Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 20th February 2021 Written Update: Rubina, Rahul, Nikki, Aly and Rakhi stands teary seeing their BB14 journey!

Bigg Boss 14 Live 20th February 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Day 140 at 8 AM; finalists wakes up at the beat of ‘budhu sa mann hai’.

3PM; Rakhi talks with her toy monkey and says they are only for each other. She says two sisters have done their makeup and sitting outside. Nikki asks Aly and Rubina whom Rakhi is addressing. Aly says she is talking on camera.

10 PM; Rahul enters the garden area. He says his heart is beating fast. Bigg Boss introduces Rahul’s journey in the house. He says when he entered the house he was alone and he over come from it because fans love him. He says Rahul learned the importance of relationship. Bigg Boss says it’s time to see Rahul’s journey. Clip start with Salman introducing Rahul Vadiya on the stage.  Rahul stands teary seeing his moments from the house. He smile and thanks Bigg Boss. Rahul says he don’t have words. He adds he regrets why he didn’t came earlier. Bigg Boss replies to Rahul when BB house gate will open all will feel restless while leaving the house. Rahul says thank you.

11:30 PM; Rakhi comes next. Bigg Boss says he is proud BB is known by Rakhi. Rakhi thanks BB. Bigg Boss introduces Rakhi’s journey in the house. He says audience feel Rakhi’s pain. BB adds post returning 13 years later, fans thought if Rakhi will be able to maintain BB 14 standard or not. Post Rakhi entered the house it is clear only Rakhi and break her own standard. Bigg Boss says in Rakhi’s word it is good if he say ..”Rakhi Sawant is original entertainment others just copy her”. Rakhi laughs. Bigg Boss says to Rakhi to let’s have a look at her journey. Rakhi’s journey from Bigg Boss season 1 to season 14 is shown. Rakhi gets teary seeing her journey in the house. She cries seeing Salman making her bed, her talk with her mother and sharing about her personal life details with Rahul. Rakhi thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says he don’t know whether it is auspicious or not outside for shadow to move in the house but for Bigg Boss house he wants her to keep coming. Rakhi shouts she loves him and thanks. She apologize to whomsoever she has hurted.

12AM; Rakhi comes and hugs Rahul, Rubina, Aly and Nikki. Aly asks Rakhi is she liked or not. Rakhi cries and not able to speak. Aly and Rubina asks Rakhi what BB said. Rakhi says Bigg Boss loved her a lot and said he don’t have problem if Julie keeps entering the house.

12:15 AM; Bigg Boss quoted for Aly it is rare to see genuine relationship in the house. He says contenders come to play for themselves but Aly is the only contestant who came to play for others more. Aly not only supported his friends in the house but walked out too when it was needed. Bigg Boss adds Aly’s this attitude made fans to fall for him. He asks Aly to let see his incredible journey in the house. Aly cries seeing his journey clip. He thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says it is difficult to stay easy in the world but by staying easy, Aly made irreplaceable place in audience heart.

12:45 AM; Bigg Boss welcome Rubina Dilaik. He quotes for her at Bb house contenders fight with each other but her journey in the house was fighting with her own relationship. Bigg Boss says Rubina calls herself an artist and being an actor their life is not hidden from anyone. He praise and says; Abhinav and Rubina lived their personal life on National TV this attitude made her stand out in the crowd. Rubina breaks down seeing her journey in the house. She cries loudly and thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss concludes for Rubina that to save one relationship she entered in the house but she gained more relationship. He adds Rubina knowing herself was the big moment for BB. Rubina says she will walk out from the house with sharing her relationship with Bigg Boss.

1:30 AM; Bigg Boss says for Nikki that she was not known celebrity and entered the house to make a name for herself. He says Nikki from day one took stand for only herself that made her stand out in BB 14. Nikki cries. Bigg Boss says let’s check out Nikki’s journey in the house. Nikki gets teary seeing her journey in the house. Bigg Boss says Nikki managed to make her place in audience heart. Nikki thanks Bigg Boss. (Episode Ends)

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