Bigg Boss 14 Live Weekend Ka Vaar 3rd October 2020 Written Update: Salman Khan introduces the new slot of contestants

Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka Vaar 3rd October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode opens with Bigg Boss saying India’s biggest reality show is all set to welcome you. He adds in the present scenario they aims to bring entertainment for show fans. He tells; participants have been quarantined for 14 days before entering the house. Also helpers are constantly sanitizing the house.

Ahead, Salman comes and says ‘scene palatne wala hai’, as they are going to give 2020 an answer. He welcomes audience. He talks about what lockdown taught them. He counts right from changing diapers to handling wife, it taught all. Salman asks fans to support them. Further, Salman says they can’t have audience on the set due to covid. But virtually they can. He shows the virtual audience on the screen. Moving ahead, Salman says three big personalities are already present in the house. Siddharth Shukla, Gauhar Khan and Hina Khan introduce themselves.

Gauhar Khan performs dance on ‘Gadar Nei Kiya Hai Ishara’. Clip of her from Bigg Boss season 7 shown. She says she will make rules this time. Next, Hina Khan performs on ‘Wakra Swag’ song. Clip of her from Bigg Boss 11 shown. She says she made good relationship inside the house. Hina says contestants should beware of her. Later, Siddharth’s clip from season 13 is shown. He introduces himself to the audience on ‘Boss’ song.

Salman says Siddahrth, Hina and Gauhar will snatch peace of upcoming contestants. Siddharth says he will make life tough for upcoming contestants. Gauhar says kitchen is her favorite area and she will decide who will have good food for next 14 days. Hina says animosity with her will lead them in trouble thus; upcoming contestants should try to be in her good books.

Salman says these three contestants will decide which contestants will be confirmed contestant of the house. He says initially upcoming contestants are ‘to be confirmed’ contestant and they have to win these three to make their confirm place in the house. Further, Salman calls them on the stage and shares a talk with them.

Salman asks them he heard they are going to test the contestants. Hina, Sid and Gauhar say yes. Actor then plays a task with them. Hina is called in the witness box. Salman showers question on Hina and ask her to choose name between Sid and Gauhar. Hina supports Sid in maximum questions.

Next, Gauhar; Salman says she used to say many things about Shukla during his season. Gauhar says she was having problem with Sid’s abusive language. Salman shows tweets of Gauhar from Bigg Boss 13 and actress clarifies the idea behind such tweets.

Salman asks three of them what qualities they are looking under upcoming contestants. Gauhar says she will judge a participant on basis of who has leadership quality. Hina says she will on who is portraying real and Sid says he will look which participant is entertaining. Salman praises the trio and announces that they earned the title of ‘Toofani senior’. Trio gets happy. He adds contestants have to impress them to get confirm ticket to stay back in the house.

Hina, Gauhar and Siddharth enter the house. Afterwards, Salman says now he is going to introduce participants of the house. He calls the first contestant. Eijaz Khan unveils himself as the first contestants. Eijaz performs a dance on ‘Tera Baap Aaya’ song. Ahead, Salman shares a talk with him. Meanwhile, another contestant performs a dance on ‘Dilbar’ song. Nikki Tamboli enters the stage. Salman welcomes her. He says she is South Indian actress. He shows clip of Nikki.

Nikki dance to lure Eijaz. Salman praises their dance. He welcome priest Janardhan and ask him to predict future about Nikki and Eijaz. Janardhan reads about Nikki. He says she will be in the show for long. Coming to Eijaz, he asks actor to play by his own mind. Salman gets happy when Janardhan says his wedding nakshatra got over already.

Later, Salman says to Nikki and Eijaz before entering they have to get their intelligence test. He does BB Q task with them. Nikki wins the BBQ task of finding medal. Salman further asks Sid, Hina and Gauhar’s review on them. The trio selects Eijaz and Nikki both.

Both enter the house. Eijaz gets excited seeing the house setup. He tries to enter the BB Mall. Ahead, Hina and Gauhar give a situation to Nikki and ask her to attract Siddharth so that he says yes to marry her. Nikki tries to lure Sid. Gauhar and Hina enjoy. Trio gets impress with Nikki and tell her about TBC. They tell her that after 2 week it will be confirm whether she will be in the house or not. They send Nikki inside the house. Nikki gets excited seeing BB house. Eijaz and Nikki shares a talk. Eijaz informs her that he likes to spend time alone.

