Bigg Boss 14 9th February 2021 Written Update: Eviction task lands connections in fix!

Bigg Boss 14 9th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 130 at 8 AM; inmates wakes up at the beat of ‘Kukkad Kamal Ka’ song.

8:45Am; Rakhi talks about Sonali and tells to Jamsin how she was flirting with Aly. Mahajan tell Sonali is in Mumbai and waiting for Aly. All laugh. Jasmin tell to Aly, Rakhi, Abhinav, Nikki and Rubina that she spotted Sonali gazing at Aly like a teenager while he was doing gym.

10:30 AM; Mahajan tells to Aly that Jasmin was low yesterday and he console him. Ahead, Aly asks Jasmin to move on. He says while walking out he will leave everything here. Aly asks Jasmin to leave her issues with Abinav and Rubina and move on.

11 AM; Rubina talks with Jasmin and Aly. Jasmin tell how post walking out from the house they have to face media. Jasmin say she don’t have personal grudge but she felt Rubina did wrong with her. Rubina talks with Jasmin. There, Rakhi tell to Jaan and Jyotika about making eye brow. Jyotika enjoys with Rakhi. Other side, Aly tell to Rubina, Toshi and Nikki last week he was frustrated thus wasn’t visible.

2:30 AM; Mahajan tell to Rubina that on this phase of show fans are doing war. He suggest to let go her issue with Rahul. Mahajan asks Rahul Vadiya and Rubina to be together. Rahul and Rubina shares a healthy talk.

2:45PM; BB asks connections to stay back in living area and asks inmates to gather in garden area. Bigg Boss tell about mid-week eviction task. As per the task connections will vote out one contender today. Inmates and Connections gets shocked. BB announce amid Eijaz, Abhinav, Rubina, Rakhi, Aly, Nikki and Rahul will get evicted today. Eviction will happen based on so far journey of 7 contenders out there. Task starts with Mahajan. Mahajan takes Devoleena/Eijaz’s name. He finds Devoleena is lacking in giving content. Other side, Rakhi cries and says she don’t want to go. Jasmin takes Abhinav’s name. She says he gave less entertainment to the house. Jyotika takes Eijaz’s name. Jaan takes Abhinav’s name. Here, Abhinav says he might leave. Rubina asks Abhi to shut up. Toshi votes out for Nikki Tamboli. Vindu votes out for Abhinav. Paras nominates Rahul Vadiya for playing with Aly’s support.

3:45 PM; Bigg Boss asks inmates to gather in the living area too. He announce Rubina, Rakhi and Aly is saved. BB give Devoleena, Rahul, Abhinav and Nikki a chance to speak their heart out. Devo says she don’t have hatred for anyone. Abhinav says he learned a lot from BB and have overcome from his weakness. Rahul Vadiya says he is shocked and apologized for his actions in the house. He gets emotional. Nikki apologized for her actions too. She adds BB have given new life to her. Bigg Boss announce Abhinav got less vote and his journey ends today. Abhinav gets evicted. Rubina cries. Devo says to Abhinav he was the best in the house. Inmates cries for Rubina. Vindu praise Abhinav’s game. Abhi and Rubina hug. Rubina cries. Abhinav meet everyone. Rakhi gives apple and orange to Abhinav. Mahajan leaves the house with Abhinav. Everyone cheers Rubina.

4:15 PM; Vindu feels sad for Mahajan too. Nikki says task was based on so far journey. Rubina sit quiet. Jyotika sit along with her sister. Ahead, Toshi bless the Jodi of Abhinav and Rubina. Rubina gets teary for Abhinav. There, Vindu suggest Nikki to play game post they will leave.

4:45 PM; Jaan and Nikki tries to guess who would have taken latter’s name. Jaan says Vindu wouldn’t have maybe Toshi. Rahul guess Vindu would have taken Abhinav’s name. Later, Nikki and Jaan argues with each other.

5 PM; Nikki shares a talk with Rubina. Further, Rakhi along with Jyotika, Vindu and Nikki enacts how she will run taking money bag at finale.

6:15 PM; Rahul asks Toshi why he took Nikki. Toshi says because Nikki wasn’t doing anything for show but Abhi was standing for the show. He adds he wanted to take Devoleena’s name.

Next, Rubina reads Dabar Amla Aloe vera task. Inmates have to performance a dance. Vindu becomes the host. Toshi, Jyotika and Rubina becomes the judge of the task.

7:15 PM; Rakhi, Jasmin, Rahul, Nikki, Jaan and Aly gets readu.

8:30 PM; Vindu calls Aly and Jasmin first for the dance. Aly and Jasmin and Hero no1. Song. Rahul and Devoleena performs on Koi Mil Gaya song. Lastly, Nikki and Jaan performs on Batameez Dil song. Rubina, Jyotika and Toshi declares Aly and Jasmin wins.

9:30 PM; Jaan and Nikki tell to Rubina that Jasmin was saying that Rubina is Aly’s sister only for the show. Nikki suggest Rubina to play along till they don’t cut Rahul and Aly’s bond. Jaan support. Inmates talk about Abhinav. Rakhi says to Jaan that she is feeling bad for Abhinav.

12:30 AM; Rahul shares with Jasmin and Aly that Jyotika interrupted him for changing t-shirt and supported Toshi for same thing. Aly laughs and says Jyotika is young. Rahul says he felt what wrong he did. Jamsin support Rahul. (Episode Ends)

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