Bigg Boss 15 30th November 2021 Written Update: Verbal argument between Nishant and Pratik!

Bigg Boss 15 30th November 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Rakhi showing bathroom area to Abhijit. Abhijit says to Rakhi he has an allergy with washroom thus, he don’t eat. Rakhi gets stunned hearing Abhijit.

10:45PM; karan says to Tejasswi that she spend time with Nishant and don’t share much things with him. Tejasswi denies with Karan. She further tell to Karan about her plan with Nishant. Tejasswi says to Karan that Nishant and she has decided to hide things from VIP room to frame the members.

Later, Tejasswi says to Nishant they should speak in English. Nishant asks Tejasswi to talk with him afterwards. Karan asks Tejasswi to discuss with Nishant only. He adds by hiding stuffs, VIPs will not get affected.  

10:30 PM; Karan, Nishant and Tejasswi hide stuffs from VIP room.

Next, Tejasswi discuss with Nishant and Pratik about next day menu. Pratik argues with Nishant over cooking food.

Rajiv talks with Karan, Rashmi and Umar that Pratik always creates the mess in the kitchen.

Day 60 at 8 AM; Inmates wake up. Rakhi explains to Tejasswi that she has to win.

8:30 AM; Rajiv says Tejasswi was saying Rakhi and Ritesh can sleep hugging each other. Rakhi says Ritesh don’t even touch her. Rajiv laughs.

8:45 AM; Pratik and Shamita talks with each other. Shamita says everyone can have common food. Pratik says Nishant isn’t listening to him. He adds everyone take everything on an ego.

10 AM; Pratik and Nishant argues with each other yet again over rationing.

Day 60 at 10 AM; Rashami and Devoleena share a talk. Rashmi claim Pratik is wrong as he tries to fetch content on reasonable topic. Devoleean disagree with Rashami.

There, Shamita and Nishant talk with each other about Pratik. Nishant decide he don’t want to do kitchen duty. Rashmi argues with Nishant and calls him wrong for making content on cooking. Tejasswi claim that Rashami is targeting Nishant. Tejasswi and Rashmi argues with each other.

12:30 PM; Nishant talk with Devoleena. He says he will decide upon the rationing. Pratik jumps into the conversation too.

Rajiv says to Shamita that if Pratik will not in the kitchen than he will take over.Rakhi says Tehasswi and Rajiv is plotting against Pratik. She decide to reveal to Pratik.

Afterwards, Ritesh asks Rakhi not to be over protective. He alerts her not to ruin his game.

1:45 PM; Pratik says to Shamita that to survive he don’t need anyone’s alliance in the game. He adds he don’t want to be anyone’s good book. Shamita argues with each other. Abhijit tells to Devoleena that because of his food everyone is arguing.

BB says Karan, Tejasswi, Nishant, Umar, Rajiv, Shamita and Pratik is nominated. He adds inmates getting last chance to gain their lost prize. BB asks Karan to read BB Games task. Rashmi become the dictator of the task for non-vips while Devoleena becomes the dictator for non-vips.

Task starts;  VIP and Non-Vips make the task strategy.0 Tejasswi next read ‘coin’ task. Inmates are asked to collect gold coins. Tejasswi and Rashmi is send inside the pool to fetch the coins. Umar and Abhijit is asked to stand outside the pool. Task starts with Rashmi and Tejasswi, duo tries to fetch the golden coins.

Umar and Ritesh fights with each other amidst the task.[Episode Ends]


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