Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 23rd January 2021 Written Update: Press grill inmates with their questions

Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 23rd January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Rubina reading Newspaper task. Inmates have to put the name on the BB Times News board with a mutual understanding which contestant might be making bold headlines outside. On 1st inmates agree with Rahul’s name, 2nd Rubina, 3rd Aly. Inmates don’t give agreement with the suggested names and BB stops the task in the middle. He asks inmates to keep the bill board in the store room.

Further, Kamya Punjabi becomes the host and tells inmates about Press Conference. She says inmates have to answer spicy question of media. Task starts with Rubina. Kamya gives the introduction of Rubina and calls her ‘queen of words’.  She calls Rakhi ‘entertainment queen’. Kamya calls Rubina and Rakhi first. Rakhi and Rubina shakes leg ‘Dhola re Dhola’ song. Afterwards, Rubina gets happy seeing Kamya Punjabi. Kamya next call Nikki and Sonali. Both perform a dance on ‘Bawri’ song. Kamya next introduces Rahul and Devoleena. Rahul and Devoleena sing ‘phela nasha phela khumar’ song.

Kamya next call Aly and Abhinav. Aly and Abhinav performs a dance on ‘Jaan mei Dum’. Lastly, Vikas and Arshi perform on ‘Tashan Mei’ song. Further,  Kamya tell to inmates that media will question them. She adds headline task is not completed and asks Vikas ot tell why. Vikas says task wasn’t completed because inmates don’t decide mutually. Devoleena says because all wants to be on no.1 thus, task was not completed. Kamya says because all were waiting for Salman to do the rating for them. Ahead, Kamya calls Rubina and Rahul to face media first. Reporter asks Rahul he is only visible when he fights with Rubina. Rahul defends himself. Reporter asks Rahul next that he along with Aly bully others. Rahul don’t agree with reporter. Kamya support Rahul. Next, reporter asks Rubina if her relationship with ABhi will continue outside or not. Rubina and Abhinav tell they will be together outside because BB gave them a chance to see a different perspective of relationship and fight. All claps for Rubinav.

Kamya asks reporter if she got her answer from Rahul. Reporter says no and asks Rahul why he doesn’t react when Aly is wrong, authoritative and dominating but if Rubina does the same he fights with her. Rahul says he don’t have personal grudges with Rubina and also he corrects Aly but how latter takes it, is totally his call.

Rubina and Rahul give answer to media. Reporter asks Rubina why she had a change of heart towards Nikki post she came back. Rubina says she never dictate Nikki and have accepted the way she is. Rahul disagree with Rubina. Reporter asks Rahul he keeps saying Abhinav with Rubina’s support made an entry towards finale but from where they are seeing they find, he with Rubina’s support is trying to make his entry? Rahul disagree with Reporter and says his reason fighting with Rubina is not known yet. Kamya says to Rahul that his game is lost. Rubina and Rahul argue with each other. Reporter keeps questioning Rahul and Rubina.

Reporter next asks Rubina if Nikki is using her as her shield. Rubina disagree with it and inmates laugh at Rubina when she says Nikki has a clean heart. Kamya next asks Devoleena whom she see at no1. Devoleena takes Rakhi’s name. Vikas and Aly says Devoleena inside was saying she don’t see anyone on 1. Other than Rubina. Devoleena defends herself. Kamya put Rakhi on number 1. On 2nd, Rubina and 3rd Rahul’s name. Kamya next call Nikki. Reporter question Nikki and asks why she was making faces Devo when she don’t know her. Nikki says she doesn’t like Devo from her season and there is no problem in doing her mimic because she feels she targets her. Devo and Nikki argue with each other. Rakhi asks to give water to Rakhi. Kamya says to Devoleena her defence is not needed. Reporter next asks Nikki she accepts she is rude than who will want to work with her outside. Nikki says if she keeps thinking whether she will get work outside or not than when she will live her life. Kamya says basically Nikki means ‘wo aisi hi hai’.

Ahead, Rakhi comes. Reporter question Rakhi about her marriage. Rakhi says she is married. Rakhi next praise Abhinav. Media gets satisfied with Rakhi’s answer. Kamya asks Rakhi whom she see on no.5. Rakhi takes Abhinav’s name. Kamya next surprise inmates by making a video call with Eijaz. Media question Eijaz and says he keeps changing his priority. Eijaz says he don’t change accordingly. Media disagree with Eijaz and Kamya support Eijaz. Eijaz answer media questions. Media finds Eijaz arrogant. Kamya says to Eijaz he is sounding arrogant and over confident. Rubina says to Kamya he is his real trait.

Kamya calls Pavitra. Eijaz calls Pavitra too on video call. Media next question Devoleena about her fight with Nikki. Devo tries to deend herself. Kamya stops Devoleena and says media don’t feel like question Devo anymore. Further, media call Arshi and Vikas. Media asks Arshi why she target Vikas and it is her strategy. Arshi says none can make any strategy in the house. Media asks Vikas if he agree with Arshi. Vikas says Arshi knows well how to play game thus, she knows when and where to target. Reporter asks Vikas if he is not mastermind anymore. Vikas says he wants to explore more about himself. Media grill Vikas and Arshi. Later, media question Sonali over throwing food. Sonali defend herself. Kamya says to Sonali her love angle with Aly is fake. Media agree with Kamya.

Kamya lastly call Aly and Abhinav. Media question Aly and Abhinav. Reporter asks Aly why he don’t support Rubina ever inspite calling her sister. Aly defends himself. Media asks Abhinav is his relationship with Rubina got better or worst in BB house. Abhi says it was good. Ahead, Aly argue with media person when latter claim he back stab Rubina too. BB thanks media and Kamya. He asks inmates to go inside. Afterwards, Nikki, Arhsi, Rakhi, Abhi and Vikas discuss about Eijaz. They find him rude and over-confident. Here, Arshi asks Vikas why she is upset. Vikas refuses to talk with Arshi. Vikas and Arshi argues with each other. (Episode Ends)

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