Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 17th January 2021 Written Update: Rubina does the unthinkable, Salman finds her act ‘disrespectful’! Details inside

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 17th January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Salman Khan entering the stage. He welcomes the audience and talks about inmates and says he will celebrate festival with them in BB style. He meets inmates and wishes them Makar Sankranti. Salman asks who is nominated this week. Rubina, Rahul, Nikki and Sonali raise their hand. Salman asks Rakhi for who she wished amid the four to stay back at home. Rakhi takes Rubina’s name. All laughs. Salman than asks inmates to kick start festival with a dance performance.

Task starts with Rakhi. Rakhi perform dance on ‘Mala Zau Dena Ghari’ song. Salman and inmates enjoy. Aly aand Rahul joins Rakhi later. Salman and other praise Rakhi. Salman next call Nikki and Eijaz. Eijaz and Nikki both perform on same song. Salman next ask Rahul to sing a song. Eijaz says Sonali too sing a song. Salman asks Sonali to sing ka song for Aly. Sonali sing ‘Ehsaan tera higa mujhpe’. Aly and others laughs. Salman cracks a joke on Aly and Sonali.

Salman asks Rahul to sing a song. Rahul sing song ‘jhoom barabar jhoom’ song, Sonali dance with him. Salman next call Aly and Sonali to perform a dance. Both shakes a leg on ‘pyaar dilon ka mela’. Salman too dance on his song. Inmates enjoys Salman’s dance. Ahead, Salman asks Nikki what is the signification of Lohri. Rubina and Abhinav explain the reason. Salman says yes Lohri is celebrated to welcome happiness and end of sadness. He performs a ‘Lohri’ task with inmates. Salman asks inmates to burn their weakness in the fire of Lohri. He provides popcorn and gajak. Task starts with Sonali and ends with Rakhi.

Afterwards, Salman praise inmates for doing task well. He goes and gives time to inmates. Rakhi asks Abhi to take wedding rounds. Abhinav laughs. On the stage; Salman welcome Sargun Mehta and Harddy Sandhu. Sandhu sing ‘Titliyan’ song. Sargun disclose she closely follow Bigg Boss. Sargun and Harddy meet inmates. Rakhi, Aly, Rubina, Eijaz and others get happy seeing Sargun. Sargun praise Rakhi and reveal she shares same building with her. Rahul and Sandhu both sing ‘Titliyan’. Further, Sargun perform a task with inmates. She explain contenders have to tell who deceit whom? Task start with Nikki. She call Rahul and feed him deceit sweet and claim he instigate others against her. Sargun next call Arshi. Arshi call Rubina. Rubina refuses to go. Salman and Sandhu asks Rubina to come. Rubina throws the sweet post Arshi says former claim she is thief. Salman says to Rubina it is unsporty. He next calls Eijaz. Eijaz feed deceit sweet to Rakhi. Aly call Nikki and says he don’t want to fight with her but she always look for a way to argue with him. Rubina feed Arshi the sweet. Rahul feed sweet to Nikki and claim she backstabbed him. Abhinav feed Eijaz. Sonali says she thought Rubina is good but she was wrong. She feed sweet to Rubina. Rakhi feed Abhinav and says latter deceit her by not giving tag to her and supported Arshi. Salman announce Nikki and Rubina is claimed to be most deceitful person of the house.

On the stage; Sargun says to Salman she wants to make him hear something. A song plays in the background. Sargun along with Hardy and Salman promote Colors new show ‘Udadiyan’. He further show the clip of inmates. Rubina says to Abhi and Rakhi that Arshi was making content when she throw a sweet. Nikki says it was wrong. There, Eijaz says to Arshi, Rubina has ego.

On the stage; Salman calls Tulsi Kumar and latter promote her song ‘ Tanhaniyan’. Salman congratulate Tulsi. Tulsi sing ‘Humko Pyaar Hua’ song for Salman Khan.

Caller of the week question Abhinav what gesture of Eijaz made him aggressive towards him during latter fight with Rubina. Abhinav explain Eijaz touch Rubina without her concern. Caller says but for audience it felt it was just light moment and he was giving hi-five. Salman asks Rubina why she reacted on Eijaz’s gesture. Rubina says she find his act threatening thus she reacted. Caller asks Rubina to fight her own battle without Abhi’s support. Eijaz says Rubina is dictator. Salman explain Rubinas hand gesture was rude but Eijaz didn’t intend to threaten her. He support Eijaz and says to Abhi his act over that fight was unjustified. Rubina tries to defend herself, Salman finds Rubina’s act disrespectful.

Later, Salman performs a task with inmates to choose one whose exit from the house is good amid Rubina, Sonali, Rahul and Nikki. Most of them votes against Nikki. Salman announce this week none is going but Rubina, Sonali, Rahul and Nikki’s nomination will get carried forward upcoming week too. He wish all good luck for the upcoming week and discloses journey is going to get difficult for them from now. Afterwards, Abhi, Rubina and Aly console Nikki. There, Sonali says to Rakhi she like her bonding with Arshi. But this week she played from one side. Inmates share a talk with each other. Eijaz alert Sonali not to fall more for Aly. Later, Sonali gets upset with Arshi and claim she was making fun of her in front of Nikki. Episode ends with Salman saying in the upcoming episode inmates have to earn right from water to food and asks all to keep watching the show.

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