Bigg Boss 14 finale: check out who amid top 5 will bag BB14 trophy!

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Controversial reality show Bigg Boss 14th edition will witness its finale today. Rubina Dilaik, Rahul Vadiya, Aly Goni, Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant became the top 5 finalists of the season.. Amid the 5 one will walk home with the season’s trophy.

Last day Rahul, Rubina, Aly, Nikki and Rakhi stands teary seeing their journey in the house. Bigg Boss introduction for all the five contestants touched the audience heart. Rahul became the first contender to see his Bigg Boss 14 journey. Bigg Boss introduces Rahul Vadiya and quotes “when he entered the house he was alone. He was so high on the emotion that he walked out from the house. Rahul came back and at the end he learned the importance of the relationship”.Bigg Boss words melted Rahul’s heart and tears rolled down from his eyes.

Next, Rakhi Sawant see her journey and thanks Bigg Boss for the opportunity. Bigg Boss praise Rakhi and says her entry in season 1 brought Bigg Boss into the limelight. When fans heard that Sawant is coming in season 14, few of them questioned whether Rakhi will be able to meet edition 14th standard or not. Post Rakhi entered the house she made one thing clear that; it is Rakhi only who can break her own records. Bigg Boss says in Rakhi’s word it is good if he say ..”Rakhi Sawant is original entertainment and others just copy her”. Rakhi laughs.

Bigg Boss further introduces Aly Goni. He says in the Bigg Boss house it is rare for any contender to play for others. Bigg Boss praise Aly for playing and taking a stand for his friends. He adds and quoted for Goni; “it is difficult to stay easy in the world. But by staying easy, Aly made an irreplaceable place in the audience heart”. Aly stands teary hearing Bigg Boss words for him.

Rubina Dilaik covered the longest journey of 138 days in the house. Dilaik confessed that her motive to enter the house was to save her relationship with her husband Abhinav as duo was about to get divorced. Rubina’s journey in the house was incredible. She was tagged as the head strong BB 14 contender. Dilaik’s patience and time paid off and at the end she and Abhinav managed to save their relationship. Bigg Boss adds for Rubina “to save her one relationship she entered in the house but earned few new relations too”. Rubina breaks down too seeing her entire journey.

Last but not the least, seasons first confirmed contestant and first finalist; Nikki Tamboli earned fans with her stint in the house. Bigg Boss quotes for Nikki: “she was not a popular celebrity and entered the house to make a name for herself. He says Tamboli from day one took stand only for herself that made her stand out in BB 14 house. He concludes; Nikki managed to make her place in the audience heart”.

Well, all the five finalists are worthy. But trophy will be given to one. There will be tough fight for one last time between Rubina, Rahul, Nikki, Aly and Rakhi. As per the latest reports Rahul, Rubina and Aly are ahead Nikki and Rakhi in voting. It will be interesting to watch- today ‘scene paltega’ or not?

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