Bigg Boss 14 4th February 2021 Written Update: Devoleena loses her cool on Arshi and Rubina

Bigg Boss 14 4th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 124 10:30 AM; Devoleena talks with Rakhi about Arshi and Rubina. Arshi asks Rakhi and Devoleena to prepare breakfast for all. Both laughs. Rubina come and asks Rakhi and Devoleena if they are cooking breakfast for themselves than clean utensil and keep. Devoleena argues with Rubina over cleaning utensil and cooking breakfast. Devo claim when Rubina shard her divorce thing than it was real and when Rakhi shared her personal detail than latter is calling her fake. Rubina tries to make Devo understand both the tasks are different. She asks Devo and Rakhi to stop getting content from everything.

10:45AM; Rubina shares a talk with Abhi, Nikki and Aly and says Devoleena is looking senseless. 11:15 AM;  Rakhi shares a talk with Devo and asks when did they asked Abhi and Aly to prepare breakfast even if they are ill. Devo goes to Abhi and Aly did she asked them. Abhi says no. Rakhi claim Rubina is influencing wrongly. Devoleena and Rubina argues with each other.

11:30 AM; Devoleena shares a talk with Rakhi about Rubina and Abhinav. She says she saw outside Rubina was questioning Abhinav about his relation with Kavita that means she too is making content. She says if once Rubina say again that she is creating content than she is not spare her. Ahead, Rubina shares a talk with Abhi, Arshi and Aly and says Rakhi is faking it. Abhi says Rakhi is smart and knows well what she is doing but she pretend innocent.

12:30 PM; Rakhi sings she will disclose everyone’s secret. Nikki and Aly think what Rakhi is speaking about. Aly argues with Rakhi. Rakhi claim and says to Aly his friendship with Rahul will not work for long. Verbal argument happens between Rakhi and Aly. Aly calls Rakhi fake.

Other side, Abhinav asks Devoleena if she talked anything about outside world. Devoleena tells to Abhinav she was just telling Rakhi about his coneversation with Rubina over Kavita’s topic.

12:45 PM; Aly tell to Abhinav that Rakhi is raising question on his relationship with Rubina. Abhi asks Rakhi why she lie a lot. Rakhi asks Rubinav, Nikki to come to her area and accuse. Rubina gets ready and asks Abhinav to accompany her.

Abhinav ask Rubina Arshi and Devo is trying to instigate her and asks her to use brain before reacting. Rubina asks not to either trust Devoleena. Abhi says he don’t need to take anyone’s side.

2PM; Aly asks Devo why she is revealing outside matter. Devo asks Rakhi is she told anything about Aly.  Rakhi denies. ALy call Rakhi crazy. Verbal argument happens between Aly and Rakhi. Later, buzzer ring. Inmates check value point. Rakhi once again lead the share. Abhinav and Aly makes a task strategy.

Buzzer again rings, BB asks Aly and Abhinav to purchase the shares. Aly and Abhinav discuss.

2:15 PM; Aly, Rahul, Rubina, Arshi, Nikki and Abhinav discuss about purchasing share. Aly decides to purchase Nikki’s area. Abhinav decides not to fetch any share in first round. Buzzer ring; Aly don’t get a chance to purchase share either.

2:30 PM; Abhinav makes task strategy with Rubina and Nikki.

2:45 PM; Rakhi gets happy her points are increasing. She goes to Abhinav why Rubina didn’t came in her area to talk. Abhinav ignores. Later, Rakhi abuses Abhinav and calls her ‘tharki’. Abhinav says to Rakhi that this is her reality. Furious with Rakhi’s accusation, Rubina splashes bucket full of water on Rakhi. Devoleena and Nikki tries to stop Rubina. Rubina calls Rakhi cheap.

Abhinav asks Rubina to calm down. Arshi says to Rubina, Rakhi deserves such behaviour. There, Aly, Devoleena and Rahul asks Rakhi to change. Rubina vents out on Rakhi’s cheap entertainment. She claims person behind the camera is supporting Rakhi. Here, Rakhi asks Devo and Aly not to console her if they can’t fight for her. Abhinav asks Rubina to calm down. Rubina can’t take Rakhi calling ABhinav ‘tharki’. Nikki console Rubina. Rubina tell to Nikki and Abhinav that Rakhi will be accused saying it is speaking show and she was verbal. Aly come to Rubina and asks her why she splashed water when Abhi can fight with Rakhi. Rubina says to Aly that she accepts she did wrong and now she has guts to slap Rkahi and walk out from the house. Aly and Rubina talks with each other. Aly asks Rubina not to lose her cool. Rubina cries saying she cares about Abhinav more than show. Aly, Nikki and Abhinav console Rubina. There, Rakhi asks Devoleena why she is stopping her. Devo says to Rakhi that because she don’t want her to anything wrong.

4:15 PM; Devoleena claim Rakhi was not saying anything about Abhinav. Abhinav asks Devo not to support Rakhi else one day if she fails to support her than Rakhi will not spare her.

4:30 PM; Abhinav shares a talk with Arshi. Arshi calls Rakhi’s entertainment cheap.

4:45 PM; Bigg Boss punish Rubina for splashing water on Rakhi. He nominates Rubina till season ends. Bigg Boss cancel ‘Bb share market’ task claiming Aly and Abhinav was playing together as task was for them to play against each other.

5 PM;  Arshi looks for her soft toy. There, Rahul says to Aly that it is good his differences with ABhinav is over. Aly denies. Rahul claim than why he was playing along with Abhinav, Ahead, Rahul asks Arshi to clean his bed as she messed it. Arshi asks to give back her soft toy. Rahul says he destroyed it.

Verbal argument happens between Rahul and Arshi.

6:30 PM; Rakhi plays with bull. Rahul and Aly asks Rakhi not to damange BB property.

10:30 PM; Rubina reads BB share market task result. Rahul and Rakhi wins Hershey’s kisses chocolate.

11:15 PM; Devoleena shares a talk with Rakhi. Devo tell to Rakhi she can’t stand contestant like Arshi. She says Arshi poke her. Rakhi laughs.

1AMl Rakhi stands at night. Aly tell to Nikki; Rakhi is standing from past 1 hr. He suggest Nikki to sleep. (Episode Ends)

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