Bigg Boss 14: 5 reasons why Bigg Boss did right by taking back the captaincy from ‘Nishant Malkhani’

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega fame Nishant Malkhani when entered the Bigg Boss house fans expected actor will kill it in the show. But on the very first day itself; Toofani Seniors declared him as the ‘rejected contestant’.

Well, as the season’s episode unfolded, audience once again expected that Nishant Malkhani will outshine in the house. Actor proved them right by making strategies for the task and winning them. His activity in the house also made him earn the title of Bigg Boss 14 first captain of the house. But Nishant Malkhani failed to command the participants. Bigg Boss took back the captaincy charge from Nishant within 1 day. Discussing about the nomination was the major reason why captaincy was taken back from Malkhani.

It is the first ever when any contestant became captain for this short span. And Nishant will always be remembered for the same. Before taking the captaincy from Nishant, Bigg Boss already highlighted what made him to lose the captaincy. Adding more to it here we are quoting few points; why Nishant Malkhani failed as the captain!

5 reasons why Bigg Boss did right by taking back the captaincy from ‘Nishant Malkhani’

Nishant Malkhani is one of the confused contestant:

It is not at all wrong if we call Nishant a confused contestant because during the captaincy, he was clearly taking the advices from other contestants. Being a captain he was expected to use his own brain. But Nishant failed to meet the expectation.

Lack of Leadership quality:

Inspite having an authority to punish anyone who is ignoring the rules of the house, Nishant was politely urging Nikki to come out from the red zone. Nishant choose to be friend more than a captain. Thus, we feel he lack leadership quality.

Lack of Focus:

Nishant in his video was spotted saying he is entering the house to test himself. Post entering the house it seems his focus has shifted. And now he only wants to be in the good books of Jaan and Nikki. Most of the time Nishant is only seen doing chit chat with Jaan or Nikki.

Get influenced easily:

Jaan asked Nishant to discuss nomination. Nishant said this is against the rule still for Jaan’s sake he did it. Here, Nishant could have raised his voice instead of sitting with his gang and discussing the nomination.

Playing safe:

Either Nishant Malkhani is trying to play safe or he is not playing at all. Apart from climbing the tree for the ball task, Nishant is doing nothing.

So, these are the few points that prove Nishant Malkhani is yet to enter the game and BB did right taking back ‘captaincy’ from him. Share your views on the same.

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