Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 18th October 2020 Written Update: Salman Khan asks Rubina Dilaik to pack her bags

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 18th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Salman entering the stage. He welcomes the audience. He informs weekend ka vaar will happen today and on Monday. He summarizes the whole week entertainment. Salman says Jasmin and Rahul is flaunting there is real shade. He sees Rubina and Nikki will never be friend each other. He talks about the recent task that happened between Nikki and Rubina.

Salman shows the clip; Rubina is shown raising her voice against the task amid her and Nikki who has more garbage in mind. She says she is not going to take a part in this task. She accuses Bigg Boss for keeping the ‘garbage’ task. Hina and Gauhar says Rubina is not at a right platform, if she thinks she will only get praise.

Salman meet the contestants. He talks with Rubina. He asks she is first one who is raising the question directly on Bigg Boss. He asks Rubina if she has seen Bigg Boss previously or not. Rubina says no. Salman give a earful to Rubina and quotes how Abhi refuses to get her in leaving his immunity. Rubina tries to defend herself.

Rubina says she kept the word in front of Salman and says for the ‘garbage task’ she felt Bigg Boss is disrespecting her with this task. She tries to defend herself. Salman says to Rubina that he is not a contestant whom she is competing. Gauhar interrupts and says this is first time happened when someone straight away rejected to perform the task. Hina says Rubina is not at the right platform it seems. Salman asks Rubina is she doesn’t like the show than she can walk out. Rubina says to Salman it is his or team call. She adds for ‘garbage task’ she felt disrespect. Salman says ‘garbage task’ is a name given to make the task entertaining.

Salman says to Rubina her attitude will going to get heavy for her in the future. He says if she has a problem with format than she can leave. Rubina understands what Salman says and gets ready to perform the task. He calls Rubina and Nikki and says ‘garbage task’ will now take place in front of him. Eijaz comes first and speaks against Rubina. Rahul comes and speaks against Rubina. Nishant and Jaan speak against Rubina. Abhinav, Shehzad and Jasmin speak against Nikki. Lastly, Pavitra speak against Rubina.

Salman and Rubina discuss about the happened task. Salman concludes with asking Rubina to enjoy the task. He adds today’s topic of discussion was how whole week she was raising her voice but you disappointed all with her refusal for performing ‘garbage task’.

Ahead, Salman talk with Nikki and says she got get garbage. Nikki explains to him she agreed with all except Abhi and Jasmin’s point. Salman talks about her abuse. Nikki explains. Further, Salman says to Jaan he is hearing about him that he is not playing his own game but following someone else order. Jaan defends himself. Salman asks him to explain what relation he shares with Nikki. Jaan explains to Salman that friendship don’t mean to every time support him/her. But it is good to correct him/her. Nikki defends Jaan’s word. She says whenever she refuses to perform a talk he used to praise her. But yesterday he was pointing at her. Salman praises Nikki’s perform and says all her liking her outside. He asks contestants to guess which contestant apart from Rubina and Nikki he is most talked contestant outside? Salman tells himself and says Jasmin is buzzing outside too. Jasmin gets happy.

Later, Salman says after Jasmin who was most talked was Rahul. Gauhar says he entertained a lot this week. Rahul feels good. Salman says this season Bigg Boss episodes are been made for other planets too. He kind does fun with inmates and shows Abhinav’s clip where he is seen explaining history of coffee, utensils and moon. Jasmin, Abhi and Rubina laughs. He says a person from other planet wants to connect with Abhi. Salman asks to connect with the person. Person asks Abhi where he took such learning. Abhinav clears that he used to do such thing from his childhood and all use to laugh at him. But this is his real personality. Salman asks Abhinav to keep it up.

Afterwards, Salman calls the contestant in the witness box. Task starts with Eijaz. EIjaz says he wants to talk with Rubina. Rubina stands at witness box. Eijaz accuses Rubina and says she has a superiority complex. Rubina explains to Eijaz back and says she has a problem with his dual personality.

Next, Salman asks Rubina whom she wants to see in the witness box. Rubina says she wants to talk with Pavitra, Rahul and Nishant. Salman calls Pavitra first. Rubina accuses Pavitra that she wants to clear that she is no one to interrupt between Abhi and her. Pavitra clears and says she just wanted to talk with Abhinav who is the contestant of the house. Salman supports Pavitra and says it is fortunate Abhi is Rubi’s husband but he is also individual personality in the house. Hina asks Rubina they both are contestant and should keep aside their husband and wife relation. Rubina tries to defend herself.

Pavitra says she don’t have to explain her anything now. Salman calls Rahul next. Rubina says she has a problem with Rahul that inspite of her explanation he put garbage in her basket. Rahul walks out without explaining. Salman feels bored hearing Rubina’s non-stop talk.

Next, Jasmin decides to confront Eijaz first. Eijaz stands at the witness box. Jasmin raises the point that in the task she felt Eijaz was trying to intermediate her to fear her. Eijaz says she has mistaken her. He says in the task he was defending her and for task he can use psychological tactics too. Jasmin and Eijaz argue over the task. Salman supports Eijaz and says to Jasmin; if she was uncomfortable than she should have stepped back. Sid supports Eijaz and Salman.

Later, Salman talks about week elimination. He talks about bottom three. He takes Shehzad, Abhinav and Jaan’s name. He asks freshers to discuss and tell who amid the three should leave the house. He asks to discuss and says he will meet them tomorrow. Episode ends with Salman saying from next day contestant’s journey from TBC to confirmed participant will be start. Seniors will make the team and it will be interesting to watch what next will happen in the show.