abhi gets irked with Rubina. (Episode ends)

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