Bigg Boss 14 8th February 2021 Written Update: Jasmin meet Aly, inmates gets elated to see their connections

Bigg Boss 14 8th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 129 at 8 Am; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘mahiya’ song.

9 Am; Nikki says she has seen a cat who was crazy. She shares a talk with Abhinav and Rubina. Aly and Rakhi sit in the garden too. Nikki says thus she fear cats. Rubina laughs on Nikki’s talk.

11:30 AM; inmates sit in living room. Jasmin comes first. BB says Jasmin is here to support Aly. He asks Jasmin if she wants to share any talk with any contestant. Jasmin pours her heart out to Aly. She praise Aly’s game. Jasmin says to Rubina her game is good and asks her not to lose her cool. She adds she is upset with Abhinav. Jasmin quotes for Rahul she regret not supporting him. Rahul says he missed her lot. Jasmin says to Rakhi not to cross her line and her entertainment is entertaining. She asks Nikki to play her own game. Net, Naina comes to support Rubina. Jyotika praise Rubina’s game.

Jyotika praise Aly for supporting Rubina. She praise Abhinav, Rakhi. Ahead, Jaan Kuma Sanu comes to support Nikki. Inmates gets elated seeing Nikki. Jaan asks Nikki to play solo. He also says he missed Aly, Rahul, Abhinav and Rubina. Next, Rahul Mahajan comes to support Abhinav. Abhinav gets happy seeing Mahajan. He praise Aly, Nikki, Rakhi and Rubina. Toshi comes to support Rahul. Toshi praise Rahul’s game. Lastly, Vindu Dara support Rakhi. Rakhi gets happy seeing Vindu. Vindu tell Rakhi that her mother is well. He praise Rakhi’s entertainment. Bigg Boss announce connections will spend one week with their support. Inmates gets happy. BB asks connections to enter the house. Connection meet inmates. Aly hugs Jasmin. Rubina hugs Jyotika. Vindu meet Rakhi, Aly, Abhinav and Devoleena. Everyone shares a happy moment. Rakhi thanks BB. Jasmin asks Aly not to become anyone’s puppet and play his own game. Vindu give Rakhi her make-up. Rakhi thanks Vindu. She also gets happy seeing Mahajan.

Jyotika tell to Rakhi when healthy flirting was going on all loved her bond with Abhinav. Jaan praise Rakhi and Abhinav’s bond too. Rakhi praise Jyotika’s beauty. Toshi tell to Rahul that Disha didn’t came because she didn’t wanted to ruin her game. Paras tell to Devoleena that he will soon enter the house for her. Devoleena gets happy.

12:15PM; Jasmin shares a talk with Rahul. There, Vindu tell to Aly first he was playing for Jasmin and now he is looking that he is playing for Rahul. Aly says he will take care of it. Other side, Jyotika shares a talk with Rubina, Abhinav and Mahajan. She asks Rubina not to react until she is very sure. Jyotika says Rakhi only needs love and respect. She asks Rubinav to start afresh.

Afterwards, Aly tell to Jasmin that Rubina supported him throughout. He says Rubina has positive vibes. Jasmin asks Aly not to involve with Rubina more. Aly don’t agree with Rubina. Jasmin asks Aly to give trophy to Rubina too. Aly and Jasmin argues with each other. Jasmin asks Aly not to look someone’s side kick. There, Vindu asks Rakhi to win heart as new beginning is waiting for her post BB.

1:15 PM; Jaan suggest Nikki not to blindly trust Rahul. He asks Nikki not to misunderstand Abhinav and Rubina as they will only support her at the end of the day.

1:30 PM; Rakhi asks Mahajan if he reached her husband. Mahajan none picked the call. Abhinav laughs on Mahajan’s comedy on Rakhi’s relationship. Mahajan says to Rakhi he will get her marry and will read mantras. He tell to Rakhi that she is colors face now and will become Naagin next. Abhinav and Rakhi laughs. Later, Mahajn tell to Rakhi where she was wrong and makes her understand not to cross line. Rakhi, Abhinav and Devo hear Mahajn. Vindu give make-up to Rakhi. Rakhi thanks.

2 PM; Jasmin tell to Aly where is looked negative. She tell when he jumped in Rubina and Rakhi’s fight he was looking bad. Vindu jumps into the conversation.

2:30 PM; Jasmin tell to Rahul, Jaan and Aly that post she left Rubina and Nikki was bitching about her. Fans lash out both. Jyotika asks Jasmin to tell when they praise her. Jasmin argues with Jyotika. Rahul and Aly asks Jasmin not to ruin the mood as all are happy. Jasmin says she was not talking to Jyotika but she interrupted. Afterwards, Jasmin cries because of BB bad memories. Mahajan ask Jasmin to move on.

3:15 PM; Rahul says to Jasmin it was wrong she was saying bitching. Jasmin tell Jyotika has given interview against each contestant. Aly says to Jasmin she is not contestant and younger sister of Rubina. Ahead, Rahul compose a song for Jasmin and Aly.

4:15 PM; Jaan says to Nikki Jasmin called him fake supporter and now he will reply her back.

5:30 PM; Mahajan shares a talk with Rakhi, Rubina, Abhinav, Jaan, Jyotika, Nikki and Vindu. All laughs. Mahajan says there is no Ritesh and does comedy on Rakhi. All enjoys.

6:30 PM;  Jasmin asks Nikki why she quoted she is playing at backfoot because of Rubina. Jamsin says because outside she is no more looking strong Nikki.

6:45 PM; Nikki shares with Jyotika, Rubina and Abhi that jasmin was saying because of Rubina she is not looking strong.

8:15 PM; Rubina says to Aly she is not getting good vibes and she don’t want to lose him. She asks Aly to balance everything.

9:45 PM; Aly asks Jasmin not to lose over past. Jasmin says she will do whatever will be good for his game. Aly asks to follow his instruction. Jasmin refuses.

10:45 PM; Aly tell to Devoleean, Pavitra’s ex is coming as Eijaz’s connection. Abhi, Devo, Rahul and others laugh.

12 AM; Jasmin reveal Devo has written much against her and Nikki. Devo says yes. (Episode Ends)

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