Bigg Boss 14 5th February 2021 Written Update: Rakhi and Nikki at loggerheads

Bigg Boss 14 5th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 125 at 10 AM; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘kajrare’ song.

Ahead, Aly and Rahul talk with Rakhi. Rakhi claims she will not clean utensils because they said she will not get breakfast until she will clean utensil.

12PM; Abhinav asks Rubina if she will not have food. Rubina says she will have in his plate as utensils are not clean. Devoleena ask Rubina to do some work and clean by herself. Arshi support Devoleena. Rubina and Devoleena argues with each other. Rubina claims Devo is trying to fetch camera attention. Devo says all is fetching camera attention apart from Rubinav and Nikki, Arshi. Rakhi and Devo says Rubina is doing acting. Verbal argument happens between Rubina and Rakhi. Devo.

12:30 PM; Devoleena says to Rakhi that none can digest the truth. Abhinav says to Arshi that when none has content they target him and Rubina. Arshi agree. Devoleena slaps pillow. Rakhi asks to kick it with leg. Arshi laughs on Devoleena’s craziness. Devo asks Arshi to find her sheru first. Arshi curse Devoleena. Devo says to Rakhi she will not clean utensils now.

1 PM; Rubina asks Rakhi and Devoleena not to enter the kitchen if they will not clean utensil. Rakhi and Devo refuses to clean utensil. Abhinav argue with Rubina for poking Devo and Rakhi for not entering the kitchen. Abhi says to Rubina she is looking dumb.

Devo says Arshi deserve abuse. Rubina bends down in front of Devo and Rakhi and asks them to clean utensil. Devo gets happy that Rubina accepted her mistake. Aly says to Rubina that she is a winner.

1:30 PM; Arshi asks Rahul why they think she deserves an abuse. Rahul says because of her action. Devo says Arshi was cursing her soft toy is lost than one should bear the pain of losing something valuable. Rahul feels disgusted. Arshi says if one will separate her from her favorite stuff than that person too will lose something.

2:45 PM; Abhinav says Rahul Mahajan and Jasmin is a nice person and later walked out becoming negative post fighting with Rakhi. He alert Rubina not to fight with Rakhi. Rubina refuses to listen Abhinav. Verbal argument happens between Abhinav and Rubina. There, Rakhi decides Abhinav and Rubina have decided among themselves that they will interrupt each other if ever other person will jump on either of them.

3:45 PM; Rakhi asks Devoleena what she is thinking. Devoleena cries and says she wants to go home. She claims who curse for someone’s death. Rakhi console. Devoleena asks BB if he will call her to confession room or not else she will do something than he will call. Devoleena breaks BB property. She breaks coffee mugs. Devoleena asks Arshi to confess if she didn’t curse her family. Arshi says she never quoted any such thing. Devoleena loses her cool. Aly takes Devo to bedroom. Rubina asks BB to call Devo to confession room as she is doing drama. Later, Rubina asks Devo to stop faking aggression. Devoleena bash out at Rubina. Arshi claim Devoleena is lying. Devoleena forcefully insert food in Arshi’s mouth picking it from floor. Arshi cries.

4 PM; Devoleena says to Arshi that she will slap her. Rakhi asks Devo to slap Arshi. Afterwards, Devoleena breaks stuff at bathroom. She screams her heart out. Aly tries to calm down Devoleena. Devo cries for her pet and says she is not well and cries for her. Aly and Rahul pacify Rakhi. Abhi asks Nikki who is angel. Niki says don’t know Devo was suddenly screaming about angel in the bathroom. Later, BB inform Devo that everything at her place is good and well. He asks Devo to calm down and don’t self-harm. Inmates discuss about Devoleena’s action. Rahul and Arshi argues with each other when former claim she is cursing everyone. Rakhi says that Arhsi claimed. Nikki claimed Rakhi and Devo has planned last night. Rahul return Arshi’s soft toy.

6 PM; Devoleena shares with Rakhi that she got scared for her angel. Other side, Rubina, Arshi, Abhi and Nikki shares a talk with each other. Rubina claim Devo is faking. There, Aly says to Rahul, Rubina is looking bad and she gets grilled every weekend.

7:15 PM; BB nominates Devoleena till season ends as she damaged BB property. He quotes that means Eijaz is nominated for the season.

8:15 PM; Arshi asks Rakhi till when she will cook. Rakhi says till morning. Nikki and Rakhi clash with each other. Rakhi says to Nikki she will break her if she talks anything about her family. Ugly argument happens between Nikki and Rakhi.

9 PM; Nikki asks Rakhi to return her stuff. Rakhi says she is in kitchen and will give later. She asks Nikki to return her eye-shadow and she will return her stuffs too. Rubina give Nikki her brand new shadow and asks her to return to Rkahi else she will keep singing. Rakhi throws the eye-shadow and says colors are cheap. Arshi, Nikki and Rubina stands together.

Rahul asks Rakhi why she broke the shadow. Rakhi asks Rahul to mind his own business. Aly ask Rahul not to talk with Rakhi as she has lost it all. Argument happens between Nikki and Rakhi. Nikki calls Rakhi cheap.

9:45 PM; Devoleena says to Rakhi that she can use her stuffs. Rakhi says her heart is been broken now she don’t want another’s stuff.

10:45 PM; Rahul asks Nikki she would have been good if she would have left her stuff with Rakhi and would have not given it next. Nikki and Rahul argues with each other.

11 PM; Devoleena give her make up to Rakhi post she was looking her stuffs in dustbin.

11:30 PM; Rahul asks his personal stylist to send make up for Rakhi.

12:30 AM; Aly, Nikki, Abhi and Arshi talks about Rakhi and her crave for make- up. (Episode Ends)

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