Back to stage; Salman welcomes another contestant on the stage. Rubina and Abhinav make their entry. They performs a dance on the song ‘Ankh lad Jave song’.

On the stage; Salman welcomes Rubinav. He shares talk with them. They told about their lockdown and love story with Salman Khan. Salman praises Abhinav. He further plays BB Q task with them. Rubinav gets start for the task. Question and Answer round with Rubinav starts with known journalists.

Salman introduces Amit Tyagi, Charul Malik, Rohit Khilani and Gitika Pant. He says they will question them. Rubina and Abhinav’s is questioned by the journalist. Amit question to Abhinav, he says Rubi is famous more than him if equation will change post BB. Abhinav defends themselves.

Later, Salman plays another task for Rubina and Abhinav. He plays kiss task with Rubinav to check their compatibility.

Salman further tells the duo, their entry will be confirmed by Siddharth, Hina and Gauhar. He asks the trio to review Rubinav. Rubina is rejected and is asked to go in rejection zone. While, Abhinav is selected and is send inside the house.

Abhinav meets Sid, Hina and Gauhar. Sid says they started journey together. They give tasks to Abhi. Abhi goes shirtless and walks in style as per the task given by Sid, Hina and Gauhar. Before sending Abhi inside, panel asks him to engrave ‘Mujhe Na Ho Payega’ stamp. Abhi passes the test and is send inside the house finally.

Abhi meets Eijaz and Tamboli and shares talk with them. Further, Jasmin Bhasin is introduced. Salman shares a talk with her. She shares about her experience from ‘Khataron Ke Khiladi’. Ahead, Salman talks on Jasmin’s expenses. She replies to him. She discloses Rubina stays in her building only. Jasmin also talks about Sid and Rashmi’s performance in BB 13. Later, Salman does BB Q task with her too. Jasmin gets selected by Hina, Sid and Gauhar.

Jasmin further is send to Sid, Hina and Gauhar. They perform a task with her and says she don’t have to react whatever they does with her. During the task, Jasmin keeps reacting. Hina says she will be rejected if she will keep reacting. Jasmin surpasses the test. She is send inside the house. Jasmin meets Abhi, Eizaj and Tamboli.

Tamboli makes faces seeing Eijaz and Abhi sitting on bed without changing cloth. Later, Tamboli says she learned Eijaz is aggressive. Eijaz asks who said. Tamboli refuses to reveal the name. Four of them share a talk.

Tamboli refuses to pick the dirt fallen on the groud.. She refuses to do work. Eijaz says she has to do work. Tamboli leaves the work. She tells about Eijaz ordering her to pick rice from the floor to Abhi and Jasmin.  

Back to stage; Salman introduces Nishant Singh Malkhani. He shares a talk with Nishant. Meanwhile, Shehzad Deol is introduced as the next contestant. Shehzad shares a talk with Salman. He praises Salman. Nishant, Shehzad enjoys with Salman. Salman plays BB Q task with them.

Next, Sara Gurpal is introduced. She sings a Punjabi song and enters the stage. Salman welcomes her. Nishant, Shehzad and Sara enjoy talks with Salman. Salman introduces Rubina to Sara. Sara and Rubina talk with each other. Later, Salman performs a task with Sara, Nishant and Shehzad. Nishant Malkhani wins the task.

Salman asks Nishant and Shehzad to impress Sara as per the task. Sara gets impressed with Nishant. Hina, Sid and Gauhar; select Shehzad and rejected Nishant and Sara.

There, Tamboli has a problem with Eijaz’s snoring. Eijaz and Tamboli get into an argument on sleeping. Eijaz excuses himself saying he is not here to trouble anyone intentionally.

Other side, Salman introduces Jaan Kumar Sanu. He shares a talk with him. In the mid, Pavitra Punia too enters the stage dancing on ‘tip tip barsa paani’ song. Salman shares the talk with both of them. He plays a BB Q task with Pavitra and Jaan. (Episode Ends)